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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Welcome to Earth"

The man throws Kara off and quickly escapes the DEO. While the DEO quickly begins investigating the escapee, Kara prepares to meet with the President of the United States in National City as she prepares to sign an alien amnesty act. Just as the president arrives, however, an alien threat appears to try and attack her. As Alex and J’onn begin to investigate, Alex meets with local officer Maggie Sawyer who seems to have her own knowledge and experience with alien beings. Despite the attack, the president is more forceful in implemented her act, just as Lena Luthor plans to unveil her latest device for detecting aliens in plain sight. Unfortunately, with the blasts at the attack matching a Kryptonian laser beam, Kara fears the mysterious man may be responsible for the attack.

Maggie later introduces Alex to a secret alien bar, where aliens unveil their true selves without fear of judgement. In the meantime, Winn locates the man trying to contact his actual home world of Daxam, a sister planet to Krypton that shares a rough history together. Kara apprehends the alien named Mon-El who emphasizes that he did not attack the president and only wanted to contact his home, which Kara later admits was destroyed from Krypton’s decimation. The alien responsible once again attacks the president, taking Sawyer hostage. Recognizing the alien from the bar, Alex returns and gathers intel from the bartender regarding her location. Together, Alex and Kara rescue Sawyer and stop the rogue alien. Things begin to return to normal, though the president appears to shift forms in private. J’onn himself tests out the bar only to shock the bartender who reveals herself to be M’Gann Morzz, the last daughter of Mars.

  • When Supergirl is covered in flames, she does a twirl to put out the fire that’s not unlike the famous twirl conducted by Wonder Woman Lynda Carter who appears in this episode.
  • The president refers to her “other jet” when remarking on Air Force One. Could this be a reference to Wonder Woman’s invisible jet?
  • Maggie Sawyer is also one of the first characters in both Marvel and DC to come out as homosexual, and she seems to have her eyes on Alex.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "The New Rogues"

Three years ago, Sam Scudder and his girlfriend Rosalyn met up with Leonard Snart to go over a deal which ending once the particle accelerator exploded, leaving Scudder trapped in a mirror. He remerges once again searching for Snart, causing chaos with his powers for anyone in his way. Meanwhile, Barry continues to train Jesse who is excelling at her speed but having trouble navigating her surroundings. As the team begins their search for Scudder, Harry also assists Caitlin and Cisco in searching the multiverse for a replacement Harrison Wells. In the meantime, Iris and Barry struggle to keep up their new relationship while Barry continues to live with Joe. Eventually, Barry and Jesse find Scudder, now dubbed the Mirror Master, after he springs Rosalyn, dubbed Top, from prison, but their confrontation is cut short when Scudder tosses Barry into a mirror.

Caitlin secretly uses her new powers to free Barry from the mirror, allowing him and Jesse to face off once again against Mirror Master and the Top. As Jesse takes care of Top, Barry successfully traps Scudder in a mirror loop, allowing the CCPD to take him into custody. After their victory, Harry and Jesse take their leave back home to Earth-2 (after Jesse and Wally share a brief kiss) as Caitlin and Cisco successfully discover a replacement Wells: a more fun-loving genius from Earth-19 known as HR. Along with these changes, Barry also decides to move out of the West House to allow him a separate space to be with Iris, and a local CCPD officer named Cecile shows her own interest in Joe. Unknown to the others, however, Caitlin struggles with her new powers after freezing a shower head and displaying white hair like Killer Frost.

  • In the comics, Rosalyn Dillon was originally Roscoe Dillon, also known as the Top.
  • The building where Mirror Master gets his powers is labelled Broome Industial, named after John Broome who created the character.
Photo Credit: DW/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Lockup"

After Lucy contacts Joseph, Coulson learns from Joseph that she is searching for the Darkhold at the same place they found it. Once he dies, however, Coulson and Mack are forced to break Morrow out of prison to continue their search. For the mission, they recruit May and Daisy who sports a new pair of gauntlets to help stabilize her powers, but Robbie insists on joining to find his uncle. Though the team doubts him with his shaky grasp on the Ghost Rider, Daisy defends him as he is the only one who can harm the ghosts. Meanwhile, Simmons is forced to undergo her latest lie detector test after discovering Daisy and Fitz’s secrets, but she is later excused after the Director requests her help to take part in a news debate against Senator Nadeer over the recent Inhuman developments. Unfortunately, Lucy infiltrates the jail searching for Morrow herself, driving the officers insane and setting the prisoners free.

Robbie tries to retrieve his uncle after Mack is infected, but he is then distracted after encountering the gang leader of the group who shot at his brother. Although the man states someone else ordered the hit, Robbie turns into Ghost Rider to take his vengeance. In his absence, however, Lucy kidnaps Morrow and forces him to interpret the Darkhold. The team returns to the base where Daisy reminds May that she is only staying until she completes an operation for her arms. After that, she will leave again. Simmons successfully navigates through the Director’s debate until he then chooses to reveal to the world that he is an Inhuman. While he gains in approval, Simmons reveals that she noticed a shift in his behavior when talking about his heroics in Vienna. Though he lets Simmons slide through her lie detector tests with that information, the senator herself admits her knowledge of the truth as well as SHIELD’s relationship with Quake and Ghost Rider. With that leverage, she asks the Director for a favor. 

  • If you look in the basement where Lucy and Joseph find the Darkhold, you can spot a flyer for the Quentin Carnival, the same place former Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze got his start.
  • Director Jeffery Mace apparently became a popular face after rescuing victims during the U.N. explosion Captain America: Civil War. Or did he?
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "Penance"

After another blown operation, Oliver forces the team to take a break, though Rory announces his leave upon discovering Felicity’s involvement in Havenrock’s destruction. In this time, Oliver plans with Lyla to help break Diggle out of prison with the help of a stolen anti-molecular compound. Though neither Felicity nor Diggle agree with the plan, Oliver and Lyla work together to sneak out Diggle as the team works with Lance and Chase to take down Church’s latest plan. After investigating Church’s men, they soon discover that he is now targeting the Anti-Crime Unit in Star City. Despite her reservations, Felicity attempts to mend the rift with Rory. Meanwhile, five years ago, Anatoly helps Oliver interrogate one of Kovar’s men in a Russian prison. After collecting an IP address, Oliver kills the man inside the prison, earning him a place in the Bratva.

Church and his gang then attack the ACU after Chase captures one of his men. Felicity is hesitant to send to team to rescue him, but Rory returns, inspired by her reaching out, and convinces the others to fight back against Church. Together, the team rescues Chase and the police until Curtis is stabbed. Ramirez stays behind to fight off the crowd to let the group escape. Although the others want to rescue him, Felicity orders them to retreat with Lance in an escape van. Oliver and Lyla successfully retrieve Diggle from the prison and smuggle him into a warehouse as he hides out being an escaped fugitive. Although Oliver understands the hard choice to leave Ramirez behind, he maintains that he and the team will help retrieve their friend. 

  • Adrian Chase makes some curious statements about vigilantes. Could this be hinting at his own Vigilante destiny?
  • Curtis and Evelyn are officially referred to as Mr. Terrific and Artemis respectively.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Legends of Tomorrow "Shogun"

Vixen, also known as Amaya, sneaks onto the Waverider, intent on finding the “time traveler” responsible for Rex Tyler’s death. She’s only stopped by a reawakening Heywood who discovers his body to form a steel-like substance because of Ray’s formula. With these new abilities, he trains with Ray to control them as Sara tries to calm Amaya down from attacking them. However, while training, Heywood is tossed out of the ship with Ray following him landing somewhere in the time stream. Sara, Amaya, and Rory then search for the Legends as Jax and Stein fix the ship as it lands in feudal Japan. There, Ray is captured by Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu’s men as the Shogun desires Ray’s suit for himself. Meanwhile, Heywood is tended to by a woman named Masako and her father and soon learns that Masako is engaged to the murderous figure. Heywood attempts to fight for her freedom but finds his powers have abandoned him.

Fortunately, Sara, Amaya, and Rory track down Ray through the ATOM suit but are forced to fight the Shogun and his men as their leader has stolen the suit. They rescue Ray, but their only solution to rescue the village is to destroy his own suit. Masako’s father gives Ray his son’s armor to take on the Shogun himself in a final battle. While the fight seems impossible, Ray, Masako, and a newly powered Heywood succeed in defeating the Shogun and destroying the suit. Sara, Amaya, and Rory defeat the army of ninjas, and Amaya agrees to stay with the team to search for Rex’s killer. Meanwhile, as Jax and Stein repair the ship, they discover a secret compartment once monitored by Rip. After looking inside, they find a recorded message from Barry Allen who warns Rip not to disclose the message to the rest of the team. In light of this knowledge, they hide the message from the others.

  • Heywood inadvertently refers to his own name when describing himself as "Citizen Steel."
  • Masako is revealed to be of the Yamashiro clan, the same clan of Arrow's Tatsu Yamashiro and her husband Maseo the former who eventually becomes Katana.  
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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