Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Review: Dark Knight the Master Race #6

Review: Dark Knight the Master Race #6
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
19 October 2016

Don't let the page numbers discourage you from this one. “Dark Knight the Master Race: Book Six,” by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, and artist Andy Kubert is a great comic. There's not much dialogue, so this comic goes by quick. Kubert does a great job with the visuals of this comic. One of the things that I enjoyed was Batman and Superman teaming up. I do like both characters and seeing them both in action is very eye catching to me (we're not going to mention the movie Batman vs. Superman though). The first appearance of Superman, I had to do a double take to make sure it was him. The S on his chest and the red cape will always give him away.

The ending of this comic makes me wish that this one was just a little bit longer. We know that Bruce is human, so he can't live forever. However, he's Batman. Killing off Batman is unlawful. I'm curious to see what is going to happen to Bruce, if he's going to live or if he's going to die. It wouldn't surprise me if Clark knows a way to save him (without breaking his promise to bring him to a hospital).

The Verdict: This is a great comic for visuals. If you're looking for a comic with a lot of dialogue, this isn't the one for you. If you enjoy reading comics where Superman and Batman work together, I recommend this comic. The cliffhanger will make you want the next issue ASAP. 

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