Thursday, October 27, 2016

An Analysis of Resident Evil 7

There's not a lot to be said about Resident Evil 7 at the moment as they've been very vague and hush hush about the specifics and what this game has to do with the RES universe as a whole. 

What we do know though is that this one has a different style than any previous Resident Evil game, taking on the 1st person perspective. There was at one time a Resident Evil game that was 1st person but we won't talk about that one. Never talk about that one. Anyway, the fact that the franchise has decided to take a stylistic turn is in our opinion, a good thing. Just play Res Evil 6 and you'll know that it needed a makeover again. 

Gathering several sources, what we can also piece together is that this game has a more subtle story and less about zombies. Not entirely sure if it has anything to do with the T-Virus yet, but all will be revealed. From what we see in the playable demos and clips, it seems that we're dealing with a demented family of cannibals. Whether they're infected in some way, we don't know. 

That leads me to the first demo. A lot of you have probably played it but for those who have not, let's talk (and we understand the demo is not in the actual game). First, it definitely has a supernatural element to it, something that most of the Resident Evil franchise hasn't dabbled in. Second, it seems the environment is much different than previous games that fans are familiar with. We're talking Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque atmosphere. 

Now for some of the clips and trailers. Not much is given here, but they gave us a look at the combat system which feels Res Evil and doesn't at the same time. It's clunky and difficult to use, which will assuredly make it more intense. From this same clip, we also know that enemies do not die so easily. 

In terms of plot there's very little, but the protagonist is named Ethan and he searches for his wife in a manor (not much unlike Res Evil). 

All I can say at this point is we are excited to check out the new Resident Evil when it hits stores in January. 

By David White

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