Friday, October 21, 2016

Comic Book Review: Cyborg #3

By: Jerry Montgomery
October 18, 2016

Cyborg #3
“The Imitation of Life, Pt. 3”

Writer: John Semper Jr.
Pencils and Inks : Will Conrad

Issue #3, The Imitation of Life, Pt. 3, begins with a furious battle between Darkseid and the Justice League. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash and oh yeah, Cyborg. Now wait a minute! Isn’t this supposed to be a review of Cyborg #3? Yeah, I know, I had to flip back to the front cover too to make sure I had the right title. Was I the victim of some crazed comic book conspiracy? A printing shop mishap?  As I read on, it all became clear. Its all part of Cyborg’s memories…but twisted.

Cyborg, former member of the Teen Titans and now founding member of the Justice League is now in this Rebirth incarnation, more machine than he ever was. His nano-tech powers and boom tube abilities are still present and a new abilty is revealed within S.T.A.R. labs that enables him to walk amongst other people without standing out like a sore thumb. Providing he can maintain his concentration to do so. The character of Sarah Charles, a scientist at the lab has carried over from past editions and assists him in running diagnostics tests on his memories which seem to be a big problem in this issue, especially after his battle with the machine, Kilg%re in issues #1 and 2. Out on the town, Vic (Cyborg), meets an important person from his past that he cannot remember, which prompts an angry Cyborg to confront his scientist father for messing with his head.

Unfortunately, his father is not at the lab and instead, another scientist, Dr. Morrow must answer Cyborg’s questions about the gaps in his memories, learning things that do not sit well with him. Dr. Morrow agrees to help him regain what he has lost and in doing so, throws Cyborg into a nightmare, just as what happened earlier with Dr. Charles.  Cyborg goes on a rampage in a nightmare induced state with no one able to stop him. At the end of the issue, an unknown villain emerges behind this new crisis.

The Verdict: This is a good issue since its still early on in the start of this Rebirth reboot of a fan favorite character with a back story that reaches far back. Especially  if you’re jumping on board now. It is a classic story of man struggling to maintain his humanity while immersed in an artificial shell. There’s plenty of mystery and lots of questions that need answering to keep even the most demanding comic reader interested.

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