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The Geekcap: Legends of Tomorrow "Leviathan"

 The Waverider arrives in London 2166 in the middle of Vandal Savage’s attacks. Since they are unable to track Savage throughout history, they are forced to attack Savage near the height of his power which is also three days before the death of Rip’s wife and son. With not enough time to come up with a plan, Rip immediately splits the group with him, Sara, Snart, and Rory infiltrating Savage’s army to have a chance at the dictator in the open and hopefully searching for resistance fighters. While they hide among the ranks of Savage’s forces in the middle of Savage giving a speech, Kendra notices Savage’s right-hand woman wearing the same bracelet from her first death. To attempt an attack, Snart shoves Rip in the open, distracting the guards long enough for Sara, Rory, and Snart to attack. Kendra tells Sara to take the bracelet from the woman, but she’s unable to fight off the woman and steal the jewelry. Snart nearly blasts her but quickly escapes.

Rip: I’ll require the services of…
Rory: Killer Klepto and Pyro!

The group reconfigure at the Waverider, though Rip is still upset about Snart nearly outing him to the soldiers. Kendra then informs the team about the bracelet. She believes it to be the same one from her first life, which means they could use it to kill Savage. However, neither she nor expert-assassin Sara can think of a way to kill the dictator with a bracelet. With this new plan, Rip sends Snart and Rory to steal the bracelet while he, Ray, Stein, and Jax search for resistance refugees.

The four come across some resistance forces who, although originally hostile to strangers, take them into their base. With the destruction of a nearby base, they’ve taken in the last refugees of London where everyone is living in poverty. Ray inquiries about Rip’s family since he knows that they are days away from their deaths. Rip informs him that he had previously attempted to save his family after traveling to ancient Egypt, but every time he tried, his family died regardless. Time seems to want them to die. The resistance leader finally confronts Rip since she does not recognize Rip’s name on the register nor anyone else he traveled with here. He instead says he’s only here to kill Savage, but the assassination attempt forced him into hiding. The leader warns him against fighting and then shows him the destruction of the last resistance base which was reduced to rubble and craters.

From this finding, Ray and Stein plan to examine exactly what superweapon was used to destroy the resistance base. Meanwhile, despite going over them several times, Kendra decides to go through her professor son’s old research to find a way to kill Savage. When Sara takes out the research, Kendra spots Carter’s old suit and weapon, his mace. As soon as she touches it, she witnesses a flashback to Iowa City in 1941. She had come to visit him for their anniversary since they’ve only been married in eight of their lifetimes. As a gift, he gives her his mace. She replies that it’s his weapon, but he persists that they rarely are given the luxury of dying together. She must learn to fight Savage, even if it means living without him. From that vision, Kendra believes she knows how to defeat Savage.

Rory and Snart sneaks inside Savage’s base to confront the woman as she trainse fellow soldiers to fight resistance forces. Although she puts up a fight, they manage to kidnap the woman and take her aboard the Waverider. Once they hold her captive, however, she reveals that she is not only Savage’s lieutenant but also his daughter Cassandra. With this information, the team debates on how to handle her. While Snart suggests sending her back to Savage piece by piece as a threat, Sara instead suggests pumping her for information since she is aware of all of the security provisions. Snart then goes to speak with her, first by leading in with a story on his own rotten father. Cassandra, however, remains loyal to her father since she believes him to be the right force in the world following Per Degaton's Armageddon virus. While she expects to be tortured, Snart says he has another idea.

Rory begins melting the bracelet around Carter’s old mace for Kendra to use as a weapon. While she now has a weapon to use against Savage, Rory warns her that she must have the conviction to finish the kill. Meanwhile, Ray and Stein discover the true cause of the resistance destruction. It was not an explosion so much as a giant footprint. The footprint actually belongs to a giant robot under the command of Savage known as Leviathan who is now sent to destroy the rebel base.

Rip prepares to take off on the Waverider, but Stein insists on saving the refugees by taking them aboard the shift. As they prepare to escape, they are then caught by the robot and tossed aside to the ground. The ship is now damaged with no hope of instant travel. Rip says they could still use the escape pods to leave, but Stein wants to protect the people. Unfortunately, he succumbs to a piece of shrapnel in his gut. Gideon manages to keep him sedated to heal, though he manages to ask Jax to protect the people.

Snart: I was wrong, your dad’s a gem!

In this chaos, Snart releases Cassandra to have her witness the people she fought for her father: mothers, children, and people who can just barely survive. She refuses to believe that refugees are innocent, so Snart shows her footage from their last trip to the future where Savage reveals his plot to release the virus. Meanwhile, Rip despairs over his inability to repair the Waverider before the next attack, just like his inability to save his wife and child. Ray then encourages him not to believe in faith but in his own choices and reveals his own plan to stop the robot. Before he enacts his plan, he gives Kendra a send-off as the two kiss.

Using Jax’s help, Ray reverses the polarity of his ATOM suit to instead allow him to grow to giant size. With the playing field even, Ray runs and faces Leviathan. As Ray fights the robot, Cassandra returns to Savage, only to have him notice that her bracelet is missing. He immediately recognizes that she has turned against him, and the rest of the team arrives to face him. Savage orders his guards to even the odds, but Kendra arrives to fight him one-on-one.

The fights continue with Ray holding his own against the machine until he is knocked out. Kendra finds her weapon working perfectly until she is attacked by another soldier. She knocks him aside and hits his helmet off, only to find the soldier to be 2166 Carter. Savage reveals that he found the reincarnated Carter and had him brainwashed to follow his orders. Without Savage alive, Carter can never regain his old memories. Out in the field, Jax manages to reach Ray out of unconsciousness for him to finish the robot and save the Waverider.

Rip arrives to Kendra and tells her to kill Savage. However, she’s unable to sacrifice Carter for Rip. Rip nevertheless knocks Savage unconscious and helps Kendra bring both Savage and Carter back to the ship. After the fight, Snart escorts Cassandra to the resistance base. While the resistance leader is rightfully distrustful of the woman, Cassandra offers her knowledge of the soldiers’ strategy and plans to fight for the rebels. Kendra also plans to have another talk with Ray following Carter’s reappearance.

The events concluded, Stein reawakens for Rip to inform him on the survival of the refugees. Rip then faces Savage. Although he is captured, Savage recognizes that he still has the upper hand. Rip, however, fires back that they will find a way to save Carter and his family.

Notes of Tomorrow

  • Vandal Savage actually has two daughters in his comic-book history. One includes his recognized daughter the villainess/antiheroine Scandal Savage whom he trained from birth in combat. The other is Kassandra Sage, a who works for the FBI. Cassandra, with her skill in combat and eventually betrayal of her father, might be a combination of the two.
  • The robot Leviathan is actually not from the comics, but the ATOM symbol on its chest suggests that it was made from Ray's technology.
  • This marks the first time that Hawkgirl wields her infamous mace.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Geekcap: Arrow "Canary Cry"

We open on a funeral with a priest speaking on the eulogy. He asks for Oliver Queen, who was like family, to say a few words, but he’s nowhere to be found. Instead, Laurel stands and offers a few words. It’s revealed to be May 2013, and Laurel says a few words on Tommy, the subject of the funeral. She states that Tommy was a good man, more than the billionaire playboy image he had, and that she loved him. At that line, she sees Oliver standing outside the funeral, listening to her eulogy. He leaves before she finishes when she states that she believes Oliver would have felt the same way.

Back in present day, Lance arrives only to be confronted with Laurel’s dead body. No one says a word as he cries over his daughter. The doctor, meanwhile, secretly hand Oliver all of Laurel’s supplies found on her person. He returns to the lair and speaks with Diggle after he talks with Lyla. She and Sara are being kept in an ARGUS safe-house for the time being, though he doesn’t think that Andy would go after them at this time. Still, he understands Andy’s role in what happened to Laurel. They then watch Alex, who now works as a political advisor for Ruve Adams, deliver a message to the public about Laurel Lance’s death and cites Damian Dahrk as the prime suspect. Also, during the night, a figure dressed as the Black Canary uses a canary cry to incapacitate gun smugglers and steal their contraband.

Oliver gathers the members of the team to the lair and is surprised to have Felicity show up, claiming that he wanted the whole team there. While Laurel has not even been buried yet, Oliver believes they must plan to face Dahrk since he now has his magic back. Suddenly, they’re interrupted by Lance who has come reporting a sighting of the Black Canary. Immediately, he believes that Laurel must have returned, especially considering the group’s run-ins with people who return from the dead like Sara or Andy. The group notes that the canary cry could only be used by Laurel, but Oliver recalls that a number of people had access to Laurel’s suit in the hospital. Because they are still unsure, Oliver and Lance return to the morgue to view Laurel’s dead body. Dr. Schwartz, who is aware of both Laurel and Oliver’s secret identities, informs Oliver that as far as the public is concerned, Laurel Lance died in the middle of a prison riot while trying to get Dahrk’s testimony. Oliver asks that since there were twelve people in the hospital that had access to the costume, if she would know who would steal it. She doesn’t believe anyone in the hospital would try but remembers a frequent flier in the ER who showed odd behavior. However, she refuses to disclose the information as she also protects Laurel’s identity.

Oliver remembers back to visiting Laurel’s apartment after Tommy’s funeral. She remarks on how it was a nice ceremony, and Tommy would have liked to have him there. Oliver, however, remarks that he actually failed Tommy. He wanted to save his city, but instead, he led Tommy to his death. If Laurel knew the truth about his identity, she would understand.

Back at the lair, Felicity begins running scans trying to find the new Canary. Diggle stays behind her, still feeling guilty about Laurel’s death. Since he was the one who trusted Andy over Oliver, he believes that the actions of HIVE are his fault. Meanwhile, Thea shares a coffee with Alex to take her mind off of Laurel’s death. Before she can ask why he took the political advisor job, the shop is attacked by the Black Canary. She goes after Alex, accusing him of working for “them.” Despite the canary cry, Thea manages to fight her off, only to discover that the new Canary is only a teenage girl. She takes off but comes across Oliver as the Green Arrow. He questions why she’s dressed as his friend, but she fires back that he abandoned her and her family at Reddington, that he failed the city. She fires back another canary cry and escapes.

Black Canary: You have failed this city!

The team regroups to discuss these findings. Thea remarks how she attacked Alex likely because he worked for Ruve, and Oliver finds that the canary cry was altered, despite it being insisted by Cisco that it could only be used by Laurel’s vocal chords. Now, the frequency is higher, and their earplugs are useless. However, he recognizes the name Reddington as the location where Dahrk’s captives were held over the holidays. When he chose to save his team, he left the prisoners to themselves, not understanding that they were drugged or forced into HIVE. They identify the girl as Evelyn Sharp whose parents were likely killed by Dahrk in the gas chamber experiments. Before a few months ago, she was a decathlete, student body president, gymnast, and track star. Nevertheless, Oliver believes she was right about him failing the city.
Lance calls Nyssa to discuss Laurel. Nyssa wants to help him since Laurel had previously helped her after a rough time, but Lance is more interested in using a Lazarus Pit. Nyssa insists that she destroyed the pit months ago, and there is no other place with something like it. Despite Nyssa’s comments, Lance remains more committed to finding a solution for Laurel.
In Oliver’s old campaign office, Felicity find Oliver mulling over Evelyn’s words. Oliver believes that he had failed Laurel in her death and has now failed Evelyn in her becoming the Black Canary. Felicity remarks that Diggle has been saying the same things, but she has been less helpful in reassuring him as well, since she too blames herself for not being there that night Laurel died. Oliver says that the main reason he blames himself is that it at least gives him a reason. Felicity then receives a call from Thea who is worried since Lyla is questioning where Diggle is.

Oliver: Sometimes we just need a reason when a situation is completely unreasonable.

Diggle as Spartan hunts down Ruve Adams’ limo, knocks out her guards, and holds her at gunpoint. The Green Arrow arrives to stop him from killing the woman, but this only enrages Diggle. Oliver states that since Ruve is the mayor she has all the media defense against him, but Diggle doesn’t care. Every second Andy is still on the loose is another second someone he cares about is in danger. Oliver then says that they must try a different way, and, if Laurel were here, she’d want them to remember who they were. The two return to the lair only to find Ruve on the news commenting on the attack. She then issues a warrant for arrest out for all of the vigilantes, starting with the Black Canary who attacked Alex. Diggle remarks that since she knows that Laurel was the Black Canary, she’s only issuing this warrant to ruin the image of the Black Canary. Even worse, they will be punishing a teenage girl to do it.

Nyssa then calls Oliver to talk to him about Lance. While she understands his grief, she fears that he has too much denial about Laurel’s death. Oliver also discloses with her his fear that Laurel’s image will be dragged as the Black Canary. In another flashback, Oliver and Laurel organize Tommy’s old photos a week after the funeral. Laurel remembers a time when Oliver sent out gift baskets to ensure Laurel won a class election, but Oliver remarks that it was Tommy’s idea, since he truly loved her. Laurel now feels that she’s ready to really make a difference in saving the city, and she’s excited to have that future with him as the two kiss.

Oliver then confronts Lance who has been searching remaining League of Assassins connections for another Lazarus Pit. Lance shouts at Oliver that he doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a daughter, but Oliver responds that he knows what it’s like to lose a mother, a father, and ultimately Laurel. While he would like to save Laurel, there is no way. Lance then breaks down, claiming that Laurel was his rock through all of his hard times. Oliver lets the man grieve.

Felicity and Diggle once again talk in the lair as Felicity apologizes for making Diggle believe there was a difference he could make. Diggle still responds that Oliver was right all along about what happened. Felicity reiterates that it was not Diggle’s fault, and Laurel would want him to know that. At that moment, Felicity is then alerted to Evelyn sneaking outside the Star City Plaza, right where Ruve Adams is at the moment.
The team surround the building to track down Evelyn before the police do. She manages to take out the security with a gun and her canary cry, but Ruve insists on staying to give the public the view of the Black Canary as a budding murderer. Oliver finds and warns Evelyn not to go through with it, but she steps forward and points a gun at Ruve. Oliver reminds her the real Black Canary, the person who was a hero and would never try to murder. He manages to convince her to step down but has to escape as Ruve still calls for his arrest. Unfortunately, the team at the lair remark how the world will still see the Black Canary as potent murderer out for revenge, but Oliver won’t allow it.

Everyone then gathers for Laurel’s funeral, including Lance and his ex-wife Dinah. Dinah is devastated to lose another daughter but wonders if she will also return like Sara. Lance, however, finally accepts that Laurel is gone. At this funeral, Oliver says a few words about Laurel as he has known her for almost her whole life. He recalls how she always tried to make the city a better place as an assistant district attorney but then reveals that she went further than that. Oliver announces to the public that Laurel Lance was the Black Canary. Instead of having to deal with the fear and hatred for the name from the public like had for the past two days, he argues for the sake of Laurel the need to save the city.

In the final flashback, Laurel finds a letter from Oliver. In it, he states that he has to go away for a while, but he encourages her to keep saving the city. He believes that she can see the best in the city as she saw the best in him, because she was the best of him. Inside the letter is Oliver’s old picture of Laurel.

We then come back to Oliver standing at Laurel’s grave as he talks to Barry, the same scene from the season opener. He asks Barry to give him a moment as we see the tombstone read Dinah Laurel Lance: The Black Canary. Oliver then enters a limo with Felicity who admonishes him to kill Damian Dahrk. He then reveals that he witnessed his kind of magic before on the island, but he could never overcome it since it feels more like darkness itself. Felicity then reminds him that one of the reasons she loved him is that he always found a way. She also assures him that he must find a way so Laurel’s death can mean something both to them and the city.

Arrow Notes

  • Evelyn Sharp might be based off of notable Black Canary ally Evelyn Crawford AKA Starling. She was one of the original members of the Bird of Prey!
  • Like The Flash before it, this episode contains a reference to Cisco who created the Canary Cry.
  • This flashback takes place between season one and two, prior to Oliver returning to the island. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Geekcap: The Flash "Back to Normal"

In an ordinary day, Barry is forced to go through the motions of everyday life without his powers. In the meantime, Cisco tries to search for Zoom using Jay’s helmet. While they can see that Caitlin is fine, they have no way of tracking her. Furthermore, without Barry’s speed, they have no one who can travel through the breaches to Earth-2 or face Zoom for that matter, as reminded by Harry. Harry then leaves to track Jesse whom he found after a trail of cellular dead zones caused by a citizen of Earth-2’s different frequency. However, he has also found that there is another person from Earth-2 in Central City, and the group may be in danger. Joe encourages Barry not to listen to Harry’s complaints, but Barry instead goes to work in the lab. Although he’s still slow, he managed to finish his work in the morning. Without his speed, however, research is the only way he can stop crime.

Cisco: Is that why I'm always dropping calls around you? 

Caitlin is still held captive in Zoom’s lair, though Jay swears he does not want to hurt her since he loves her. She rebukes him that he only cares about himself and that he no longer needs her since he was cured. He believes that she will eventually love him again so long as he keeps her captive. He unchains her but still keeps her trapped as he leaves. Caitlin explores the liar to find the man in the iron mask tapping on the wall. She exclaims that she doesn’t understand, only to be confronted by Killer Frost.

At the police station, Wally talks to Joe about the encounter with the Flash. Since Zoom said that Wally was important to someone close to the Flash, he easily deduced that Joe is friends with the hero. After the situation, he wants to thank the Flash for the rescue, but Joe does not fully agree to having Wally meet him.

Meanwhile, Harry tracks Jesse to a local apartment where her roommate lets him in, remarking that Jesse has never had any visitors. Harry confronts Jesse about coming back, but Jesse is just as stubborn about staying away from her father. She states that everything that has happened, the particle accelerator, the metahumans, and Zoom are all his fault. With a man like him willing to kill, she fears him just as much as she fears Zoom. Harry leaves with no results when he is suddenly stopped by a metahuman that crashes his van with his body. The man then kidnaps Harry. Barry and Cisco are then alerted to Harry’s crash and spot a man taking Harry. Despite not having his powers, and crime rates starting to rise because of it, Barry plans to examine the spot to find for clues. He calls Jesse to inform her on her father’s kidnapping and asks Iris for help to get to the scene.

Back at Zoom’s lair, Killer Frost and Caitlin talk to each other. Killer Frost also doesn’t know the identity of the man in the iron mask and cannot escape her prison of carbonite. However, she manages to convince Caitlin to work with her to escape. Without her powers, Caitlin has no hope of escaping the lair, and Caitlin is the only one who can figure out how to break the carbonite.

At the scene of the accident, Barry and Iris investigate the area. Iris notices that there are no obstacles or landmarks around, so a metahuman had to be responsible. Barry manages to find some DNA on the van, but they have no way of knowing whether the metahuman is from here or Earth-2, which means they have no idea what he would want with Harry. In an old amusement park, the metahuman reveals himself as Griffin Grey, a boy who was affected by the particle accelerator explosion. While he was gifted with super-strength, he also ages rapidly every time he uses it. Since he believes that Harry is Dr. Wells from Earth-2, Grey thinks that Harry can come up with a cure.

In STAR Labs, the team with Jesse gather to examine the evidence of Harry’s kidnapping. Through facial recognition, they are able to identify Grey, but local authorities state that he was a Central City High senior who went missing six months ago while the image is of an older man. While Barry was able to secure a blood sample from Grey, they cannot isolate his abilities without Caitlin’s expertise. Jesse, however, believes she can help since biochemistry was one of her five majors.

Cisco: How many majors do you have?
Jesse: Five. Is that uncommon here?
Iris: Girl, no. That is not common anywhere.

Caitlin works to free Killer Frost from the prison while asking her how she got her powers. Killer Frost says that she simply woke up affected by the dark matter, and the effect forced her to move back with her mother. The two women actually share a distaste of their mother as they consider her frigid and cruel. Killer Frost says she’s been like that since Charlie, her brother, died. Caitlin remarks that she never had a brother, but then she never understood why her mother was cold to her. She nearly completes a compound which will reduce the carbonite to nearly glass. Meanwhile, Wally confronts Joe again about talking to the Flash. Joe still refuses to let Wally meet the hero, but Wally implores him saying that being rescued for the Flash ultimately made him realize the risks he was giving himself. The fact that the Flash was willing to give up his powers was also the most noble thing anyone has ever done for him, and he wants to show his appreciation. Joe then says he will consider it.

The group track Grey’s movements to Ace Chemicals and plan to stop him there, though Jesse’s left behind in the lab. Barry, Joe, and Cisco corner the metahuman, but he uses his strength to toss nuclear barrels at the group. Barry attempts to stop him, but he gets knocked aside by a barrel. Before Barry is knocked out, however, he sees Grey age in front of him.

The team returns to the lair where they patch up Barry’s injury and analyze Grey’s abilities. According to Jesse, Grey’s cells are absorbing protein at an accelerated rate. While that gives him increased strength, it also causes him to age. The more he uses his strength, the faster he will age. Cisco then deduces that if they can get Grey to exert himself enough, they can eventually age him to become an old man. While they’re working out the technicalities, Barry questions his abilities without his powers with Iris. He recalls how Iris was the first person he saved, even before he knew what he could do. Iris reminds him that he can be a hero with or without his powers.

In the warehouse, Harry continues to mix a solution for Grey. Grey accuses him of thinking only for himself since he ruined so many lives with the explosion. Harry confides in him that he has a daughter while Grey reveals he had a girlfriend. With his condition, however, she no longer recognizes him. Grey warns that for his own sake, the solution must work.

Caitlin manages to break through the carbonite prison for Killer Frost. Before she can free the man in the iron mask, Killer Frost steps in and attempts to kill her. With Caitlin here, Killer Frost deduces that Zoom no longer needs her alive to remind him of the woman he loves. Killer Frost moves to strike Caitlin, but Zoom runs through Caitlin and proceeds to kill Killer Frost. He then warns Caitlin that if she tries to break out the man, he will die as well.

At STAR Labs, the group then plan to face Grey once again. Jesse and Cisco (with a little help from Felicity) create an armor for Barry’s suit made of the same dwarf star alloy as Ray Palmer’s ATOM suit. Unfortunately, they only had enough for Barry’s breastplate, and it can only take one punch from Grey. They also locate Harry in an old carnival warehouse, believing that they will also find Grey there. Barry, Cisco, and Joe then go to save Harry while Iris and Jesse monitor the action from their van. At that location, Grey begins to notice that Harry is simply diluting a solution without creating any sample. Before he can fight Harry, he spots the Flash outside and meets up with the hero.

With Iris and Jesse’s help switching on the carnival lights, Barry distracts Grey enough for them to fight. Grey gets one punch in, but Barry manages to stay on long enough for Grey to age rapidly. Finally, he falls to the ground dead but not before reverting back to his eighteen-year-old self. Jesse then rescues her dad. The group returns to STAR Labs where Harry and Jesse reconcile their differences. Harry remarks that since her mother died, he has vowed to protect her while Jesse understands since she was willing to do anything to save him after only losing him for one day. However, they do agree to give her some freedom for fear of going down that path again, and the two tearfully hug.

Joe then leads Wally to the roof of Jitters’ to meet the Flash. There, Wally expresses his gratitude towards the Flash and exclaims that his rescue has made him appreciate his life all the more for it. Meanwhile, back at Zoom’s lair, Caitlin berates the villain, saying that she only wants to return home. From that statement, he then decides that he will conquer Earth-1 just as he had Earth-2.

At STAR Labs, Barry arrives early to meet up with Harry. While they were able to take down Grey with Barry’s speed, Barry believes that there is no way he can face Zoom without it. Harry remarks that his encounter with Grey has made him more set on righting the wrongs that he caused, starting with getting Barry his speed back. The one way he can do that is to recreate the particle accelerator explosion.

Flash Notes

  • Griffin Grey is based off of a villain named The Griffin who was originally a friend of Bart Allen. He originally gained super-speed but, like his live-action counterpart, began to age rapidly until being overpowered by Bart.
  • Ace Chemicals should sound familiar to some DC fans. The Gotham division was the same chemical factory that gave birth to the Joker!
  • Tonight's episode features a reference not only to Felicity Smoak from Arrow but also Ray Palmer/The ATOM from Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Caitlin may have had a brother, but what could have happened to him?

The Geekcap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Singularity"

 At the base, the team cleans up the destruction of the base with Mack securing everyone’s safety and Lincoln jumpstarting the power grid. Mack talks with May who reveals that the recent results prove that Elena and Joey are unaffected and are now hiding out in the Cocoon. Unfortunately, Daisy’s actions destroyed many of their ships as well as the hangar. May, however, is a little more optimistic on Daisy’s situation, considering that she had the chance to destroy the people on the base but instead chose to seal them off from the destruction of the hangar. More likely, though, it appears that SHIELD is not high on Hive’s priorities. She then informs Mack that Coulson is planning on going to start to move them to the field, despite the injuries he suffered in the destruction. Mack questions how they could possibly exit the base now, but May assures him that’s taken care of already.

May: No one comes to me with their feelings.
Mack: Makes sense.

The team gathers on the Zephyr One with a limping Coulson reminding that group that whatever happened here was not Daisy’s fault. The creature that forced her to do this wanted to cut off their legs, so they must fight back against this force. He then advises the group to grab onto something as May tilts the ship on its side to escape the destroyed hangar doors. Meanwhile, outside a city, Daisy and Hive look out at a city line. Hive reveals that she used to drive out here with her van back when she felt alone in the world. Daisy remarks that she told Ward that information since Hive has his memories. While she’s glad that Ward is dead, she’s surprised to see that Hive is completely different.

In the lab, FitzSimmons discuss their findings on the parasite with Coulson. The parasite seems to flood the brain with dopamine which not only floods the brain with feelings of pleasure but also increases the body’s capabilities, making them invulnerable to ICERs. Their only hope at this point is to create a possible cure to help the Inhumans and Daisy break free. The two scientists connect the destroyed studies at Transia to a scientist named Holden Radcliffe who seemed to study parasitic activity. However, he was edged out of the company for conducting enhancive human experiments. Fortunately, they manage to track the man and plan to meet with him in order prepare a cure. As they move to pack their supplies in the hangar, Fitz then questions Simmons on their relationship. While their professional relationship has been remarkably seamless, he believes that things will grow complicated as Simmons remarks they will soon have sex. Before they can go further, they’re ready to depart. At the last instant, May gives Simmons her gun and tells her to remember her training and go for the side.

Hive questions Daisy whether or not Coulson will find her. She believes that he will since he’s been protective of her, something Hive remarks as a shame since Coulson doesn’t seem to realize how strong Skye is. She reveals that she changed her name since Ward remembered her after finding her parents. Although they weren’t perfect, they were real which meant something to her. Hive remarks that now she has connection with him. While everyone believes that he wants to create an Inhuman army, Daisy understands that there’s no need for war when everyone will be under the same mindset with him.

In Coulson’s office, the director speaks to General Talbot. The general questions why Coulson hasn’t been involved in recent discussions involving Hydra, but Coulson’s been too involved with the Inhuman situation. When May enters the room, he immediately cuts off the general, claiming that if the situation comes through he will discuss it with May. May instead wonders why Coulson didn’t mention Daisy to Talbot, but Coulson wants to keep the military out of it. He instead plans to send May to look for Alisha, since she could be in danger of being swayed by Hive after knowing Daisy.

Mack, Fitz, and Simmons travel to Bucharest to find Radcliffe who is located in a former hideaway used for the black market. Because they need to meet with Radcliffe personally, Fitz and Simmons plan to infiltrate the location and go undercover as scientists looking to work with the doctor. They further their odds by bringing along the modified eye technology used in Deathlok to persuade the doctor in hearing them. Mack, meanwhile, plans to keep an eye on them via comms link. At the base, Lincoln plans to join May and Coulson since Alisha was his friend, but May forbids it because of the risk he has of being swayed by Hive. Coulson then agrees on the condition that Lincoln wear a vest laced with nanothermites which can be used to take him out should he go rogue. Lincoln lashes out at the accusation since he believes that Coulson and May would be happy to be rid of him to rescue Daisy. Coulson insists that no one will make him do anything, but if he wants to go out in the field, he has to take these risks.

Fitz: Things are about to get complicated.
Simmons: You mean once we have sex?

Fitz and Simmons enter the building. Simmons initially feels uncomfortable dressed up for the occasion, but Fitz says she looks nice. Mack tracks the two from their room only to notice that everyone around the two have more going on underneath them than they look. He tells them to be careful. Meanwhile, May, Coulson, and Lincoln begin to track Alisha. May questions Coulson on what they will do if Hive were to show up. He simply responds that they neutralize the threat, but May is more concerned by what they would have to do if Daisy doesn’t come quietly. Coulson says that May won’t shoot Daisy like she shot Andrew, but May throws that back at him by saying she only pulled the trigger because he made her. Lincoln finally catches up to Alisha and asks if she’s seen Daisy. She says she hasn’t, so Lincoln tries to warn her. At the corner, however, one of her clones aims a gun at him, forcing Lincoln to fight back.

In South Dakota, Daisy meets up with James to introduce him to the ancient Inhuman he feared. According to Hive, while James gave Daisy a Kree artifact, it was missing its companion piece. James doesn’t say where he hid it, so Daisy tosses a terrigen crystal, forcing him to go through Terrigenesis. In the meantime, Lincoln continues to fight against Alisha and her clones as she offers him to join her. May comes to help him fight, but she’s eventually knocked out while trying to search for the original. Lincoln then grabs who he believes to be the original Alisha and threatens to torture unless she reveals where Daisy is. The clone then shoots the Alisha he holds since Hive ordered her not to reveal that information, and Coulson eliminates the final clone.

It’s revealed that the real Alisha was actually traveling with Hive. She informs him that Lincoln is alive though she still suffered from the pain of gunshots. Nevertheless, she was happy to make the sacrifice. James then breaks free from his husk, only to find that everything he touches begins to heat up and explode. Hive then sways him and discovers that James buried the device under his home. Daisy uses her powers to unearth the device, which he claims is the one thing that can destroy him.

Fitz and Simmons continue to search for Dr. Radcliffe despite feeling watched by everyone in the room. They meet up with his assistant Anon and claim to be fellow geneticists in order to meet him for a new technology they have. Mack warns them that the woman has had multiple enhancements herself which includes a computer system in her arm. She says that she could take the device to the doctor directly, but the scientists insist it’s their project. She then allows them to wait in the bar area until the doctor asks for them.

Back at the Zephyr One, Lincoln questions how Hive could have forced Alisha to kill one of her own. Coulson then orders him off the field until FitzSimmons can discover a cure for Hive. Lincoln protests despite his anger, but Coulson is adamant. The director then speaks to May to apologize for his mentioning of Andrew. He admits that he’s affected by losing Daisy since he knows that Hive only heightens the emotions she always felt. Daisy had always wanted a family, and he wanted to give her that with SHIELD, since she is the closest thing he has to a daughter. The team then tracks enhanced seismic activity in South Dakota, understanding that Daisy went after James.

In Bucharest, Fitz and Simmons feign feedback on the comms to speak privately without Mack. Fitz then blurts out that he now sees their relationship as a singularity, the point of which a measurable variable becomes infinite. While their friendship is effortless, the moment they cross that path, the changes become infinite. Simmons remarks that the prospect sounds both inviting and terrifying, and the two decide that in the future they will stop think so deeply on it and just act. Anon then interrupts them to inform them that the doctor is ready. She takes them down a dark hallway to an elevator, only to lead them to a makeshift surgery facility. Dr. Radcliffe is interested in their eye technology but only if he can use it himself. Against their better judgement, they agree to deal since it’s their only way to a cure for Daisy. However, Simmons then stabs the doctor’s eye since she recognized that it was already modified from its human capabilities. Dr. Radcliffe reveals that he had it changed to enhance his own features and wanted to make sure who he was working with in the future.

May and Coulson travel to South Dakota to examine what’s left of James’ place. They discover the hole used for the Kree device but can’t figure out what it was. May then spies a bomb rigged to explode. Coulson grabs May and dives into the hole, only to activate a virtual shield from his robotic hand. Once they are safe, Coulson receives a call from General Talbot.

Coulson: I thought it would be cool if the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a shield.

Dr. Radcliffe recognizes the technology as it was used in Cybertek for Hydra soldiers, but Fitz and Simmons try to insists they are part of SHIELD which is different. He then discovers that they were on comms with Mack and plans to have them escorted out. In desperation, the two then tell the truth, that they need him to develop a cure for a parasitic creature that can inhabit dead humans and control Inhumans. Dr. Radcliffe is interested that Inhumans are, in fact, real, but Simmons is still taken by the guards.
Fitz continues to bargain with the doctor, only to be confronted by Daisy and Alisha who want the doctor for the same reasons. Alisha takes the doctor while Daisy holds Fitz back. She warns him that for his sake and Simmons, they should stop trying to save them since she is happy where she is. Although she doesn’t want to kill anyone, she will if she must.

As Simmons is being dragged out, she meets up with Hive who speaks to her as Will. He tells her that he is glad she made it out alive instead of him and that he would never harm her. Simmons retorts that she knows it would say anything to fool her, but he just responds it would be in her best interests to stay away. She then shoots Hive with May’s gun and escapes.

With the comms link down, Mack arrives on the scene only to confront James in a fiery shootout where the agent barely escapes. Meanwhile, back at the base, Coulson reveals to May Talbot’s real plan. Malick had given them intel on Hydra’s infrastructure, allowing Talbot to locate and destroy their bases. The two agents watch as Hydra is finally destroyed. Mack returns to the room to meet up with Simmons who is worried that Fitz has not yet returned. She describes her meeting with Hive, remarking that she always promised that she’d shoot Ward. Despite the odds, they both swear that they have to save Daisy. The conversation then turns to the futility of Fitz and Simmons’ relationship since Mack saw through the comms trick originally played by Bobbi and Hunter. She persists that it’s new for all of them.

Fitz returns to the safe point to meet with Simmons. She explains that Mack is setting things up in the quinjet. Before they go to depart as well, they begin to kiss and remove their clothing. Fitz notices that Simmons’ hands are cold, but he insists that he can power through it as they make their way towards the bed.

At the end, Hive brings Dr. Radcliffe to a new location. He explains that the Inhumans are real and that he was one of the first originally created by the Kree. At this time, the human race has developed to a level similar to that of the ancient Kree, and Dr. Radcliffe is among the more advanced of them. Using the doctor, he plans to recreate the Kree experiments on the rest of humanity, beginning with the small town he just bought.  

S.H.I.E.L.D. Notes

  • Holden Radcliffe was actually a character from "Machine Teen," a Marvel series from the 2000s. In that series, he was the villain!
  • James is revealed to be the character Hellfire who, in the comics, was one of the original members of the Secret Warriors!
  • We have a small reference to season one with the re-introduction of the eye technology originally used in 1.04's "Eye Spy"!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Geekcap: 12 Monkeys "Primary"

In 2044, Cassie works with the West 7 to explore the outside world for parts to reconstruct the machine. After months in the brutal environment, the former doctor has become quicker to kill in trying to secure the world’s safety. Finally, the machine is rebuilt, and Jones sends Cassie back in time to prevent the spread in New York. In 2016 Ramse wakes from unconsciousness and quickly runs to the roof after hearing gunshots. He finds Cassie who holds him at gunpoint and threatens to kill him for his involvement in the virus as well. She once again implores Cole to kill Jennifer in order to prevent the virus from being let loose. Cole instead manages to convince Jennifer to hand him the virus of her own free will. With a piece of the virus secured, the group travels to the airport to destroy the rest in Jennifer’s possession.

Cassie drives as she explains that she was sent from August 2, 2044 after being sabotaged by the Messengers to prevent the beginning spread of the virus in New York. Cole tries to explain that Ramse and Jennifer had helped him, but Cassie is adamant on completing the mission if it means death, a notion Ramse recognizes in Deacon. Cassie still refuses to listen to Ramse even though he reveals that the army is out to kill him as well. Finally, they arrive at the airport and begin to torch the remaining cases of the virus. While Cassie is quickly moving things in place, Ramse still refuses to help at the risk of his son. Cole, unfortunately, allows Ramse to fall back. At the second the virus is destroyed, time begins to alter around them as Cole, Cassie, Ramse, and even Jones feel the ramifications. In the future, Jones watches the world change around her as new people and events appear, except for the death of her daughter.

Cassie reveals a vial of serum that is meant to be used to return Cole to the future, but, after seeing Cole being compromised with his feelings for Ramse, she instead injects Ramse to take him prisoner in 2044. The two then arrive in an alternate 2044 where Jones explains the new time to Cassie. Jones states that now the virus was unleashed in 2018, and, with Cassie’s advanced help, the CDC fought a stronger fight against the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands were possibly saved although no one is aware of the change beyond those four time-travelers. Still, the virus spread across the world with the similar speed. With this new opportunity, they plan to continue their mission, though Cassie advises against using Cole following their rift. Their next goal is to get information from Ramse who is currently being tortured by Deacon.

Jones: I had to investigate our own investigation!

Back in 2016, Cole is trapped with Jennifer as he questions his next move. Jennifer begins spouting the number 607 which leads Cole to find a number to Jones in that year beginning with 607. The two then head to the nearest place with a phone which Jennifer takes as a hotel that she claims he’s visited. Cole books room 210, despite Jennifer’s insistence on room 607 since the room is stated to be private. In the room, Cole proceeds to call Jones against her best wishes to preserve the timeline. Since he has not yet returned to 2044, the 2016 Jones deduces that there must be a reason that 2044 Jones has not sent anyone back. She then tells him not to call back to avoid any other problems. In the midst of this conflict, Jennifer begins to crack after losing her apparent purpose given to her by Olivia to take out the world. She destroys a mirror and nearly slits her wrists when Cole stops her. Jennifer then tackles him, shouting that he should have let Cassie kill her. Meanwhile, the manager of the hotel seems to recognize Cole.

Deacon continues to torture Ramse with no clear success. Deacon rebukes Ramse for siding with the people who end up destroying the world while Ramse simply states that he wanted to protect his son. He then recalls a moment in 2013 where he witnessed a man beating his wife and son. He heard the son being called Theodore William Deacon and called the police to save the boy, much to Deacon’s dismay. Deacon nearly kills Ramse at the remark until he’s stopped by Cassie. Jones also fills in the rest of her council on the alterations in time, including a surviving doctor from the takeover and the introduction of Dr. Eckland, who might have shared more than knowledge with Jones in this timeline.

Jennifer stops attacking Cole after seeing that they were in this position before in another situation. She reveals that she was told by Olivia that by helping to destroy the world she could finally stop the voices and live in silence. Cole advises her that she was not meant to kill billions as the army insists, but Jennifer is more frustrated that she has lost her purpose as well as Cole who is still in love with Cassie despite her new attitude. In the midst of their conflict, the manager comes to inform Cole that he is in the wrong room. He then reveals that since 1944, the room has been in perpetual ownership to James Cole, and the room has been continuously preserved by the manager’s family at the Emerson Hotel ever since. Cole searches the room to find several mementos including an old can, a suit, and a picture of Cole with a man from 1944. Jennifer goes further to find a picture of Cole with Cassie in 1944 with the address for Columbia University. She then further spirals as Cole is meant to be reunited with Cassie while she has no one. Cole, however, encourages her to move past what her parents or the army wants. Today, he states, she can find her own purpose.

Cassie then visits Ramse in his prison. He then says to her that, other than helping the army locate the virus, he knows nothing about their plans. To ensure his cooperation, she reveals that they have his son Sam in their custody. Even in desperation, Ramse screams that he doesn’t know anything and offers himself to be killed instead of his son. As Cassie learns this, the base is infiltrated by a robed woman who knocks out the guards and kidnaps Jones to a new group. Jones recognizes the group as the Daughters who demand to see the return of James Cole. Jones persists that Cole was left behind due to his disconnection from the mission, but the Daughters maintain that she will not return to the base unless Cole returns to the future since he was responsible for helping their leader, Jennifer, find her purpose. Under that ultimatum, Cassie returns to 2016 to fetch Cole, revealing to him that Jennifer had found her purpose and orchestrated his return.

Daughter: James Cole understands something you all have forgotten; our fates are intertwined. Here and in the past. Our mother knows this. Many cycles ago James Cole made a choice. An act of mercy. For that a debt was issued and now that debt has been repaid.

Cole then visits Ramse in his prison as they remark on the changes. Ramse reveals that Cassie threatened his son, much to Cole’s disbelief. Ramse warns Cole that 2044 has changed Cassie, and they can’t be sure what she will do. Cole then confronts Jones on leaving him stranded in the past, but Jones maintains that she had to what she could. He becomes more frustrated that the virus and its destruction still occurred despite their actions, but Jones insists that the saved lives in this time with many other survivors living in other bases in hope of a better future. She demonstrates this new future by showing him a radio that plays music from an outside line, one that now thrives. Finally, Cole talks to Cassie about what they shall do now that she’s in 2044. Cassie remains committed to the mission and questions why Cole lost his drive. Cole reveals that before, killing people never seemed to offer a change in the timeline. Once he spared a life, an idea he got from Cassie, he ultimately made a difference. He then leaves her with the picture of the two from 1944, an image which leaves Cassie in near tears.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eckland begins removing his things from Jones’s room. He remarks to her that he enjoyed bringing down the emotional walls she had built around herself. Now, he muses, he will get the pleasure of doing it once again. He bids Jones goodnight as she wonders about this new prospect.

Notes from 2044

  • Looks like the Emerson Hotel may come back into play more than just in 1944. Did anyone else spot a old-fashioned walkman and a thick soda can in the well-preserved hotel room?
  • For those of you keeping track of the new timeline, in this new 2044, the virus was released in 2018 instead of 2016 which also coincides with Cassie's message. Thanks to Cassie's advanced knowledge from 2014 and 2015, the CDC was able to prepare for the outbreak. Although it still spread to pandemic levels, hundreds of thousands of lives were saved, and other survival bases exist around the world.
  • Keen-eyed viewers might have also noticed in the opening scene featuring Cassie's training in 2044 had the doctor wearing a gas mask traveling outside to collect supplies. As you recall, Cassie isn't immune to the virus still in the outside world!
  • The title "Primary" refers to Jennifer who, despite having no contact with the time serum, seems to remember everything about the previous timelines.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Geekcap: Legends of Tomorrow "Last Refuge"

At the Time Masters Council, the Time Masters execute a prisoner for time piracy. To do this, they send the Pilgrim to make contact with his past self, and the prisoner is evaporated from existence. They then send the Pilgrim to take out the Legends from their past selves. In 1985, the team rescue a young Rory after a fire kills his family. Ray blasts back the Pilgrim and takes the young Rory onboard the Waverider, telling him that they are members of an organization called ARGUS. Meanwhile, Sara and Kendra spar and discuss Kendra’s decision to stay with Ray against the advice of her older self. Although it was Sara’s idea, she questions why Kendra doesn’t tell Ray. In addition, Rory refuses to speak with his younger self.

Rip and Rory begin to track the Pilgrim, explaining that the Pilgrim can only take out their past selves at particular moments in order to preserve the larger timeline. In this case, they track her to Starling City in 2007 where she targets a young Sara Lance. She sits with her father at the station being handcuffed to a table when the place is attacked. The Pilgrim blasts Lance aside and corners the young Sara before being saved by her future self. Rory blasts her with his gun, and the group escapes, keeping young Sara with young Rory.

Sara: My God, she’s…
Heatwave: Quite the badass!

Unfortunately, Rip finds that he can no longer track the Pilgrim’s movements which leads them vulnerable at any point in their time. However, he states, Kendra is immune dues to her reincarnation, and Rip is off the table due to his experience as a Time Master. From that exception, Snart questions why they know so little about Rip’s past, but the argument is cut short when Sara notices her younger self fighting with a young Rory. Sara quickly breaks the two apart, though the younger Sara is curious about why they were taken. The older Sara assures her that they will be fine and that she will return her to her father soon. Kendra then talks goes to talk with Ray who is unusually nervous about his possible vanishing from existence. Thinking back in time, he can only think about the two years they spent together in the 1950’s when he was going to ask her something important. Suddenly, he begins convulsing in pain, and large welts begin to form on his body. Rip discovers that Ray is being attacked in 2014 and suffering from the injuries. He and Firestorm quickly arrive to protect younger Ray, using Ray’s developing ATOM technology to blast the Pilgrim. In the midst of Ray’s pain, Kendra admits to Ray that she wants to spend her time with him for as long as she can. At that moment, he drops the ring to the floor, revealing it to Kendra.

With the team still unable to track the Pilgrim’s movement, they then plan to kidnap the infant versions of themselves in order to preserve themselves at other time periods. Kendra then reveals to Sara that she is engaged to Ray. While she was happy to say yes to Ray, she is unsure about their future together. Sara then requests Kendra to help her secure the infants. The two prepare to leave, not knowing that Ray was listening in the back.

Sara and Kendra take a surprisingly cute baby Snart from 1972 Central City and leave him to young Rory and Sara to tend to, since Sara knows that her younger self used to babysit. Rory then chides his younger self to look after his future crime partner. Rip and Rory secure the infant Stein in 1950 Ivy Town while Stein, Ray, and Jax arrive in 1993 Central City to find an infant Jax. However, their mission is interrupted when Stein sees Jax’s father who had been stationed in Somalia that day and died two weeks later. Stein lets Jax have a moment with his father. His father tells Jax how excited he was to see his son and asks Jax to tell the nurse that he will return from his station as soon as possible. Despite knowing the future, Jax lets his father leave. The Pilgrim arrives only to find an empty infant holder with the message “Missed Me” on the bed.

Rip then surprises the group by taking them to his foster mother’s house, a place in an undetermined place and time. His mother, revealing that Rip’s real name is Michael, states that she’s worked with the Time Masters, and that they would not think to look in a refuge. She offers the group pies and agrees to protect the younger selves. Rory, meanwhile, warns his younger self against tempting himself with flames. The younger Rory refuses to listen to the man’s advice. Rip’s mother speaks to Rip, reassuring him that she knows he is meant for good things. However, she rushes them out, reminding him that she has to care for the younger children.

Heatwave: You’d better not drop my future criminal partner.

Stein then confronts Jax on seeing his father for the first time. Jax admits that he was tempted to tell his father about the future because he states that he always wondered what his father would think of the things he had done. In the meantime, Ray also confronts Kendra on her conversation with Sara. She reveals to him the advice given to her by her older self, stating that a relationship outside her one with Carter is doomed. Ray merely states that when she makes her decision, he will listen.
Rip then reveals to the team a message from the Pilgrim who has threatened the loved ones of the team, including Lance, Clarissa, Anna, and Jax’s father. With these people in danger, Rip offers himself to the Pilgrim, or rather, a younger version of himself to be killed. Without him, the team would never have been formed in the first place. She agrees to the terms, and the team head to an abandoned Time Masters outpost.

At the outpost, Rip’s mother brings a young Rip for exchange while the Pilgrim offers Jax’s father. Once the exchange is completed, the rest of the team arrives and attacks, but the Pilgrim is prepared and freezes everyone on sight. However, she is surprised when the young Rip stabs her in the stomach, weakening her to the others’ attacks. Back at the Waverider, Rip admits that prior to being a Time Master, he was a wandering urchin whole stole and starved for a living. Snart remarks that at least Rip did not forget his roots for the mission. Rip’s mother agrees to take care of their younger selves, remarking on her taking care of a younger Rip when he stole her purse. Rory finally reveals his true identity to his younger self, reminding him that the fire was not his fault. While the younger Rory still feels guilty for starting the fire that killed his family, the older Rory advises him to be a better man in the future.

The rest of the team assures their loved ones, except for Stein realizing that his wife does not recognize him. Sara speaks to her father and offers him an amnesia pill to erase his memories of the event. While Lance takes the pills, he remarks that he always knew that she would help people. Jax speaks to his father after revealing his identity. He says to his son that he was never as scared as the day when Jax was born, so Jax offers him advice on his station in Somalia. After speaking with his former fiancĂ©, Ray goes back to Kendra. From that situation, he apologizes for springing a proposal at her, but Kendra, realizing there’s no perfect time, tells Ray that she wants to marry him. Jax and Rory admit to Rip about advising their former selves, but Rip admits that he is fine with those changes as part of their choices. Stein, however, is concerned about his wife not remembering him as he did not say goodbye to her before he left. Rip ultimately admits that unless they stop Savage in the limited time they have left, removing themselves from history will erase their histories as well. With no choice, they must confront Savage in the only time they can find him: 2166, the height of his power in the future.

Notes of Tomorrow

  • Jax brings up the organization ARGUS which, in the Arrowverse, stands for the Advanced Research Group United Support and is currently headed by Lyla Diggle, John Diggle's wife.
  • Rip Hunter's real name is revealed to be Michael. Could it possibly be related to Michael Jon Carter, the real name behind notable time-travelling hero Booster Gold?
  • For those of you keeping track of the timeline, 2007 Sara takes place right before she took the boat trip with Oliver Queen, and 2014 Ray takes place before the creation of his ATOM suit.
  • It is revealed that Rip keeps an entire supply of vintage cereals aboard the Waverider.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Geekcap: The Flash "Verses Zoom"

In a voiceover, Barry remembers the night he lost his mother to the Reverse Flash and his father to prison. However, he acknowledges that without the love and support of Joe and Iris, he doesn’t know where he would have ended. We then move to a flashback on Earth-2 many years ago where a young Hunter Zolomon watches his father hurt his mother for walking out on him during the war. His father places his helmet on his son’s head and tells him to watch as he kills his mother. From that moment, Hunter is taken to an orphanage with only his father’s helmet left in his possession.

In present day, Barry test the tachyon particle device which enhances the speed force in his system. When he moves as fast as he can go he instantly exits the universe and immediately reappears after transporting to another Earth. When he runs back to STAR Labs, he is shocked that he returned almost immediately after he left. Caitlin and Cisco then inform him that he has now traveled four times as fast as usual. With his new speed, Barry then requests Harry to help him re-open the breaches to face Zoom. Harry refuses to risk another Earth to Zoom, but Barry wants to stop the villain wreaking havoc anywhere. Besides, he has no way of knowing how to open the breaches. In the meantime, Iris informs Barry that she has a date with Scott. Barry, regardless, is glad that Iris is moving on with someone else.

Barry drops off a pizza from Keystone City to Joe’s place where the detective invites Barry to stay as he and Wally watch Formula One racing. Barry declines the visit but stays to meet up with Wally as he arrives. Wally also arrives with his laundry when he reveals to Joe that he moved out of his campus dorm due to the higher costs. Joe offers to help pay for the remaining costs, but Wally is less quick to the idea.

Harry: I have an idea, Allen. Let’s keep the breaches closed forever. 

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin and Cisco are having trouble coming up with a way to open the breaches that doesn’t involve a nuclear explosion. Barry believes he may have another solution when he asks Harry about Reverb’s powers. Harry states the Reverb’s powers involved tapping into the multidimensional frequencies which allowed him to sense breachers. By that connection, the group believes that Cisco could use his own powers to open the breach. When he tries, however, he’s unable and more than a little unwilling to try.

Harry then arrives at Joe’s house to focus on the search for Jesse. Joe admits that he worked through his sources and handed out her picture and description across cities, but they turned up empty. Harry notes that she’ll know how to hide and also requests that Joe try to talk Barry out of trying to open the breaches. Joe claims that he could never talk Barry out of something he believes he has to do. Instead, Joe advises Harry to help Barry since he has much better odds of beating Zoom with both his increased speed and Harry’s guidance.

Barry and Cisco track a strong dimensional frequency at an old hospital where Cisco could more easily open the breach. Harry interrupts their trials to deliver a new device to help Cisco, a duplicate pair of goggles worn by Reverb. With the new technology, Cicso is able to grasp the frequency and attempt to open the breach with and eager Zoom on the other side waiting to escape. Cisco, however, falters at the last instant and believes there is no way he can do it.

The group returns to STAR Labs where they try to figure out what to do next as Harry constructs a new tachyon particle device. The group is then surprised by a visit from Joe and Iris who offer to help in anyway. Joe then confides in Barry that Wally refuses to accept Joe’s money for his dorm, so Barry reveals that what Wally really wants is for Joe to offer his place. Since Wally has never lived in a place with his father, now could be a good time to try. Iris, meanwhile, confides in Caitlin that she never went on her date with Scott because she still has some mixed feelings. Caitlin correctly points out that it’s not her feelings for Eddie but her feelings for Barry that is holding her back from dating Scott. Iris says that since finding out they were meant to be married in the future as well as Earth-2 has her questioning whether or not she should be with Barry.

Barry then confronts Cisco about what happened earlier. Cisco reveals that he’s afraid that with every new power he gains, he is one step closer to becoming a villain like Reverb. Barry reassures him that he goes through the same fears every time he gains a new ability. However, because Cisco has the support of people like Caitlin, Barry, Joe, and Iris, he will not fall like Reverb. With renewed confidence, Cisco agrees to try again.

At the West house, Joe leads Wally to his new room which, barring a few house rules, he is welcome to stay in for as long as he’d like. From the experience, Joe realizes that he had to stop treating Wally like Barry or Iris and instead treat him like himself. At this consideration, Wally finally refers to Joe as his dad.

Barry also looks to Caitlin to make sure that she has accepted taking on Jay. When discussing Jay, Caitlin mentions his doppelganger Hunter Zolomon. That name immediately shocks Harry who reveals that the name Hunter Zolomon in Earth-2 refers to a serial killer. He fills in the team on his history including watching his mother die when he was eleven, being sent through an orphanage and foster care, and racking up twenty-three counts of murder. Once Zolomon was captured, he was taken to a mental hospital to receive shock therapy when the particle accelerator exploded flooding the facility with dark matter and inflicting him with the speed force. Now that they are aware of their enemy, Barry figures a plan to stop Zoom.

Hunter Zolomon: It's so fun pretending to be a hero.

Cisco successfully opens the breach when Zoom comes into contact with the Flash. The Flash goads him into chase where he leads the villain to STAR Labs. There, he distracts Zoom with images of his parents long enough to beat and incapacitate him by chaining him to the ground. Zoom removes his mask upon discovering that they realized who he was. Barry states that it was because he told Caitlin his doppelganger’s name, but Zolomon claimed he had to in order to throw Caitlin off from finding a cure and instead to producing Velocity 9. He admits that he doesn’t care how many lives he takes since that feeling was lost a long time ago. From this comparison, Zolomon states that Barry could have easily become like him with the loss of his family. Barry rejects that idea since Zoom sees family as a weakness. Before they can take Zoom, however, he breaks from his restraints and leaves the lab.

Barry, Joe, and Iris return home to find the place in shambles. On the wall in Wally’s room, Barry finds a message from Zoom: your speed for Wally. Wally is being held captive in Zoom’s lair on Earth-2 and catches a glimpse of the man in the iron mask. He questions why he was taken since he doesn’t know the Flash, but Zoom reveals that he matters to someone close to the Flash. On Earth-1, Barry ultimately agrees to sacrifice his speed for Wally after seeing Joe desperately want the return of his son. Using the goggles and Jay’s old helmet, Cisco communicates with Zoom on Earth-2 to agree to the deal. Zoom then arrives at the lab with Wally.

At the lab, Harry fashions a device to drain the speed force from Barry as he runs on the treadmill. At this moment of defeat, Zolomon also explains the rest of his history. In order to provoke Barry into going faster, he went back in time to find a time remnant of himself to kill in front of the group, much like the previous Eobard Thawne they met earlier that year. He reveals that he is unable to cast a speed mirage but has been pretending to be the hero Jay Garrick in order to rip hope from the people on Earth-2. However, he does not reveal the identity of the man in the iron mask, claiming that they would never believe him.

Once Barry is drained of his speed force, Zoom injects himself and motions to kill Barry. Caitlin beseeches him saying if there was any truth to his feelings for her he would spare Barry. At that instant, he whisks Caitlin off to Earth-2, leaving a powerless Barry in the dust.

Flash Notes

  • If you blink you might miss it! When Barry proclaims how he got back to the lab, he actually spent a good episode on Supergirl!
  • Once Wally has been kidnapped by Zoom, do you believe he recognizes Barry's secret?
  • Zoom reveals that he cannot make a speed mirage, revealing that he is actually slower than the Reverse Flash!
  • Who do you think the man in the iron mask is?

The Geekcap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Team"

Daisy and Lincoln quickly jet off to pick up the rest of the team. One stop in Miami to pick up Joey who unfortunately has to stand up a new date, and one in Columbia to pick up Elena who is practicing how to say “Hello, it’s good to see you again, you look well” in English. Daisy and Lincoln fill in the two on the plan to rescue the rest of the team. Despite the fact that they have no plan, no layout of the area, and no idea how many soldiers are on the base, they are all determined to save the group of people who would risk their lives for them. While they can’t physically enter the Hydra base, the team parachute to the facility.

The remaining SHIELD team scramble in the Zephyr One to barricade themselves in a closet and take care of a bleeding May. The Secret Warriors then break through and separate to find the team and escape. Joey and Elena easily take out the guards with Joey taking care of the weapons and Elena restraining them. Daisy locates the Zephyr One and works break it loose while Lincoln fights off more guards and manages to find Malick.

The SHIELD team then rig a chlorine gas tube to fend off the soldiers barging through as the Secret Warriors move Malick on the plane and take out Giyera. When they are almost stopped by Lucio, Joey, in a quick motion, fashions dagger out of a pole and stabs the Inhuman, leaving him for dead. Elena then takes out the remaining soldiers to save the agents as May proclaims she is still well enough to fly. Giyera informs Hive that the group escapes, but he informs him that now they have someone on the inside of SHIELD.

Elena: Mack, it's good to see you again. You look well.

Back on the base, the Secret Warriors celebrate their victory, though Daisy notices Elena is wounded on her leg. Meanwhile, Joey is still a little shocked after killing Lucio. Daisy nevertheless informs them that once they are cleared, they can return home, hopefully awaiting a new mission. Coulson then proceeds to interrogate Malick as he wonders why he would do this at all. Malick recounts a story about his daughter on the horse races and how his heart stopped. That was the day he told her about Hydra and to put her faith in the god. He brought about a different god.

Lincoln, meanwhile, secures the Kree device when Daisy comes across him. He understands that she is still angry that he brought a terrigen crystal without telling her but believes it must be hard to have a boyfriend as part of the team. He also asks her to talk to Joey since he appears shaken after killing Lucio. Daisy is surprised that she didn’t notice but also asks Lincoln to her room when things are over. In the hall, Mack gives Elena a tour of the base while demonstrating his growing Spanish. Elena teases him on giving her the nickname Yo-Yo which Mack still considers a good call. He then shows her their weapons base but assures her that none of the weapons except one can kill. Back in the lab, FitzSimmons examine Lucio’s body and notice some odd lifelike readings on the body. The two then quarantine Lucio’s body secretly from the team.

Malick then confides in Coulson about the creature in Grant Ward’s body who Coulson understands was called Hive. Malick explains that the Hive refers to the hive of Inhumans who will follow him. He says to Coulson that if he values his team he would keep an eye on the Inhumans. Coulson calls to Mack to order a lockdown of the base.

Coulson fills the agents on Malick’s story. While Fitz argues that they can’t take Malick’s word, Coulson fears that they have no way of knowing the truth. Until they can figure out who or how many may be against them, they have to keep the base locked. Coulson will plan to keep interrogating Malick for answers while FitzSimmons examine Lucio’s body for a solution. Mack will keep an eye on the Inhumans. Daisy then interrupts the meeting to ask for the meaning behind the lockdown. Coulson tells her it’s a precautionary but doesn’t tell her enough to inform the others. She nevertheless tells them that Joey has been shaken since taking out Lucio.

Elena and Lincoln are frustrated with being kept at the base, but Daisy tries to keep them in control, even though she doesn’t understand why. Elena refuses to be under a bureaucratic and paranoid decision but nevertheless stays. The two still note that Joey is nowhere to be found. Lincoln then tries to give May her painkillers from her injuries, but May refuses since they knock her out. Daisy then speaks to May who congratulates the young agent on being a leader. Daisy confides that she’s doubting Coulson for withholding information from her, but May believes he would only do that for the right reasons.

Coulson continues to question Malick on why he chose to bring back Hive. Malick says that he believed he would be bringing back a god and instead brought back the devil with his brother and daughter paying the price. Coulson tries to sell him on the idea of revenge. Much like his desire to kill Ward after Rosalind’s death, Coulson encourages Malick to work with them to get revenge for his daughter. Mack keeps an eye on the Inhumans but find them all suspicious when Joey’s talking with Lincoln, Daisy’s firing bullets, and Elena’s zooming in and out of the hangar grabbing weapons. May leaves her bed to question Mack on what’s happening, but Mack is still unsure.

Coulson: I've seen gods. Gods bleed.

Fitz and Simmons examine Lucio’s body which appears otherwise normal. With no outer symptoms, Simmons starts to examine his brain, much to Fitz’s disgust. He then makes small talk about their lives at this moment when they are examining a dead Inhuman’s brains while fearing what their friends could do. Simmons continues her search, believing that as a SHIELD agent, they’ve had worse days. She then comes across an unusual parasitical infection.

May and Mack call Coulson from interrogation to confirm Malick’s story that Hive takes control of the Inhumans. While it doesn’t appear to cause any permanent damage, there is no way to test which Inhuman has fallen. Coulson orders reluctantly that the Inhumans must be iced and quarantined until a solution can be found. Suddenly, the lights in the base go out, and Mack discovers that one of their bombs, a weapon that kills, has been stolen. When searching the base, Fitz and Simmons find Malick’s cell door open. They look inside to see the man sprawled dead on the floor with the detonator activated, causing a large shock wave that blows back the agents.

Coulson finds Fitz and Simmons and brings them to the lab as the rest of the team plan to quarantine the Inhumans. After being kept in the dark, the Secret Warriors demand to know what is happening. The agents come clean that Hive has the ability to sway Inhumans, and that one of them must be a traitor and contained. With weapons pointed at them, the team begins to panic at being hunted and barricade themselves in the common room where Joey has been hiding. Joey seals the door while Elena locks the exits as they try themselves to figure out what’s happening. Elena believes that Daisy and Lincoln turned on them while Lincoln questions her on her leg wound. Daisy is adamant on staying in SHIELD, but Joey wants to escape before being thrown back into isolation. They quickly begin to turn on each other as each person was alone at one point on the mission with every reason to kill Malick and escape. On the outside, May and Coulson plan to gas the room to ensure to quarantine, believing that if they are arguing among themselves, not all of them have turned.

To keep the team safe, Daisy sneaks the group through a hidden exit in order to escape. Meanwhile, FitzSimmons and Mack search the lockers for evidence of a traitor until Mack comes across something surprising. The Secret Warriors then arrive in a containment pod where Daisy tricked to have them all confided. Coulson then reveals that Mack found the Kree device in Lincoln’s locker, proving that Lincoln was likely planning to leave for Hive. Daisy then remembers that Lincoln crossed paths with Ward at Transia before this began and has likely been turned this whole time. Lincoln lashes out at Coulson, forcing Daisy to blast him back and knock him unconscious.

Once the chaos has died down, Coulson confronts Daisy on what happened. Daisy is disappointed that the team could fall apart like that, but Coulson says that was part of being a leader, trying to protect the team. Unfortunately, Hive took away the most important factor: trust. While Joey and Elena are being tested, all they desire now is to leave. Until then, however, Coulson says they all must be kept in quarantine. Before Coulson leaves, Daisy responds that the team will be stronger the next time.

Mack: Yo-Yo?
Elena: My name is Elena.

Fitz and Simmons continue to analyze the results trying to find a solution but run into more dead ends. Simmons muses that one day they’ll find something from space that won’t want to kill them, but Fitz jokes that Hive couldn’t even escape a desert planet. In the middle of their work, they share a small kiss. When Fitz believes they were moving too fast, Simmons reminds him that it’s been ten years. With the rest of their friends being ripped apart, they need to stay together.

Back at the pod, Lincoln is visited by Daisy who offers him a chance to escape the base. Lincoln questions how she escaped her own pod, but Daisy states the she helped design the system and SHIELD could not possibly stop them. From this instance, Lincoln understands: Daisy was the traitor. She crossed paths with Hive when tracking the Zephyr who sent her back to the base. From there, she killed Malick to keep him from talking and detonated the bomb to cover her tracks. She then framed Lincoln to ensure they would not accuse her and since they were already suspicious of his temper. Lincoln tries to reason with her, but Daisy claims that she’s never felt more alive and at peace. When Lincoln still refuses to go with her, Daisy leaves on her own. She makes her way to the hangar and causes a massive earthquake that begins to reduce the base to rubble.

At the Hydra lair, Giyera informs the Hive that they were not able to secure Malick. Hive reveals that Malick has been killed. Since they have secured a good portion of Malick’s wealth, all they need to do now is retrieve Skye.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Notes

  • The ending was an interesting parallel to the seventeenth episode of season one "Turn, Turn, Turn" when we discover the traitor to be Ward.
  • If you listen closely, you can hear that score during the destruction of the base is the same as the one used in Skye's Terrigenesis in "What They Become."
  • This marks the first use of the Inhuman creature's real name Hive.
  • This also marks the first time Daisy and Ward have shared a scene together since "The Dirty Half-Dozen."