Friday, November 25, 2016

Comic Book Review: Beyond Batman #2 - Resurrection of the Joker

By: Jerry Montgomery
November 23, 2016

Batman Beyond #2
“Escaping the Grave: Undercover”

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Bernard Chang

Terry McGinnis is back as the Batman after an absence of six months. During this time, he went without any training, so naturally, wearing the cowl again, he hasn’t been in top form since his return. In issue #1, his old enemies, the Jokerz,  vicious individual cels of street gangs of 2040’s Gotham, that take their inspiration from the original Joker, have unified. The gang, led by the criminal, Terminal has kidnapped Dana Tan, Terry’s old girlfriend and has obtained the corpse (could it really be?) of the original Joker. His purpose? To resurrect him. And what about Terry? He just had a building dropped on his head by some Venom enhanced Jokerz goon! Not to worry though

In issue #2, Terminal has revealed his plans to a captive Dana Tan about the resurrection of his gang’s inspiration, the original Joker. Even stealing portions of the Joker’s vast hidden wealth to finance the incredible feat. So incredible, that Dana cannot believe that it could be the one, true Joker. To prove it, Terminal recounts a tale to give credence to the corpse that lies before them. The Jokers last battle with Batman. Did he in fact, really die? Or is there more to the story? Terminal sure seems to have all the answers.

Max and Matt then swoop in via the flying Batmobile, alerting the Jokerz to action, assuming that its Batman. As per the plan, they fly around for effect so that Terry can put his new plan into action to bring the Jokerz down…infiltrate the gang as one of their own! But even then, it’s going to take more than a little make-up and a big gun to convince these thugs that this new guy is the real thing.

The Verdict: Being used to the Bruce Wayne Batman, it was strange to read about this future 2040 version of the Caped Crusader. However, I looked at this title as one of the “Elseworld” stories I have always enjoyed. The artwork is great and colorful and I like the story idea of a long dead Joker possibly brought back in “Frankenstein” fashion. Dan Jurgens’ writing is always top-notch so, I would be willing to give this title a chance to learn more about this Terry McGinnis Batman.

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