Monday, October 24, 2016

Recognizing Battlefield 1 as More Than a Shooter

Many of you are waiting to see reviews before you pick up a copy of Battlefield 1, wondering if it'll be worth the $60. I'm here to tell you that it's absolutely worth the price. Not just for the simple, yet fresh multiplayer, but the campaign is actually well developed and thought out.

When you first start the game, you can tell that the developers wanted this game to mean something. When shooters are headed more toward future warfare, they did something that hasn't been done before, using a war that is rarely discussed outside of high school history class.

The game makes sure that you understand the gravity of the first world war with historical facts and first person observation of the hellish landscape that is World War 1. They immediately introduce the senselessness of war in a way that has never been done in video game history. Instead of saying that war is costly, it just shows you in the first campaign mission. Chaos surrounds you on every side as soldiers get close and personal in brutal combat. The imagery and narration threaded throughout the campaign delicately reminds us of the vulnerability of human life and the power of camaraderie. It's a heavy subject to tackle and Battlefield does so effectively.

As for multiplayer; in today's time we are all acclimated to shooters have customizable gameplay and weapons within multiplayer, allowing for players to get the edge on their opponents. Battlefield 1 does not do that. They give everyone access to the same weapons with minimal customizations, remaining true and accurate to the time period. Basically, everyone's on the same playing field. The only real way to get the edge on someone is to use strategy. A war game where you have to use tactics? Who would've thought, right? This gives the game more depth to its multiplayer by simplifying and bringing everyone down to the same level. This may sound boring, but it's honestly one of the most intriguing multiplayer games I've ever played.

Finally, Battlefield has added a new game type for multiplayer that plays more like a board game than anything. Yes, you're running around with your rifle shooting at things, but you have to be careful, because you only get so many lives before you lose the campaign. The game type takes you through several maps with historical context given to you between each, adding more weight to what you're doing. Your side runs out of lives? That's it. Everything you fought for over the course of the long campaign is over.

Overall, Battlefield 1 is a classic war game that is equal parts game and history lesson. Although there is some creative license that they take with the historical accuracy, they only use this to keep the gameplay interesting. Outside of that they feed you facts that get people talking about a war that was supposed to end all wars, but as we know it only caused the way we fight each
other to evolve. Take the time to check out Battlefield 1 this fall. We guarantee an amazing experience.

By David White

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