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Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “The Holocrons Fate”

This episode mended relationships and revealed secrets that lead us to even more questions. It is still early in the season so not having those answers yet is satisfying. It keeps us in suspense and guessing for the entire season, and till bit by bit, everything falls into place.  This episode also revealed more about our characters old and new.
Reveals like force mind reading being a Sith power but was also used by Rey in Star Wars: Force Awakens and I’m pretty sure she’s not a Sith. This power is called a mind probe ability used by those strong in the Force, and Darth Maul falls into that category. Let’s discuss the episode and be warned SPOILERS ahead.
The episode begins with Ezra and Kanan finding out that Darth Maul has returned and has kidnapped the Ghost and its crew.  He asks for the Sith and Jedi Holocron in exchange for the safety of the ghost crew. The only problem there is that the Sith Holocron was given to the Bendu for safety and now they must ask for it back. Ezra is regretting trusting Darth Maul and revealing that Kanan had a Jedi Holocron in the first place. This episode builds on old wounds left by Darth Maul both physically and emotionally.  There is no one better than the Bendu to help Kanan and Ezra find balance and healing.

Kanan and Ezra both arrive at the spot where he met the Bendu, and it is revealed that the Sith Holocron is hidden in a cave. The cave has lots of twists and turns that only Kanan could figure out; because he hears and senses the Sith Holocron.  Unfortunately, Ezra refuses his master help and ignores the Bendu plead that only together can this task be accomplished. Soon after Ezra enters the cave, the spider creatures sense his fear and are about to attack and Kanan sensing Ezra is in trouble heads into the cave to help guide him.  When they meet up, Ezra immediately apologizes for what happen to Kanan believing that Kanan lost his sight because of his actions. Kanan assures him that he never blamed him and Ezra hugs him which was the sweetest scene ever between the two characters.

The Bendu makes a comment about them surviving or dying, and he is neutral on the matter but once he senses that they are pulling through he smiles. I thought that was interesting that the Bendu was relieved and even happy that Kanan and Ezra found balance.  Before they set off to rescue their friends, the Bendu tells them of Darth Maul intentions to use both holocrons to have any question he seeks answered and that Kanan or Ezra will be able to do the same.  The Bendu also warns them about the danger of knowing a secret that tries hard to stay kept.  We will see the repercussions of knowing the secret later on in the season.
Once they reach Darth Maul, he immediately splits Kanan and Ezra up and tries to kill Kanan by pushing him out into space. Kanan survives and is proving that the loss of sight has made him more powerful because he sees more without seeing. Darth Maul ordered the ghost crew killed while he and Ezra combine the two holocrons. Kanan saves the ghost crew and rushes to save Ezra from learning something he can never forget.
A blast of light comes from the holocrons and blinds everyone but Kanan who can see Ezra and Darth Maul through the light. Once the light subsides Darth Maul escapes to a ship and repeats “he’s alive, he still lives.”  Who is Darth Maul seeking? Obi-Wan Kenobi perhaps in hopes to have revenge or maybe his brother. I’m sure the season will reveal what he seeks and that promises to be fascinating.  The episode ends with Ezra left with answers to defeating the Sith needing further deciphering. So stay tuned for more secrets revealed this season on Star Wars Rebels.
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