Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tips For Playing Battlefield 1 Online

With the newly released Battlefield title, many are struggling to keep themselves alive long enough to make any progress. What's nice is that they've actually simplified the multiplayer experience by giving less customization for weapons, therefore putting all players in the same boat.

This creates difficulty if you're used to having the upper hand through sheer power. But in this game the upper hand is tactics. Having had a chance to play Battlefield 1, we've come up with some tips that may aid you in the trenches.

1. Study the maps

Especially the trenches and underground bunkers. Many of the maps are also made up of hilly countryside, so knowing the best sniper positions or the secret ways to an enemy outpost will give you that upper hand. Also knowing how to flank that sniper position is essential to your team's survival.

2. Weigh your options when using war bonds to buy weapons

Although this game doesn't have unlockables in terms of attachments, your war bonds can still be used to buy new guns for each class. Generally weapons cost about 200, so spend wisely because some guns have different perks.

3. Not every class is for everybody

Don't fret if you want to snipe but can't shoot the side of a blimp. It might just not be your class in this game. There are semi-automatic rifles in the medic class that have great accuracy and range.

4. Know your class

If you're the medic, don't just use health kits for yourself. Reviving other players will not only help you, but it will help your team, especially for team death match and operations game types. If you're the support class, drop ammo every place you make your stay. Someone will need it. Some classes are also better for close quarters combat whereas others are better long range. Know what you can and can’t do, but also what you should and shouldn’t do.

5. Pursue the challenges

There are several timed challenges that will give you medals. These challenges are designed to make you better in different ways. Whether that's laying down support or mastering a sniper rifle.

6. Work as a team

Battlefield is a team based game. Unlike other shooters, Battlefield's design is about helping your teammates achieve one goal. Each class is also designed to aid your army. Don't be selfish and look for kills to up your K/D ratio. That'll happen naturally, especially on larger game types like operations. If you want kills for yourself, play team death match.

7. Take the high ground

Some maps, especially on smaller game types, have a lot of buildings flooding the environment. Take the high ground in this case, otherwise you'll be a sniper's growing kill ratio.

8. Do the campaign

Generally Battlefield hasn't been amazing when it comes to campaigns, but this one has a lot to offer. It prepares you for multiplayer in different ways. One short campaign is solely about planes, one is about tank warfare, another about using the armored suit, and yet another is all about run and gun combat. If you haven’t played Battlefield before, it might be best to check out the campaign to get the mechanics down.

9. Don't stay in one place

This is especially true for snipers. If you're getting a lot of kills and destroying the other team, someone on their side will notice. Don't get overzealous. Get a few kills, then move on. Momentum is always a good thing.

10. Play with your friends

Playing alone isn't a bad thing, but being in constant communication with your team is essential. This will guarantee stronger defense or offense, and give you more chances for a win. Telling your team that you need to revive over chat is much faster than giving the request order. No one generally looks at those requests.

Hopefully this helps you progress in skill and give you the upper hand. If you have any other tips to add, share with us.

By David White

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