Sunday, October 9, 2016

Comic Book Review: HeMan Thundercats #1

By: Jerry Montgomery
October 8, 2016

HeMan Thundercats #1
“Swords and Omens”

Written by: Rob David & Lloyd Goldfine
Pencils by: Freddie E Williams II

If you were around back in the 1980’s (even if you weren’t around) you’re pretty familiar with HeMan and the Masters of the Universe and Thundercats cartoon series. The series spawned extensive toy lines  and other products that became as popular as the tv series themselves. Even today, you can still catch a glimpse of a t-shirt emblazoned with either logo here and there. The popularity of the toys has also been made evident of some reissues of the figures throughout the years. Finally after some 30-odd years, the two are finally coming together in a 6 issue limited series.

In HeMan Thundercats #1,  you’ve got 2 different covers which, when placed side by side,  makes one big image of the heroes taking on their villains.  The issue  begins with Mumm-Ra  already in the throes of defeat at the hand of Lion-O and his Sword of Omens. Withered now and dying from his wounds, he retreats to his black pyramid on Third Earth to regenerate. However, the Ancient Spirits of Evil are displeased with Mumm-Ra’s constant failures and put upon him their own plan to defeat the Thundercats. A plan that involves a powerful sword, maybe one to rival the Sword of Omens itself.

Eternia, home of Prince Adam and the Masters of the Universe. The comic remains true to the cartoon series with all his friends present. Its just another day in Eternia as Prince Adam is late for a ceremony in his honor . He bumbles his way through it and afterwards his father lectures him about the responsibility  of duty and defense of the realm. Then, a major disturbance upheaves Eternia as Third Earth penetrates it’s dimension and both planets threaten to collide with one another. Third Earth two is disrupted and throw the Thundercats into action. HeMan must manifest as the Ancient Spirits of Evil’s plan is put into motion and steal his Sword of Power. A surprise ends the issue with the apparent demise of one villain and the appearance of another to bring rise of a new threat

The Verdict: Don’t expect the cartoon series to continue here. In fact, issue #1 is pretty dark and horrifying at times which may come as a shock to fans of the original characters and atmosphere of the cartoon. If you’re expecting to see a team-up, guess again. The two sets of heroes have no direct interaction (at least in this issue). The artwork by Freddie E Williams II is good and the colors by Jeremy Cowell are richly vibrant. Old fans may not take to this series but new fans may enjoy it.

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