Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: Aquaman #8

Review: Aquaman #8
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
5 October 2016

“Unstoppable,” by Dan Abnett and artist Scot Eaton, takes the reader on a ride with both Aquaman and Mera. Mera is with the widows, starting her series of ritual trials she agreed to do before she married Aquaman, while Aquaman is fighting a monster. I'm not sure who has it worst, Mera or Aquaman. The Widows are definitely not giving Mera an easy time and they're making her stay there until she completes these said trails. Even though they say that she can leave on her own free will, they also mention that if she leaves she will be seen as weak and would not be able to marry Aquaman (meaning she has to stay).
Meanwhile, Aquaman is fighting this monster that doesn't want to destroy Atlantis, it wants to get to the surface. Of course, Aquaman doesn't know that and in the meantime this monster is disturbing the city that he has been made king of. His job is to protect the people of Atlantis and this is exactly what he is trying to do. The next issue should be interesting, considering that this monster is heading to land and also to see what kind of trails The Widows have for Mera.

The Verdict: Even though Mera and Aquaman are apart, they're still experiencing a challenge that they have to overcome alone. I'm curious to see who is going to defeat their “enemy” first. Even though this monster isn't after Aquaman and his city, Aquaman isn't just going to let this monster destroy the towns that are on land.

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