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The Geekcap: Supergirl "The Adventures of Supergirl"

Kara and J’onn attempt to stop a falling ship, diverting it away from the city. On the ground, she then opens the Kryptonian pod to find a sleeping man. The two transfer him to a new location for the DEO, something Kara is shocked to know that exists without her knowing. Alex tries to investigate the man on his alien origins, but his body prevents them from checking on his vitals. Kara believes that this proves his Kryptonian origins, but J’onn warns that this only proves his alien origins, ones that could prove dangerous for Earth. To help with the investigation, the DEO recruits Winn, who has been reading up on the Kryptonian language and technology. However, J’onn doubts his skills in light of his team of experts.

In the meantime, Kara confides in Alex that she is planning her first date with James following everything that has happened. Alex, however, notices Kara’s nervousness under her eagerness and wonders what she has to worry from her date. Before they can go further, Kara receives a text from Cat Grant, despite no longer being her assistant.

At CatCo, Cat demands to have an answer from Kara regarding Kara’s new position. Kara argues that she has only had twelve hours to consider her deal, sleeping most of that time. Despite that, Kara describes taking an online career quiz, placing her skills best suited for the marketing department. Nevertheless, Cat considers the choice pathetic, telling Kara that she is searching for a job rather than a calling. With this in mind, Cat gives Kara two more days to consider her new path. Before Kara leaves, Cat speaks with her new assistant Miss Teschmacher, who is already struggling at the job. Kara still encourages Cat to get used to her new assistant.

Kara: I got bit by a bat!

Back at her apartment, Kara nervously prepares for her first date with James. After trying multiple dresses, she finally welcomes James who is also nervous and excited about their first date. Being unsure at their date, James brought an option of pizza and pot stickers, her favorite combination. Sensing her interest, he also persuades her to turn on the news for the launch of Venture, the first commercial space travel system.

As the ship takes off, its oscillator suddenly explodes. The news quickly broadcasts across the area, reaching Metropolis and mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent who quickly suits up as Superman. Kara likewise rushes to the scene and, together, the two save the Venture and stop the explosion. Together, Kara marvels at the moment to finally save the day with her cousin as they both greet civilian onlookers.

Kara and Clark return to the DEO where Superman is greeted with a warm welcome by the workers, especially Winn. To Alex, he warmly greets out of her relationship with Kara and offers his help and support in looking for Jeremiah. Curiously, J’onn addresses Clark coldly despite their history. Sensing this tension, Alex plans to learn more about this mystery.

Meanwhile, Kara gets Clark up to speed on the mysterious man in the Kryptonian pod. Clark suggests a quantum scan to discover his age as well as an x-ray scan for any devices. Through Winn’s research, they learn that the mystery man’s pod passed through a constellation called the Well of Stars where time doesn’t pass, proving that he was sent far before Krypton’s explosion. Once in Earth’s atmosphere, Clark informs Winn that Kryptonians age at a slower rate, explaining why Clark does not look much older than Kara. In addition to the mystery man, J’onn plans to investigate further on the Venture project. Despite the tension, Clark offers his own position as a reporter to gather intel from the public as he joins Kara’s return to CatCo.

Back at her work, Kara is surprised to see Cat act nervous around Clark’s arrival, something James notes has happened frequently despite Clark’s relationship with Lois Lane. Although she is busy with her current position, Kara promises to reschedule their next date. Before they talk further, Kara is interrupted by a call from Alex who provides her some updates on the Venture explosion. While the ship was taking off, there was one passenger not accounted for that day, the same name who sold the oscillator of the ship: Lena Luthor. While her brother Lex is in jail after being caught by Superman, Lena just made her move to National City.

Unbeknownst to them, an unknown mercenary purchases a drone device with high-tech destructive abilities. Using the device, he kills the seller and later reports to his partners on his job, ensuring that he has never failed the Luthors.

Clark and Kara investigate LuthorCo to speak with Lena Luthor, who now runs the corporation in light of her brother’s arrest. Lena explains that she skipped the Venture’s takeoff in order to prepare for the renaming ceremony of her company. In light of her brother’s crimes and the name of the family who adopted her as a child, Lena hopes to rebrand the corporation to regain a good standing with the public. Though Lena speaks to Clark as a reporter, she questions what Kara could want as a simple employee of CatCo. Nevertheless, she gives Clark and Kara a drive on the oscillator while also inviting them to the renaming ceremony where the company shall officially be redubbed LCorp.
Kara: This looks like a job for both of us.

When exiting Lena’s office, Kara questions if Clark believes Lena’s story. Though Clark is suspicious of any Luthor, Kara is willing to believe Lena’s story. Clark then gets a call from Lois who still worries about him in a different city. From that moment, Kara openly asks Clark how he seems to balance being a hero like Superman as well as a good reporter and boyfriend like Clark. Clark simply responds that he just remembers that being Clark is just as important to him as being Superman. He then advises her to follow her own heart in finding out her own path as Kara, leading to a kind hug.

At the DEO, Alex then confronts J’onn on a file she found labeled “Project Emerald.” J’onn reveals that, when he started working for the DEO, he went to investigate a fallen meteorite with Superman. Through the green material did not affect him, he saw Superman eventually pass out from exposure. This was one of his first encounters with Kryptonite, which J’onn himself named. Although Clark wanted the substance destroyed, J’onn kept the Kryptonite anyway, ensuring a way to kill Clark or Kara. While J’onn maintains that he only kept it to ensure against Kryptonians who meant them harm, Alex understands Clark’s tension with him. In the midst of this, however, Winn discovers that the explosion in the Venture was actually placed under the Lena’s assigned seat. Lena didn’t set the attack; she was the target.

As Lena leaves on a helicopter, she is then assaulted by the high-tech drones about to be killed. Luckily, Supergirl and Superman come to her rescue, blocking the fire. Still, the mercenary then sends additional drones after innocent civilians, forcing Superman and Supergirl to split up as Superman rescues a family from the drones and Supergirl saves Lena.

Kara returns to CatCo where she once again runs into James and talks about her date. However, James remarks about all the changes that have occurred since Kara has become Supergirl. Now, he wonders, if Kara has changed herself as well. Kara can’t answer that question and is distracted again upon hearing Cat’s new assistant crying from her office.

Kara then asks Cat why she doesn’t fire her new assistant, leading Cat to question back why Kara feels frozen at her new opportunity. While Kara can’t answer that for herself, Cat correctly deduces that Kara fears discovering herself in a new persona and wonders what could happen if she takes the plunge. Her former boss then advises her to take the dive, remarking that it is the way she has made choices. From that remark, Cat herself wonders what her next path might be as she reminds Kara that she has only twelve more hours until her deadline.

Alex then links the drone attack to a mercenary known as John Corben who has been attached to multiple assassinations among criminal gangs such as Intergang. Knowing that Corben will strike again, they plan to supervise Lena at the ceremony as Kara tries to talk her out for her safety. With this opportunity, Alex convinces J’onn to talk to Clark on their past issues. While Clark trusts J’onn to handle the Kryptonite, he fears what may happen under orders from superiors like the president should they want use of it. Because of that, he cannot work kindly with the DEO.

Kara follows Lena to the renaming ceremony and tries to talk her out of appearing because of the risk, but Lena is determined to prove her dignity to the public. At the ceremony, she formally announces the renaming of her company to move on from her brother’s crimes before she’s interrupted by a building explosion. The force nearly collapses the building before Supergirl and Superman rush to save it. Together with Winn’s help from the DEO, Superman holds up the building as Supergirl creates a new base for the building’s support, saving the city.

Man: We're moving back to Gotham.

On the ground, Alex finds Corben in the crowd, stopping him right before he could shoot Lena. He admits that Lex himself ordered Lena’s assassination with the help of his few remaining connections. As he and Alex fight, Lena then shoots fatally Corben to the ground, prompting Supergirl to rush him for aid.

Lean returns to her office while thanking Clark for a positive write-up on the ceremony, naming her as the person who shot Corben. After apologizing for his doubts, Clark maintains that he was reporting honestly, though Lena also wonders if Kara has any other questions on the event. Kara reminds her that she is not a reporter, but Lena admits that Kara has the same skills and hopes to see her again soon.

Kara returns to CatCo minutes before her deadline to admit her decision to Cat. She reveals that she wants to be a reporter in order to do a service for the city in her own way by bringing information to the people. Cat admits that she has had Kara pegged for a reporter since the day they met and remarks that she has the right integrity and instinct to do what’s right. From Kara’s new decision, Cat also decides to make a few calls of her own.

Meanwhile, Kara also talks to James about her decision. However, when seeing herself in a different light, she also admits that she will always see James as a friend, leaving their romantic relationship unsure for the moment.

At the DEO, J’onn formally welcomes Winn as a member of the DEO as Clark admits that he too would like to stay around a little longer. While he is proud of Kara’s work on his own, he admits that he enjoys talking with another Kryptonian like him and hopes that she can give him more insight to his birth planet. Alex then interrupts them to inform on a robbery in the city, letting them take care of the situation together.

In the final scene, John Corben wakes up in a grungy operating area far from the hospital to a woman speaking to him. She informs him that he can either choose to die or choose to be reformed into something new for them. When he agrees to be treated, the woman welcomes him to Cadmus.


  • "The Adventures of Supergirl" refers to the title "The Adventures of Superman" used for the early 1938 radio show, the 1950's live-action series, and early comic series.
  • If you look closely at the newsstand Clark stands by, you can see the Midvale Gazette, named after the town Kara originally grew up in during her comic-book days.
  • There were plenty of references to Superman: The Movie included, but not limited to: Supergirl saving a helicopter, Cat's assistant Miss Teschmacher, Lex Luthor causing an earthquake in California, Lena's reference to flying being the statistically safest way to travel, and the original Superman score playing during Clark's introduction.
  • There were also a number of references to The Adventures of Superman including Superman's wink to the family he saves and the lines "This looks like a job for Superman!", "Up, up, and away!", and Perry White's "Great Caesar's ghots!"
  • Clark tells Kara that he has some "sway" with Cat Grant who appears smitten with him. This makes sense since Cat Grant was originally introduced as a potential love interest for Clark in the 1980's!
  • The man in the pod first appears in a jumpsuit that is not unlike Mon-El's original costume design.
  • Alex reveals that John Corben was a member of Intergang, an organized crime gang armed with New God technology. This marks their first reference in live action!
  • In addition, Alex also reveals ties to Corto Maltese, which has been visited previous in Arrow.
  • Yes, the man did say he was moving back to Gotham after the drone attack. But is this referring to Gotham?
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