Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rebirth: Batgirl #3

By: Jerry Montgomery

October 2, 2016

Rebirth: Batgirl #3
“Beyond Burnside, Pt. 3”

Written by: Hope Larson
Art by: Raphael Albuquerque

Rebirth: Batgirl #3 continues the current storyline, “Beyond Burnside”. Barbara Gordon adventures through Asia looking  for new insights and skills as she backpacks through Japan, The Philippines and South Korea, all the while, searching for the mysterious Teacher.  With this new direction comes a new cast of characters as well, friends and foes alike.  Gone are the old stereotypes of exotic and mystic Asian characters that we all have seen before and are likely to see again. This story is fresh and up to date!

Pt. 3 picks up at the end of the match with a loopy Barbara (fighting under the alias, “Amy Beddoes”) struggling to regain consciousness after being knocked out with one punch by her opponent. After coming to with a little reinforcement and encouragement from her coach, Barbara departs and replays her defeat in her head. Upon doing this, she is able to remember a vital clue that throws up a danger flag for a childhood friend, also in Singapore with her. Donning her Batgirl costume, she races to her friend and encounters the same MMA opponent who had earlier defeated her, only this time, in her own costumed alter-ego, Moth. Batgirl’s earlier defeat helps her against Moth and Barbara is able to come to her friend’s aid. After a search of their hotel room, Barbara finds a hidden surveillance device which leads her adventure in a new direction and a new country. Bidding her friend farewell, she leaves and boards a flight for South Korea. Following clues, she is led to a construction site and is confronted by a new foe and a familiar one. Uh, oh!

The Verdict: Batgirl #3 is without a doubt a different comic for sure. Written by Hope Larson, who is best known for her graphic novels for and about young women, has thrown an interesting angle into the DC universe for Barbara Gordon. The artwork of Raphael Albuquerque is different to say the least, reminding me of pencils I’ve seen in some independent or alt titles but works well here. If you like stories about traveling and adventure with action, I think this would be a good read, especially now so early in the title and the fact that it’s writer is well established in her craft.

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