Sunday, October 30, 2016

Upcoming Games To Get Geektified About

1. Final Fantasy XV

Probably one of the most anticipated and long awaited games coming soon to our shelves, FFXV looks to be something spectacular, changing the FF formula of gameplay but keeping the traditional tone. Not to mention it's about a bunch of dudes on a road trip. What can go wrong?

2. Resident Evil 7 

A lot of mystery remains in the air about RE7, but from what we've seen it looks exciting. Capcom taking a chance on the formula of the long running RE franchise can go either way in terms of quality, but it looks interesting. How will this more subtle piece fit into the RE universe as a whole? We’ll find out in January.

3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 

It seems that the COD franchise has been building up to the moment that we can have space battles. If you're not much for the multiplayer world of gaming, the campaign looks to be promising as well, which COD hasn't been weak as of late.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2 

We have a little while for this one, but the wait will be well worth it if it's anything like the first Redemption game. There's much speculation on who the protagonist could be and what the story will revolve around, but we’re all in either way. If you haven't played the first Red Dead Redemption, just know this is a free roam western that pretty much let's you do cool cowboy stuff whenever/wherever you'd like.

5. For Honor 

When this title was first announced, it drew much attention, and justifiably too. The game has been designed to have realistic sword combat, making the player use skill and strategy rather than just a hack-and-slash method. The class types also have their pros and cons. For instance, Samurai's swords are heavier and take longer swings, but the damage is more devastating. This one's said to have a pretty extensive multiplayer and single player options, so count us in.

6. Mass Effect: Andromeda 

Another title that's more ambiguous in it's marketing, but from what's been shown we can expect a fairly classic Mass Effect experience in terms of gameplay.
But what's got us counting down the minutes to its release is a Mass Effect game made solely for this generation of consoles.

7. Horizon Zero Dawn 

This one really catches our eye in terms of design. It's set in a post-apocalyptic universe where robotic creatures rule the land, putting humanity into a tribal state. So where technology advances, humanity devolves a bit. It's an interesting aesthetic that makes our inner geek hungry for something new and fresh.

8. God of War 4 

With a new sleek look to the graphics, characters, and level design, God of War 4 looks to be a powerhouse in current-gen gaming. Not only in aesthetic, but even in character beats that are exciting and equally emotional. If you haven't played a God of War game, check out the E3 demo that gives you a taste of what this one will be like.

9. Days Gone 

Zombies. Lots of zombies. I mean, LOTS of them. Days Gone appears to be a good mix of Sons of Anarchy, World War Z, and really any post-apocalyptic game to date, but the mechanics of combat are what really sell it for us. Take a look at the gameplay trailer and see how intense mowing down a multitude of zombies. Not just a horde. A multitude.

10. Death Stranding 

Hmmm...what to say about this one. All we can say is that, well, Kojima's back! And with Norman Reedus in what we can only assume from the E3 trailer is a Sci-Fi title. The trailer's fairly ambiguous, but it makes us want more. Is the imagery in the trailer more literal or metaphorical? Either way, knowing Kojima's track record, it's safe to say he's putting a lot into this project. If you're tired of seeing games with less narrative and more explosive multiplayer, then this one looks promising for all of us thirsty for something with a little more artistic value.

That's our base list, but of course there are plenty of other titles to get excited about. What are some games coming out that you can't wait for?

By David White

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