Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The SmackDown Files - A WWE Double Feature Presentation: The Art of Throwing Shade Starring John Cena/The Viper's Inferno Starring Randy Orton

By: Keila Cash 

Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of The SmackDown Files. Tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live emanated from Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, Minnesota. Since last week’s Battle Royal ended in controversy, AJ Styles vs. Luke Harper will meet in a number one contender’s match with the winner going on to face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Who officially punched their ticket to WM? The answer to that pressing question can be found throughout this blog. Without further ado, let’s dissect tonight’s episode of SD Live in no particular order.

·       The longest opening segment in the SmackDown Live era was amazing as The Miz and John Cena had a great back and forth promo exchange to kick off the show.

·       The Miz invited Cena on his talk show to air out his grievances over the past ten years. He blamed Cena for derailing his reign as WWE Champion 6 years ago by winning the title two weeks later at Extreme Rules. Miz accused Cena of manipulating his way to the top while holding him down. He claimed that Cena was a part-timer who is Hollywood bound after shaming The Rock for doing the same thing several years ago. Therefore, he eliminated Cena to give him a taste of what it felt like to lose everything heading into WrestleMania.

·       Cena had a great rebuttal when he explained that Miz was recycling material from other wrestlers in a poor attempt to rattle his cage. Cena is fully aware that some fans think he is a bad wrestler that has benefitted from backstage politics. If the latter was the case, he would be facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania instead of being a guest on Miz TV.

·       Cena stated that he doesn’t try to win over every fan. Those who ride with him know that he’s being authentic. This led to Cena completely trashing Miz’s character by saying he has emulated several WWE Superstars in order to get over. He stole Chris Jericho’s gimmick, took Ric Flair’s Figure Four Leg Lock, ripped off Daniel Bryan’s move set and “Yes” chant, and borrowed AJ Styles’ lines from the past six months.

·       Legends such as Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock were themselves with the volume turned up to 100. Miz was playing dress-up instead of being himself. Cena warned The A-Lister not to bring a knife to a gunfight the next time he calls him out. If he continued to press Cena, Miz would end up like The Undertaker: A dead man.

·       Cena was about to leave the ring when Maryse pulled Cena aside and told him that he couldn’t leave until she and Miz dismissed him. She claimed that Cena was an egomaniac who must be overcompensating in the package department. She proceeded to slap Cena which was a big mistake because Nikki Bella ran down to the ring. Miz and Maryse escaped into the crowd as Nikki had a great parting shot for Maryse warning her that she would break her if she ever touched Cena again as the segment came to an end.

·       This was a great way to start the show. The Miz was on fire and Cena was at his best when he has great material to work with. The allusion of backstage politics could’ve been toned down a bit, but everything else clicked for the most part. The presumed mixed tag team match isn’t eye catching on paper, but the promo work from Miz and Cena should push things over the top. Throw in Maryse and Nikki throwing ample amounts of shade at each other and this could be a hot match come WrestleMania. Tonight’s installment of Miz TV was an excellent starting point.

·       Becky Lynch defeated Mickie James in a 2 out of 3 falls match when she made James tap out to the Dis-Arm-Her during the final fall. Lynch and James were having a nice back and forth match until Alexa Bliss made her way to ringside. When Lynch covered James for the pin, Bliss got on the ring apron to distract the referee. Lynch confronted Bliss while James was trying to attack Lynch from behind. However, James accidentally knocked Bliss off the apron. Lynch tried to roll her up for the win, but James shifted her momentum by grabbing Lynch’s shorts. Lynch powered out which led to the win via submission.

·       It appears that the Lynch-James feud is over based on the outcome, but never say never because we still have four weeks to go until Mania.

·       Natalya put Alexa Bliss on notice by telling her that she was gunning for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Is Natalya a babyface now? I figured someone had to flip after Naomi dropped the title due to injury last week.

·       AJ Styles officially punched his ticket to WrestleMania when he pinned Luke Harper with the 450 Splash. Styles and Harper had a good match, but it could’ve been better if it wasn’t overbooked. Styles originally had Harper beat with The Phenomenal Forearm, but Harper’s leg was on the bottom rope as the referee counted 1-2-3.

·       Shane McMahon made his way down the ramp and announced that the match would be restarted. Styles got in McMahon’s face at ringside until Harper accidently blindsided McMahon with a big boot which led to the finish.

·       Harper had a great showing, but it felt muted because of the outcome. Styles and Harper have the potential to have a better match in the future without McMahon being used as a plot device to forward tension with Styles.

·       John Cena and Nikki Bella will face Carmella and James Ellsworth in a mixed tag team match next week. That should be a spectacle.

·       Thanks for coming, Curt Hawkins! Dean Ambrose nailed Hawkins with Dirty Deeds before the match got underway. Ambrose called out Baron Corbin after Corbin’s sneak attacks over the past couple of weeks. Corbin cut a promo from backstage and vowed to take everything Ambrose held near and dear to him. This was a fine way to add heat to their burgeoning feud.

·       Dolph Ziggler and Apollo Crews had a solid Chairs Match that featured good action throughout. Crews had the upper hand by showing off his agility, but Ziggler’s veteran instincts kicked in when he dropped Crews throat first onto the edge of a steel chair. Crews had a hard time collecting himself after the spot as he coughed profusely. Ziggler took things one step further by slamming Crews’ family jewels between the back side of the chair before pinning him with a jackknife rollup. Crews showed nice aggression while Ziggler heeled it up down the stretch. We are still in the baby steps phase of Ziggler’s heel turn. Pitter Patter…

·       Piece of advice to Bray Wyatt: Never give anyone the keys to kingdom ever again. Wyatt learned that lesson the hard way during his invocation ceremony when put AJ Styles on notice heading into their WWE Championship match at WrestleMania. Wyatt said he came from the depths of the earth which contained dirt and molten lava. He claimed that’s where Orton was at the moment because he bowed down to his master.

·       Suddenly, Orton appeared on the titantron and revealed that he was no longer under Wyatt’s spell. He was at the Wyatt Compound which also served as Sister Abigail’s final resting place. Orton dug up her remains and told Wyatt that he was going to burn her spirit to the ground.  The Eater of Worlds would be weakened by her eternal damnation as Orton doused the compound with gasoline. He went outside and struck a match and set the building ablaze as Wyatt lost it in the ring. Orton did his signature pose as he burned the last vestige of Sister Abigail while Wyatt continued to throw a fit at ringside as SD Live went off the air.

·       This was WWE at its campy best. Orton did a great job tormenting Wyatt as he showed his true colors after putting up a convincing ruse over the past few months. The Viper announced that he would face Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. This puts AJ Styles’ title shot in limbo because Orton is cashing in his Royal Rumble win. Shane McMahon will probably make an executive decision next week which should finally set up the SD Live Main event at Mania.

·       The rumor mill has been hinting at a McMahon vs. Styles match at WM over the past few weeks and McMahon postponing Styles’ title match until a later date would add fuel to the proverbial fire. Styles vs. McMahon is not a sexy match, but it could be a beautiful disaster if it’s booked properly. Styles not being in a high profile match at WM sucks, but the prospect of Styles vs. Orton facing off for the WWE Title leading up to the Dog Days of Summer is a nice consolation prize. It’s all about the journey leading up to the final destination. Yes, I’m an optimist to a fault.

·       Overall, I thought tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live was very good. The show had a clear purpose from start to finish. The opening and closing segments were great as they laid the foundation for the top two SD Live matches at WrestleMania. The in-ring action was solid as several storylines were forwarded leading up to the biggest show of the year as well.

·       Natalya appears to be next in line for the Women’s Championship by putting Alexa Bliss on notice. AJ Styles is on a collision course with Shane McMahon despite becoming the number contender for the WWE Championship.

·       John Cena, Nikki Bella, The Miz, and Maryse is a deliciously soapy storyline that could be one my guilty pleasures heading into Mania. The promos and physical confrontations should be outstanding as long as Maryse doesn’t use a fake steel pipe to attack Nikki again.

·       After last week’s so-so show, SD Live is clicking on all cylinders once again. The Tag Team Division was sidelined once again, but it’s smart not to burn through meaningless matches between American Alpha vs. The Uso because their best stuff should be saved for WM. With four weeks to go until the biggest show of the year, both teams should have enough television time to get their feud over in a meaningful way.

·       33 days and counting until the Road to WM comes to a head in Orlando. The blue brand got in the Fastlane before Raw’s eponymous PPV. Let’s hope their red counterpart kick things into high gear on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

On that note, this wraps up another edition of The SmackDown Files. I hope you enjoyed it and I will back next week with another installment of The Raw Exposé. See you later, boys and girls!

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Raw Exposé: The Braun Strowman Destroys Roman Reigns 4X Over Edition (2-27-2017)

By: Keila Cash

Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of The Raw Exposé. Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw emanated from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is the go-home show for Fastlane which takes place this Sunday. Goldberg is set to respond to Kevin Owens’ promo from last week while Seth Rollins addresses the rumor that he might miss WrestleMania for the second year in a row after suffering a torn MCL during Samoa Joe’s ambush nearly one month ago. Did Raw end with more questions than answers heading into the last Raw-exclusive PPV before WM? Keep reading to find out. Without further ado, let’s dissect tonight’s episode of Raw in no particular order.

·        Goldberg kicked off Raw by promising his wife, son, and fans that he would defeat Kevin Owens and become the new Universal Champion at Fastlane.

·        Owens had something to say about that as he appeared on the main stage to fire off a list of people he has defeated in WWE so far. The List of KO includes John Cena, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, and Chris Jericho. Goldberg would be next as he will contribute to the Evolution of Kevin Owens at Fastlane. According to Owens, the “Goldberg” chant will die when he retains the Universal Title and walk into WrestleMania with the Big Red Kryptonite Belt draped over his shoulder as the opening segment came to an end.

·        This was a good way to start the show. The material for Owens and Goldberg was a bit on the skimpy side which might explain why this segment was slotted first. Both men held their own on the mic, but they didn’t add any additional heat to their Universal Title match at Fastlane on Sunday. Their title bout should be an enjoyable spectacle, though.

·        The New Day spoofing the La La Land-Moonlight Oscar snafu was pretty lame.

·        Xavier Woods and Big E defeated Rusev and Jinder Mahal when Woods pinned Mahal with a rollup/bridge combo. The match was decent and I’m glad that Rusev is not the fall guy during these meaningless tag team matches.

·        By the way, it appears that New Day Pops are coming to a store near you in the very near future. A certain Punk in Chicago is probably fuming at this news.

·        It’s official. The creative team is deliberately turning Enzo into an annoying pest. This might not bode well for his future as a singles star because his in-ring work leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, he is better with Big Cass because they feed off each other in terms of chemistry and energy. One can’t do without the other when it comes to getting over. Cass’ size gives him an out, but he’s wooden on the mic without Enzo to play off of. Let’s hope this experiment is short-lived because Enzo and Cass are better together than apart.

·        Samoa Joe and Cesaro had an intense backstage exchange that might lead to a future match between the two. Their battles in Ring of Honor was hinted at, but not overtly stated. Just the thought of Joe vs. Cesaro makes me giddy like a child on Christmas morning.

·        Stephanie McMahon emasculated Mick Foley by calling him a weak and feeble man. At this rate, Foley should quit and tell Stephanie to have a nice day.

·        Akira Tozawa defeated Noam Dar with the Snap German Suplex in a decent match. The Brian Kendrick attacked Tozawa from behind afterward to teach him another lesson on how to always keep your eyes peeled because you never know who’s lurking in the shadows. Kendrick is doing a good job playing the surly veteran who is trying to beat some respect out of Tozawa. It’s a feud that has legs on both Raw and 205 Live which keeps things fresh each week.

·        My dream scenario has come true as Mick Foley booked Samoa Joe in a match against Cesaro set for later tonight. They should have a great match if they are given enough time to shine. Fingers crossed!

·        Charlotte vowed that Bayley would be a one hit wonder heading into their Raw Women’s Championship match at Fastlane this Sunday. Bayley came out and stated that she defeated Charlotte three times which makes her a three hit wonder. Her main dream was to go into WrestleMania with the title. Charlotte chided Bayley some more until Sasha Banks made her way to the ring.

·        Banks spoke up for Bayley, but Charlotte made a good dig at Banks being exhausted from stealing Bayley’s spotlight. Banks stated that she was tired of looking at Charlotte’s stupid face and wanted the tag team match to get underway. Charlotte agreed, but The Queen had a trick up her sleeve when she announced that Nia Jax was her partner instead of Dana Brooke.

·        The promo exchange was a fine way to set up the tag team bout after the commercial break.

·        Nia Jax put herself in championship contention by pinning Bayley with a Leg Drop after slinging Sasha Banks on top of Bayley leading up to the finish. Bayley eating the pin six nights before her title defense sucks and conventional WWE wisdom suggests that Bayley is walking out of Fastlane Women’s Champion. However, I don’t foresee Charlotte’s winning streak coming to an end at a Raw-exclusive PPV. That should be held off until WrestleMania. The same thing could’ve been said for Bayley’s coronation, but I digress.

·        Braun Strowman wants Roman Reigns’ name on the dotted line to make their match at Fastlane official. As with all contract signings, expect a fight to break out at some point. It’s a tradition that will stand the test of time.

·        Enzo and Cass got little heat during their signature introduction. With Enzo acting like an ass as of late, the tepid crowd reaction shouldn’t come as a shock.

·        Big Cass pinned Luke Gallows with a big boot in a decent match. Cass had the match won after dropping Gallows with the Empire Elbow, but Karl Anderson climbed on the ring apron which caused Cass to break up his pin attempt. Enzo ran interference by slamming Anderson against the steel steps which led to the finish. Conventional WWE wisdom suggests that Gallows and Anderson will retain the Raw Tag Team Titles at Fastlane. Expect Enzo’s latest antics to play a role in the outcome.

·        Titus O’Neil got the jump on Sheamus before their match officially got underway, but it was short-lived when Sheamus nailed O’Neil with the Brogue Kick for the quick and decisive win.

·        Are the fans seriously doing a CM Punk during Seth Rollins’ promo?

·        Seth Rollins announced that the doctors might not clear him in time for WrestleMania. Triple H was thrilled with this news and made fun of Rollins for making a deal with the devil nearly three years ago. HHH noted that Rollins knew what he signed up for and reaped the benefits of being by his side.

·        Hunter told Rollins to get over being used and spit out and move on with his life. In fact, he warned his former protégé to skip WrestleMania or run the risk of never being seen in a WWE ring again.

·        Rollins was defiant and vowed to be WrestleMania. It might be his last night in a WWE ring, but he would make sure it was HHH’s last night as well.

·        The interview portion of the segment between Seth Rollins and Corey Graves was not very good. Rollins took too many pregnant pauses which caused the crowd to go into business for themselves. Most of the fans shut down the small cluster of CM Punk chants. It was out of place and disrespectful. The scripting should have featured less exposition and got to the point, but the crowd didn’t help matters by being halfway dead or chanting things out of boredom.

·        The backstage interview setting utilized by Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar in recent weeks would have worked better with Triple H’s response coming at the end to quell the crowd noise.

·        However, I can’t completely blame the fans’ tepid reaction because Rollins’ babyface run has been hit and miss. Rollins was a spoiled brat who got rejected by his father figure. His remorse should have kicked in months ago. The fans would be more sympathetic to his plight if he owned up to his shortcomings, but he was a little late coming to that revelation. The CM Punk chants were still inexcusable, but the creative team hasn’t done Rollins any favors when it comes to getting him over as a face that should be admired and respected. Here’s hoping they figure things out before Mania because Triple H might be walking into the biggest show of the year as the de facto babyface due to his cult status as the Creator of NXT and all things professional wrestling. WM taking place in Orlando gives Papa Hunter the home field advantage which might hamper things on “The Get Seth Rollins Over” front.

·        The Big Show got a nice bounce back win over The Shining Stars in a two-on-one handicap match. The action was serviceable while it lasted.

·        Jack Gallagher and TJ Perkins vs. Neville and Tony Nese was decent, but the crowd was dead for the most part. Gallagher made Nese tap out to a unique leg lock submission hold as Neville teased breaking things up before walking away from his tag team partner. This did very little to hype the Cruiserweight Title match between Gallagher and Neville at Fastlane.

·        Stephanie McMahon booked Sasha Banks in a match against Nia Jax at Fastlane. The outcome might prevent Banks from being in Bayley’s corner during her Women’s Championship match against Charlotte.

·        Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro with the Uranage Slam. Cesaro injured his knee early on which allowed Joe to take advantage of the situation. The Swiss Superman put up a good fight, but The Destroyer was too much to handle on this night. The match was good, but it wasn’t meant to be great because they were positioned in the 10:30 Lull Period of Death. The fans were awake for the most part, but this bout was more about putting over the dominance of Joe instead of showcasing Cesaro.

·        After the match was over, Charly Caruso interviewed Joe on the main stage. Joe stated that he defeated a world-class grappler in Cesaro and promised to keep making examples out of him along with Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn.

·        Zayn’s music hit as Joe waited for Zayn from the main entrance way. Zayn gave Joe a dose of his own medicine by attacking him from behind. They brawl offed the stage as officials and security guards tried to break things up. Zayn dived off the stage and wiped out Joe as officials finally separated both men.

·        Zayn got a measure of revenge on Joe leading up to their bout at Fastlane. The match should be very good if they are given enough time to shine.

·        Hope sprang eternal for a brief moment when Roman Reigns speared Braun Strowman through the barricade. A random dude was inadvertently taken out as well which added to the destruction at ringside.

·        Reigns was about to sign the contract when he noticed that Strowman was on his feet. Strowman got back in the ring only for Reigns to nail him with a Superman Punch. He was about to spear the big man, but Strowman caught Reigns and rammed him into the turnbuckle which caused the ring ropes to snap. Satisfied with his handiwork, Strowman left the ring and headed backstage.

·        Despite getting laid out for the fourth week in a row, Reigns signed the contract as Raw went off the air.

·        This was a nice way to end the show. Strowman did a great job bullying Mick Foley early on by telling him to get out of the ring. He even called Foley a broken suburban dad before Foley manned up and reminded Strowman whose boss despite his tenure as Raw General Manager sinking faster than sand in an hourglass. Strowman was about to lay waste to Foley until Reigns came out.

·        Strowman and Reigns brawled at ringside and amongst the crowd which led to the spear through the barricade spot. After that, it was all Strowman as he left Reigns in a bad place heading into their match at Fastlane.

·        Strowman has been built up like an unstoppable monster in recent weeks. Reigns has had a few hope spots here and there, but he has been kept in check for a full month. Will the streak continue on Sunday? If WWE is smart, Strowman vs. Reigns will end via count out or disqualification. Strowman should be kept strong heading into WrestleMania. Reigns can save face by getting his licks in, but he shouldn’t be the conquering hero in this situation. Perhaps The Undertaker’s Gong will provide the perfect distraction leading up to their presumed match at WM. Let’s hope my theory checks out because Strowman should remain undefeated heading into the Showcase of the Immortals. Anything less would be asinine.

·        Overall, I thought tonight’s episode of Raw was middling. The show lacked a certain spark and buzz that comes with a final broadcast before a PPV. The promo segment between Kevin Owens and Goldberg hyping their Universal Championship match was so-so while Rollins’ interview and subsequent showdown with Triple H was decent at best.

·        The third hour wasn’t the surprise savior this week as all three hours dragged with the exception of the contract signing featuring Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. The wrestling action was okay, but nothing special. It should be noted that the Raw crew just got back from a four-day tour in Germany which might explain why things felt a little off. The Green Bay crowd was lukewarm, but they weren’t given much to sink their teeth into in terms of excitement outside of Goldberg and Triple H appearing live in the flesh.

·        Fastlane should be a very good show with a few twists and turns thrown in heading into the home stretch on the Road to WrestleMania. Let’s hope WWE has a nice rebound after tonight’s ho-hum show.

On that note, this wraps up another edition of The Raw Exposé.  I hope you enjoyed it and I will back tomorrow night with a brand new installment of The SmackDown Files. See you later, boys and girls! 

Comic Book Review: Justice League of America #1

By: Jerry Montgomery
February 22, 2016

Justice League of America  #1
“The Extremists, Part 1”

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Ivan Reis

Batman has been in many versions of The Justice League and seems, has always been at odds with them and more often than not,  has led to his departure from the League…or Leagues? Anyway, Batman has never seemed to stick around but this time may be different. For Batman, the stakes this time will be different. You see, he’s forming the JLA, hand picking its members to form a new kind of team. A team more grounded and more inspirational to the people they have sworn to protect. Its all about new beginnings and new futures.

Batman, believing that this new Justice League of America should no longer consist of “gods” looking down at  the powerless, wishes to recruit a team of “mortals” instead. Heroes that could inspire people to rise up and become heroes themselves.  In the previous issue, Justice League of America #1, Batman assembled the team, recruiting each member for their specific talents or attributes. Some, he’s even had to play on their egos. In the end, a new team is ready to follow Batman. Killer Frost or just Frost now, the ex-villain, now reformed and given a chance at redemption. Black Canary, one time lover and often ally to Green Arrow, agrees to join to be the team's conscience. There’s also the main man himself, Lobo, the intergalactic biker bounty hunter, homage to the likes of the Punisher and Wolverine and favorite DC character of Stan Lee. Rounding out the team is The Ray, the new Atom and Vixen, the model turned superhero, once meant to be the first female African American to have her own title. It seems like an unlikely group but Batman thinks these heroes  are the ones best to embody this new Justice League of his.

Issue #1 opens up with just another day for the JLA as all the members are off battling threats or fixing up the new headquarters known as the Sanctuary. Each member can answer a call without being far away from the rest of the group as each holds a “teleportation” tablet to assemble quickly if needed. That’s  something they can all use when a new threat emerges in Saratoga, NY in the form of a group of super powered interdimensional aliens known as The Extremists that teleports to this world. Their intentions? To save the Earth from a destruction that claimed their own world. And how do they plan to do this? Why rule over us, of course! Thus ensues a battle for the planet when Batman and his fledgling JLA turn up to challenge them. Can Batman and his team of “mortal” heroes hope to defeat these gods from afar? You’ll have to read this one to find out!

The Verdict: If you’re a fan of the JLA or just team books, now’s the time to get on board with issue 1 with this one. Though technically, this is the second issue in this new Rebirth since each Rebirth title has two number 1 issues with the first serving as an introduction. JLA is written by longtime DC writer, Steve Orlando, so the story is entertaining though the plot may be harkening back too soon to similar tales such as the Forever Evil crossover series from a few years back about invading super beings bent on taking over the world. Artist, Ivan Reis does a good job on the penciling by providing good detail in his panels from facial expressions and all the way to the soles of character’s boots. All in all, a nice looking book with plenty of Batman present to draw a good fanbase to offset most of these lesser known characters that always seem to show up in these sort of team books. On the upside however, writers can be a bit more daring in writing and shaping these less used heroes.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore”

This time on Rebels Recap we will discuss the most recent episode of Star Wars Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore.”  The episode centers around Sabine and her family which allows audiences to learn more about the character’s past and where the new journey leads.  An episode filled with betrayal, family, battles, and a surprising conclusion makes for a great episode.  So, without further a due let’s begin the recap and from this moment on SPOILER ALERT is in effect.

The episode starts with Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, Chopper, and Fenn Rau on a mission to gain Mandalore support in the rebellion. They arrive on a planet called Krownest which is where her clan's stronghold is located.   Not sure if the welcoming party will be a positive one Sabine mentions they may be shot out of the sky, which sheds some light on this estranged family dynamic.  They are shoot down even though she tells them who she is and the ships crash lands onto the planet.  To keep an element of surprise Fenn Rau keeps hidden on the ship.

While Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan depart from the ship, they encounter her clan and Sabine’s brother, Tristan.  They are escorted to the stronghold to meet their leader and her mother, Ursa Wren.  Who immediately orders they be thrown into cells but is stopped when Sabine unleashes the Darksaber. She is granted an audience with her mother along with Ezra and Kanan if they surrender the lightsabers.  To avoid further violence, they give up the lightsabers and are brought into the stronghold.

Sabine can talk one on one with her mother about the past and what the future could hold if Mandalore joins the rebellion.  We learn that Ursa Wren was happy Sabine left because it kept her safe and that unfortunately, their clan did suffer from Sabine’s actions. Her father is imprisoned on Mandalore, and her clan is at the bottom of the leader board.  To keep some honor for their clan Tristian works with the Empire under Gar Saxon.

Sabine understands but believes she has the solution for her clan and the people of Mandalore by finding the right leader and joining the rebellion. She hands her mother the Darksaber as a token of good will and her faith in her and joins her brother in sparring match which is something they used to do in the past.  At first, I was a little surprised; she handed the Darksaber off so quickly after spending an entire episode training. But she was made it cleared that she does not want to lead but she will find the right person to lead and help her people against the Empire.
Ursa Wren sends a transmission to Gar Saxon and tells him that Sabine along with two Jedi are here and that she will keep them busy until he arrives on Krownest. Fenn Rau does over her the conversation and plans to help by retrieving Ezra and Kannan’s lightsaber along with the Darksaber. So, while Ezra and Kanan are being distracted by Ursa Wren, Sabine is being distracted by Tristian in their sparring match.

During their match, Tristan tells Sabine how difficult things been for the clan and that he has been working hard to gain back any once of respect the clan can receive.  He also lets it slipped that Gar Saxon is coming for the Jedi and Sabine runs out to help comrades against Saxon. Once he shows up Ursa Wren believes that he will keep his word and only take the Jedi leaving Sabine, but off course he betrays them and call them traitors and threatens to take them all out.

With a battle about to being Tristian decides to stand with his family and Fenn Rau makes a surprise entrance and gives the Jedi the lightsabers. The action begins, and it is Mandalorians vs. Mandalorians vs. Jedi, and it is epic.  Saxon being the absolute worst tries to shoot Ursa from behind, but Sabine steps in using Ezra lightsaber to block the attack. Fighting stops, and it becomes a fight between Sabine and Saxon for control and no one can interfere.  With one amazing move after the other Sabine wins but refuses to kill Saxon but he tries to kill her and is stopped by Ursa.

The final moments of this episode were a little sad seeing as Sabine decides to stay with her family.  She needs to find the right leader of Mandalore, save her father, and then she can rejoin the rebellion. But only when her people are united against the Empire can this union with the rebels come to fruition.  So, this won’t be the last we see of Sabine, but the next time we do see her, it could be on Mandalore.  Stay tuned Rebel fans for another episode of, Star Wars Rebels “Through Imperial Eyes,” airs tonight on Disney XD at 8:30 and see if Fulcrum is discovered by the Empire.
Photo Credit: Star Wars.com, Disney, Lucasfilm
Created by: Jasmine Yard
Here’s a preview for tonight’s episode of Star Wars Rebels: #Geektified #StarWarsRebels #StarWars #Rebels #Empire #Force #Jedi #Sith #DisneyXD

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk"

Despite Mxyzptlk’s demonstration of power, Kara rejects his offer of marriage and plans with Mon-El and J’onn to get rid of the fifth dimensional being. As Mxy goes through more dangerous means to gain Kara’s attention, Kara and Mon-El clash over how to handle him with Mon-El favoring more lethal means. He tries to take on Mxy by himself to kill the being but is forced to be rescued by Kara who agrees to marry Mxy in order to protect the city. Meanwhile, Alex wants to spend a nice Valentine’s Day date with Maggie, but Maggie snaps back at the gesture, revealing that Valentine’s Day was the day her parents kicked her out of their home. In the meantime, Winn grows closer to an alien named Lyra from the planet Starhaven after she rescues him from two thugs, though the two go through a rough patch as Lyra moves incredibly quickly.

Kara tricks Mxy into meeting at the Fortress of Solitude, once again refusing his proposal but limiting his damage from innocent people. She fights off his attacks and quickly sets an atomic cauldron to cause to the Fortress to explode, killing her inside. To stop the explosion, she informs Mxy of the code to stop the explosion, but the code turns out to be Mxyzptlk’s name backwards, the one way to send him back to the fifth dimension. Meanwhile, upon Kara’s advice, Maggie decides to make things up to Alex by giving her a fancy dress and spending Valentine’s Day together, and Winn sets up a new official date with Lynn, though she still has fast tendencies. Later on, Mon-El apologizes for his attitude to Kara, admitting that he has never felt like this before now. With no further distractions, Kara and Mon-El finally share a real kiss. 


  • Starhaven is a planet referenced in the 30th and 31st centuries of the Legion of Super Heroes.
  • Parasite makes a quick appearance fighting Kara and Mon-El.
  • During the fight with Parasite, the crowds make a reference to the classic phrase “it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!”
  • Mxy makes a number of references including ones to Superman, Aladdin, and Hamilton.
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The Flash "Attack on Gorilla City"

After Jesse informs the team about her father in Gorilla City, Barry plans to travel to Earth-2 with Caitlin, Cisco, and Julian to rescue Harry. However, outside the Gorilla City, they are quickly apprehended by Grodd who dampens Barry and Cisco’s powers from escaping. Through Harry, he orders the team to kill Solovar, the gorilla leader threatening to attack Earth-1 or risk the destruction of their world. Barry then takes part in a fight to the death against Solovar in a large arena, but, despite the order, he refuses to kill Solovar, sending himself back to the prison. There, Grodd reveals that while Solovar did not plan to attack Earth-1, he plans to himself with the gorilla population. Meanwhile, Wally and Jesse stay behind in Central City to protect the people, though Jesse seems unsure about their relationship when Wally asks her to stay on Earth-1.

Using Caitlin’s powers, the team freezes Barry to appear dead, leading Grodd to remove his body from the prison. Once out, Barry speeds, Cisco, Caitlin, Julian, and a rescued Harry out of the prison where Cisco successfully vibes them back to Earth-1. At STAR Labs, Harry rests from his encounter with Grodd and meets his other doppelganger in HR who admits to being a fraud on his Earth. Meanwhile, Jesse reveals to Wally that after what they’ve been through, she has decided to stay with him on Earth-1, leading to a kiss, and Julian, after their own adventure in Gorilla City, asks Caitlin on a date. Unfortunately, back in Gorilla City, Grodd prepares a gorilla army to invade Earth-1, using Gypsy to open the breaches. 


  • Barry references the gorilla attack on Central City as one of the headlines in the future.
  • Julian’s outfit is a homage to Indiana Jones, and he additionally makes a reference Planet of the Apes.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Self-Control"

At the base, Fitz and Simmons try to come up with a plan to escape the base as the LMD models for Coulson and Mace plan to ambush every Inhuman in their system by bringing them to the base. However, the plan grows more complicated when Simmons discovers that Fitz is also an LMD android, replaced along with Mack during the last mission. He fights her to near death, but she manages to escape just as Daisy discovers a room filled with models of her, proving her not to be an LMD. They reunite and begin to fight off the models and salvage some remaining agents to plan leave the base on the Zephyr. However, the May LMD blocks their way with a pile of explosives. Despite their predicament, she allows them to pass, aiming to take out the Coulson LMD for her own confusion of feeling alive.

In an undisclosed location, AIDA creates a new body for the Superior, leaving his mind intact to control it, and kills Radcliffe to place him inside the Framework for protection. Together, AIDA and the Superior utilize the Darkhold. Meanwhile, on the Zephyr, Simmons and Daisy decide that the only way to locate and save their team is to plug themselves into the Framework itself, though they risk themselves and their bodies in the real world by staying in too long. Inside the Framework, Daisy wakes up in a world where she is in a relationship with a still-alive Grant Ward, Coulson is an anti-Inhuman science teacher, Fitz is a science mogul, Mack keeps his daughter, Simmons is dead and buried, and May oversees a new Triskelion for Hydra. 


  • The Triskelion was previously destroyed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • Grant Ward, who was previously killed in season three, makes a quick appearance in the Framework.
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Legends of Tomorrow "Camelot/3000"

In Detroit in the year 3000, Rip Hunter fights and kills a scientist who is revealed to be Doctor Midnite of the JSA. After discovering the death, the Legends track another section of the spear to 507 Britannia where they discover the Knights of the Round Table lead by Guinevere who serve under King Arthur. Meeting King Arthur, the Legends also find his aide Merlin to really be Stargirl who reveals to have been place there by Rip Hunter after a mission in 1956 to guard a portion of the Spear of Destiny. Unfortunately, the Legion quickly take control of Arthur and several knights using future technology and threaten to destroy Camelot unless they surrender the Spear. Guinevere then leads the remaining knights to defend the kingdom while Stein and Mick attempt to reconfigure the technology to stop the soldiers. With greater pressure, Amaya attempts to steal the piece of the Spear hidden in Excalibur from her old friend.

After catching Amaya stealing the piece, Stargirl reveals that she has developed feelings for Arthur, agreeing to let Amaya and the Legends defend it as long as she can continue to protect him. Ray agrees to fight for Camelot and faces off against Darhk in the woods. Though Darhk seems to fatally shoot Ray, he survives with his ATOM armor hidden underneath medieval suit. Stein and Mick successfully reprogram the mind control technology using Mick’s intensity and free the soldiers and Arthur. Alone on the battlefield, Rip is taken by Sara back to the Waverider, despite his previous crimes. In his new cell on the Waverider, Rip is threatened by Jax should he threaten anyone else on the ship. Left alone, however, Rip takes control of Gideon.    


  • Guinevere mentions that she will miss Sara Lance “a lot,” a reference to Guinevere’s lover Lancelot.
  • Ray creates his own “saber of light” in Camelot where it is implied that he could become king.
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Arrow "The Sin-Eater"

In a prison transfer, China White, Cupid, and Lady Cop overpower their guards and escape to Star City. As Dinah is sworn into the SCPD, Quentin joins Oliver and the team in tracking the group after having a personal connection with Lady Cop. In the meantime, Susan continues her investigation of Oliver possibly being the Green Arrow, leading to Thea and Felicity hacking into her information and causing her to be fired for plagiarizing material. The team goes after the three women searching for Tobias Church’s $100 million deposit. Unfortunately, the chase after the women is made worse after the ACU turn their sights against the Green Arrow after learning about his role in Detective Malone’s death. Five years ago in Russia, Oliver and Anatoli continue to plan a way to take out Gregor, though Oliver expresses a need to return home after he helps his friend.

Oliver attempts to plead with the ACU chief to stop the hunt for the Green Arrow, but he refuses to budge in the evidence which the team believes was provided by Prometheus through his mother in Opal City. However, once Oliver and Chase explain their need to cover up the crime to protect the city from panic, the ACU joins Oliver and his team in stopping and arresting China White, Cupid, and Lady Cop. As Green Arrow, Oliver apologizes for Malone’s death and gives the chief a hint to his real identity. Lance gives a farewell to Lady Cop, who turned on Lance and the law after his work for Darhk, and gives Dinah some words of encouragement on being the new Black Canary. However, while the ACU decided to work with the Green Arrow, someone secretly leaked Oliver’s cover-up of Malone’s death to the press, a scandal that could lead to his impeachment.


  • Dinah receives an official mask in this episode.
  • China White, previously mentioned in "Bratva," makes an appearance in this episode along with Cupid from "Broken Hearts" and Lady Cop from "Beyond Redemption."
Photo Credit: DC/CW