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The Geekcap Roundup

 Supergirl "The Last Children of Krypton"

Supergirl and Superman successfully handle National City with their combined forces. However, J’onn and Alex show their own distrust of this friendship with J’onn maintaining a supply of Kryptonite at the DEO and Alex displaying jealousy at Kara’s relationship with her cousin. Kara also attempts to begin her new job as a journalist but faces a new obstacle in the stubborn and unimpressed form of her new boss Snapper Carr who refuses to hire Kara with no experience. Meanwhile, both Supergirl and Superman face a new challenging foe in Metallo, the new cybernetic form of John Corben whose entire body is powered by kryptonite. Their first battle leaves a nearly devastating blow to Kara, which leads to Project Cadmus revealing itself to National City as a force against alien threats.

Alex eventually discovers the source of the kryptonite to be from inside the DEO from a secret mole to Cadmus. After confronting the head doctor, Alex and Kara then reconcile with Kara admitting that Alex has been her only reason to stay. With the help of Winn’s newly designed kryptonite-proof suits as well as the assistance of J’onn and Alex, Supergirl and Superman successfully defeat Metallo, beginning their new war against Cadmus. In addition, following Cat Grant’s advice, Kara writes an article describing the fight against Metallo, earning a glimmer of respect from Carr. Unfortunately, Cat Grant then announces her leave of absence from CatCo, delegating her position to James as she searches for new outings. Clark leaves as well, returning to Metropolis with J’onn’s supply of kryptonite after finally earning his trust. At the end, Kara consoles the mysterious man from the pod in his coma. Suddenly, he reawakens and attacks her.


  • The Kigori, the alien threat that Supergirl and Superman take on without the DEO, also exists in the DC universe as a Martian race of spiders.
  • Kara's reference to Clark never drinking alcohol comes from the 1978 film where Clark states he never "drinks and flies."
  • The image of Superman carrying a wounded Supergirl practically mirrors the comic image from "Infinite Crisis."
  • The episode marks the first reference to "promethium" which has also been used as the metal parts that make up Cyborg.
  • If you notice in the back of Metropolis, the park is called "Krypton Park."
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Magenta"

When Iris and Barry prepare for their first date, they are alerted to a breach at STAR Labs where Harry and Jesse return from Earth-2. Harry reveals that Jesse had developed speed abilities from her contact with the dark matter, hoping to enlist the team in dissuading her new desire to be a hero. In the meantime, a new metahuman who calls herself Magenta regains her powers from Dr. Alchemy and sets them off against her abusive foster father. As the team works to contain her metal-controlling abilities, Wally feels left out upon Jesse gaining abilities from the same incident he received though he has experienced nothing. To correct that, Wally attempts to kickstart his powers by stepping in front of a moving car, the same way Jesse received hers, though he remains the same.

As Iris discovers more about Magenta’s background as a girl named Frankie, she finds herself trapped in the hospital with her foster father when Magenta strikes back. Together with Jesse, Barry manages to protect the hospital and calm Magenta down enough for her to stop the attack. They eventually reconcile with her abilities and send her to a new foster home in Keystone City. Harry also reconciles himself to Jesse’s new abilities and even refashions a costume for her new exploits, revealing that they plan to stay on Earth-1 for a little longer. In the end, Julian also reveals to Barry and Joe the footage of the attack on Clariss at Iron Heights, showing a man seemingly appearing out of nowhere to kill him before writing ALCHEMY on the wall.


  • Jesse officially gains her powers as well as her costume to become Jesse Quick.
  • Barry and Iris officially go on their first date.
  • The man in Iron Heights seems to appear out of nowhere, but is he actually using the mirrors?
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire"

With no one to turn to, Daisy reaches out to Simmons for help against the Watchdogs after discovering their infiltration into SHIELD’s systems. Using her new status, Simmons is able to discover the Watchdogs hacking into an Inhuman’s tracking device and track the next on the list: James who has since been rehabilitated after Hive’s destruction. Separately, Coulson and Mack track down Eli Morrow from Momentum Labs in prison and attempt to learn more about what happened. Though they get nowhere with Morrow, they cross paths with Robbie and quickly apprehend him for questioning, knowing his relationship with Morrow as well as Daisy. Meanwhile, May recovers from her death experience with Fitz and Radcliffe, becoming more curious about AIDA’s origins. 

Working with SHIELD, Robbie then speaks with his uncle who reveals that the Momentum Lab scientists were studying a book known as the Darkhold. Every scientist, except for Joseph whom Morrow placed in a coma, was killed, and Morrow was implicated in the destruction. In addition, James reveals his betrayal to the Watchdogs, giving them the information to kill every last Inhuman having grown hateful of his own species. Fortunately, Coulson, Mack, and Robbie arrive to save Simmons and Daisy, reuniting Daisy with the team. Upon also retrieving May, Simmons discovers AIDA, quickly deducing her status as an android. While she accepts Fitz’s secret, she reveals that she is due for a mandatory lie detector screening the next day. Unknown to any of them, the spirit Lucy reunites with her husband Joseph and awakens him from his coma, demanding he tell her the whereabouts of the Darkhold.


  • Ghost Rider and Hellfire face off against each other which is notable since, in the comics, J.T. James's grandfather Carter Slade was the original Phantom Rider!
  • Daisy and Robbie officially join up with SHIELD.
  • Eli reveals that he was mostly innocent of the crime he was imprisoned for, but can he be trusted?
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "A Matter of Trust"

Though the team thrives under Oliver’s training, he continues to feel that they aren’t ready for the streets, refusing to trust him. In an act of defiance, Ramirez goes with Evelyn to take down drug dealer Derek Sampson on his own. However, Sampson proves to be too strong for Ramirez, leading the vigilante to push Sampson into a vat of chemicals. The resulting contact gives Sampson enhanced strength and the inability to feel pain. With Sampson’s threat growing, Oliver’s status as mayor grows more contentious with the new District Attorney Adrian Chase disagreeing with his methods and reporter Susan Williams’s scathing report of Thea hiring Lance as Deputy Mayor. Meanwhile, Diggle presses on through his own guilt of killing Andy while in prison for a framed crime when he appears to confront a still-living Deadshot.

Through Felicity’s advice, Oliver eventually agrees to trust the team, bringing Curtis, Evelyn, Ramirez, and Rory out for their first successful mission in defeating Sampson and his men. In addition, Oliver rebukes the reporter’s story, taking full responsibility for the decisions made for his office and standing by Lance’s new position. Following her own advice, Felicity also discloses to Rory her implications in the destruction of Havenrock, though he doesn’t respond to her news. In the end, Lyla attempts to reason with Diggle, but after understanding his vision of Deadshot to be in his head, he maintains his need to be locked up for his brother’s death. Not wanting Diggle to be locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, Lyla recruits Oliver to help spring him from prison. In the flashbacks, Anatoli advises Oliver to trust the Bratva, revealing one of the victims to have been a known murderer. Though still unsure, Oliver continues to stay with the brotherhood, allowing the group to slice his back.  


  • The title "A Matter of Trust" comes from the Billy Joel song of the same name.
  • The drug "Stardust" refers to Cody Rhodes's WWE Superstar name when he faced off against Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) at SummerSlam.
  • Cody Rhodes is credited as Cody Runnels in this episode.
  • Deadshot makes his first reappearance since the season three episode "Suicidal Tendencies."
  • Curtis's superhero name "Mr. Terrific" gets a shout-out this episode, referring to Curtis's favorite wrestler Terry Sloane (possibly another reference to Cody Rhodes). Terry Sloane also happens to be the name of the original golden-age Mr. Terrific.
  • Evelyn asks Ramirez what kind of vigilante wears a hockey mask to which Oliver replies that he "thinks it's cool." This is clearly a reference to Stephen Amell's role as Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Out of the Shadows in which he wears a hockey mask.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Legends of Tomorrow "The Justice Society of America"

The Justice Society of America led by Commander Steel, Heywood’s grandfather, apprehend the Legends, questioning their appearance in 1942 during WWII. Explaining to Rex Tyler, they try to convince the team of their status as time travelers. Although skeptical, the JSA allows them to leave only for Heywood to discover that he is missing his grandfather’s old dog tags. Through research, they discover that the JSA will likely die on a mission to stop a Nazi known as Krieger after he obtained a new weapon to fight against them. Sneaking into a Nazi club, the Legends attempt to apprehend Krieger himself, only to have the plan backfire with Ray and Vixen captured. Despite the JSA’s reluctance to work with the Legends, Rex concedes to their assistance to stop Krieger and take back the Askaran Amulet, something that Hitler has coveting for its occult power.

It’s soon discovered that Krieger obtained a serum from Eobard Thawne that gives him enhanced strength and durability, leading him to fight against both the Legends and the JSA. Together, they manage to fight him off and rescue their teammates. In the chaos, Heywood manages to rescue his own grandfather until an explosion levels the two. As a hemophiliac, Heywood’s injuries threaten to bleed him to death, but Ray manages to rescue him with an injection of the modified serum from Krieger. Though Rex manages to preserve the amulet, he then encounters the Reverse Flash who kills the Hourman before disappearing. As he dies in Vixen’s arms, he manages to breathe out his final words: “time traveler.”


  • While there is no character named Baron Krieger in the comics, he could be based on a combination of Baron Blitzkkrieg and Albrecht Krieger, both of whom were experimented on and given super-human powers.
  • Max Lorenz was a real-life singer who was known as Hitler's favorite tenor.
  • The Askaran Amulet actually does not exist in the DC universe. 
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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