Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Steps into Shadow Part 1 & 2”

The wait was over and the new season has started, and it did not disappoint. The episode divulges straight into the characters and stories we have eagerly waited to see this season. The two-part episode introduces Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Bendu in such a way that keeps us wanting more.  This episode gives us but a taste of what is to come with new characters and the ongoing struggle between light and dark in the galaxy and within our main protagonist, Ezra Bridger. CAUTION readers SPOILERS are approaching ahead.

The episode begins with the ghost crew, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper breaking out an old friend and that friend being Hondo Ohnaka. Right away we can tell that Ezra is in command and seems to be stronger in the force, but a little reckless as well. His light saber technique is impressive but when he used the force to control a walker that causes it and Stormtroopers to jump into an abyss that was pretty dark for a Jedi.  Our protagonist is skating dangerously close to the dark side. While his mentor and master Kanan still not over losing his sight has become isolated and has left Ezra vulnerable and seeking advice from someone or something else. Ezra is seeking strength to protect his friends and is looking for them in the wrong places like the Sith Holocron.

The Sith Holocron is speaking to him and sounds a lot like Talzin, the leader of the Night Sisters. Time will tell if that theory rings true we will just have to wait and see. Thankfully Kanan found out that Ezra has been using the Sith Holocron and his dilemma with Ezra and himself leads him to the Bendu.  A creature that was in a deep slumber in the planet that is now rebel base and has awoken to help Kanan find balance.
The Bendu helps Kanan see not physically but emotionally by knowing himself to understand him and those around him.  Everything that the Bendu spoke on was so deep, especially when he mentions that objects cannot change you it’s your choice. I can’t wait to see more of this character I believe he has lots to teach Kanan and Ezra. The Bendu wasn’t the only one to make a grand entrance. Grand Admiral Thrawn came on the screen like a boss and seemed to rub particular character a certain way with his recent promoted rank. I just want to geek out over that dissolve with Grand Admiral Thrawn where his red eyes loom over the planet. This news antagonist promises to be the best in that he brings something new to this already great show.
The aftermath of this show brings us a new antagonist Grand Admiral Thrawn who allowed a small victory by letting the rebels escape with the y-wings which means he knows exactly where and how to hurt them and those losses will be serve just wait and see. Kanan gave the Bendu the Sith Holocron. Ezra nearly died by being utterly reckless and depending on anger to make him stronger. Ezra still has more to learn from Kanan and needs to leave the Sith Holocron alone. Hopefully, he realizes it before it’s too late.  Ezra and Kanan have seemed to reconcile and hopefully will remain together helping each other to heal and become stronger with the light side of the force. The next episode airs tonight and Darth Maul is back and will probably bring trouble to our beloved ghost crew, but I can’t wait to see what else unfolds. So watch tonight at 8:30 Star Wars Rebels, “The Holocrons Fate,” on Disney XD.
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