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Everything to Know for Supergirl Season 2

Years ago, Kara Zor-El was sent with her cousin Kal-El to escape a destructive Krypton on a new world. However, her pod was knocked off course into the Phantom Zone where she spent twenty-four years in stasis. When she arrived on Earth, she found Kal-El to have grown to become Superman. He takes her to the Danvers, Jeremiah, Eliza, and Alex where she lives the next twelve years as an ordinary human. As Kara Danvers, she works as the assistant to Cat Grant of CatCo in National City where she works by her friend Winn Schott and former Daily Planet photographer James Olson.

After a plane carrying Alex threatens to crash, Kara ultimately reveals herself as the cousin of Superman by using her powers to save her sister. With her identity and abilities now public, Kara decides to take on the mantle as Supergirl, recruiting Winn and James to help develop her standing as a superhero. With Supergirl in the public, Alex reveals to her sister that she is, in fact, an agent of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations or DEO lead under Director Hank Henshaw. After learning about the organization, Kara decides to work with the DEO to stop alien outbreaks from the prison Fort Rozz, which also escaped from the Phantom Zone with Kara.

Over time, Kara develops Supergirl into the hero of National City under Cat Grant’s publicity, earning her the praise of ordinary citizens and the wrath of alien enemies.  More importantly, she finds herself forced to fight Kryptonian prisoners of Fort Rozz including her aunt Astra and her husband Non in their effort to conquer the planet, leading to the distrust of notable billionaire Maxwell Lord. Meanwhile, Alex begins to distrust Hank Henshaw after learning he was the last person to see her father alive after forcing him to join the DEO. In addition, Kara grows closer to James despite his growing reconciliation with his ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane.

Eventually, Alex discovers that the Hank Henshaw she knows is actually an alien survivor known as J’onn J’onzz who shapeshifted into Hank Henshaw after the director aimed to kill him. Jeremiah, prior to his death, saved the alien’s life. In the continuing struggle against the Kyrptonians, however, Alex is forced to kill Astra, despite her relation to Kara, leading Non to swear vengeance. The reveal of J’onn forces him and Alex on the run from their own organization, but, before they leave, they learn that Jeremiah has actually survived all these years and is being held by a secret organization known as Project Cadmus.

Non then activates a Krptonian program known as Myriad which implements mind control on everyone in National City save for Supergirl, Cat Grant, and Maxwell Lord thanks to his own technology. In the face of total defeat, Lord develops a plan to destroy the program and the Kryptonians by setting off an atomic bomb but at the expense of thousands of lives. Although Supergirl considers the plan, Cat encourages her to hold onto her hope for a better plan.

When Alex and J’onn return to help Supergirl, they are quickly apprehended and beaten by the Kryptonian forces who take Alex captive. Using the Myriad technology, Non forces Supergirl to fight her sister as revenge for Astra’s death. Just as Alex is about to kill Kara, J’onn returns with her mother Eliza who manages to pull her daughter out of the program. Inspired by this, Supergirl broadcasts a message of hope to the city which breaks the Myriad hold of the city.

However, Non activates another plan with Myriad program by increasing the frequency, which would effectively kill every human in National City. Supergirl and J’onn take to fight him directly at Fort Rozz. Although they ultimately win, the Myriad program cannot be stopped inside Fort Rozz. With no other choice, Supergirl flies the entire prison into space, effectively sacrificing herself to save the planet. Fortunately, Alex quickly uses Kara’s original pod to rescue Supergirl in space.

Things then return back to normal in National City. Despite being an alien, J’onn is reinstated as director of the DEO. In the meantime, Kara receives a promotion from Cat at CatCo, gaining a position in the company. Kara and her friends then celebrate their victory as Kara and James finally consummate their relationship by kissing. However, their celebration is interrupted by a pod crashing outside the city. Kara and J’onn leave to examine the crash, discovering the pod to match the Kryptonian one Kara used to fly to Earth. Kara opens the pod and is surprised by what she finds.

Season Two

To begin with, the figure in the pod turns out to be Mon-El, another superhero from the planet Daxam who has all of Supergirl’s powers. In his history, he befriends Superboy (in this case Supergirl) and initially believes himself to be a fellow Kryptonian. However, he eventually regains his memories upon discovering that he is not immune to Kryptonite and instead suffers from lead poisoning. With his arrival on a Kryptonian ship, it’s entirely possible for the show to follow this story as a new hero comes to National City.

In addition to Mon-El, season two includes a batch of new characters including Snapper Carr, Lena Luthor, Maggie Sawyer, and a mystery man named Nick Farrow. What’s more interesting is the majority of these additional characters seem to have deeper stories in the Superman mythology. In other words, not only will we likely see deeper stories with these characters, but we may also see an expansion of this universe as we know it. There can be so much more than just Supergirl and Superman in this Earth.

Speaking of which, this season will introduce the much-anticipated appearance of Superman as well as the first live-action version of Miss Martian. While Superman may only have a short appearance, Miss Martian will likely have her own arc with J’onn. As mentioned earlier, this could be used as a fine expansion of the universe, but this could have more specific goals. For one thing, the role of Miss Martian to J’onn could perfectly parallel the relationship that will develop between Kara and Mon-El, that of the heroes becoming mentors. In addition, while Legends of Tomorrow might have the Justice Society, Supergirl might get the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Of course, there is still the issue of Project Cadmus, represented by a new character known as the Doctor. Project Cadmus has a long history of less-than-good qualities, and a secret organization against the world’s most popular superhero can only spell trouble. In this show, Project Cadmus can also provide a healthy set of alien or mutant enemies who could fight against National City, especially the DNAliens. Most importantly, this is the last surviving location of Jeremiah Danvers. Be prepared to see him again.

Season two is sure to have a host of new characters and stories way behind what happened in season one. Hopefully, the show can balance both stories in a way that can do both Superman and Supergirl justice.   

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