Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rebirth: Titans #3

By: Jerry Montgomery
September 28, 2016
Rebirth: Titans # 3
“The Return of Wally West, Pt. 3”
“Face to Face”
Writer: Dan Arnett
Pencils: Bret Booth

In issue #3 of Titans, the battle rages on between the Titans and the villainous techno-magician, Kadabra. Also complicating matters is his manifestation of young doppelgangers of the Titans themselves to battle in addition in an effort to learn more about his foes and their weaknesses.  At the center of all this? Wally West, The Flash.

“The Return of Wally West, Pt. 3, is just that…Wally has returned to the Titans after an absence, courtesy of Kadabra, who had made him vanish into the Netherlands,  or wherever.  Kadabra, the old villain of The Flash and Kids Flash resembles an old school magician, complete with black cape, crazy long moustache and a magic wand. It also seems that he’s a time traveler for he had come to the present to be what else? Famous! But it seems that Flash and Kids Flash stole his thunder. Snatched the adoration and fame right from under him! So what is any self respecting tech wizard to do? Get revenge! And that is his reasoning for attacking the Titans. You get some fighting here, some recap and breakdown of just what has been transpiring in Keystone City during the downtime between the conflict. In the end, Wally tries to find the right words for his beloved Linda, but before he can get them out, Kadabra shows up to ruin the moment. The new crisis is that Linda is kidnapped, leaving Wally in a fog of self doubt, was it a mistake coming back and am I a danger to those I love?

The Verdict: A good comic with your basic plot elements. If you are new to the Titans, you better go back a few issues to completely understand the story. Bret Booths artwork is top notch and is reminiscent to me of his Marvel days. You’ve got it all in this comic, action, humor and drama. The villain and his motives may seem a little petty when compared to heavyweights like Darkseid, the Joker or Doomsday, but he is interesting almost to a comical point and well worth the read.

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