Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Changing"

In a scientific base, an alien appears to attack everyone on board except one Rudy Jones as the DEO investigates. Kara continues to train Mon-El, though he remains ambivalent about whether he truly wants to help people. With her new feelings developing, Alex asks Maggie for advice on what to do about coming out. From her own experience, Maggie advises Alex to tell her family just as she did. In the meantime, the DEO discovers that the alien creature has attached itself inside Jones, creating a parasitic monster that can suck the life and energy out of anyone, including Supergirl. Even worse, Kara soon discovers Mon-El’s new job as an enforcer for an alien bookie, finding him shaking money out of one in the alleys. Kara and J’onn attempt to stop Jones but are then drained, leading to Jones to mutate further into the Parasite. To help heal J’onn, Alex turns to M’Gann for a blood transfusion, not knowing M’Gann’s secret as a White Martian.

Inspired by Alex and Kara, Mon-El attempts to fight off the Parasite. In this crisis, James and Winn decide to reveal James’ new identity as the Guardian to fight off the alien. Together, the two team up with a returning Supergirl who uses a plutonium core to overpower the Parasite with energy. With his lead-based protection, James is able to keep his secret from Kara and continue his new work as a vigilante. J’onn thanks M’Gann for her help in reviving him, though she remains nervous about her deception. Alex decides to reveal her feelings for Maggie, but Maggie then turns down Alex, suggesting they only be friends for now. With this setback, Kara comforts Alex as she grieves over losing Maggie. At night, Mon-El decides to better himself by helping a helpless homeless man. That man suddenly attacks Mon-El while black soldiers toss him into a van to be sent to Cadmus.


  • James and Winn jokingly refer to their team as the “Super Friends” as a reference to the animated series of the same name.
  • Mon-El channels a bit of Superboy in his outfit when taking on the Parasite. 
  • Guardian originally appeared in 1942 as James Jacob Harper.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Shade"

Wally reveals to Joe that he has been having dreams of being Kid Flash from Flashpoint, much like the other metahumans who gained their abilities from Dr. Alchemy. Though the others worry for Wally’s safety, Wally becomes more and more obsessed with possibly gaining speed abilities. In the meantime, the STAR Labs team deals with a new metahuman who seems to be able to turn into a shadow creature. At the lab, HR attempts to find a place at the lab without appearing in the public while Caitlin confides in Cisco her new abilities. Unfortunately, Cisco vibes a vision of the future that depicts him fighting against her as a fully-fleshed out Killer Frost, forcing him to reveal the secret to the team. With Wally’s visions becoming more and more frequent, they are forced to lock him in the pipeline. Fortunately, HR has advice on how to deal with the latest metahuman whom he says reminds him of a metahuman from his Earth known as Shade.

With rigged lights, Barry stops Shade, revealed to be a distraction from Dr. Alchemy as he continues calling to Wally. The team then decides to confront Dr. Alchemy directly as Wally leads Barry, Joe, and the police to where he resides. Surrounded by followers, Dr. Alchemy then asks Wally if he would like his powers back, leading to Wally springing the police. The officers stop the followers while Barry struggles against Dr. Alchemy. They finally apprehend him as he warns the group of something beginning. Suddenly, a white streak begins freeing the followers and taking out the police with only Barry being able to track it. In the chaos, Wally picks up a stone dropped by Dr. Alchemy which then appears to turn him into a stone column. The streak stops and clutches Barry by the throat, introducing himself as Savitar, the god of speed.


  • HR describes his currency as a “Helbing.” This comes from the name of writers Todd and Aaron Helbing.
  • This is the first live-action appearance of the character Savitar.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Arrow "Vigilante" 

Team Arrow contend with a new vigilante who is not above killing the criminals he stops. Though the team is split on whether this vigilante (later called Vigilante) needs to be stopped, Oliver is adamant about stopping someone killing in the streets. The team tracks down Vigilante through his weapons supplier and a gang of bank robbers, but Vigilante turns against them, warning that their own methods aren’t working. Meanwhile, Thea attempts to reach out to Lance who admits to finding a throwing star and experiencing blackouts while drinking. Though he doesn’t believe he’s Prometheus, he submits his resignation to Thea on the grounds that he has not been getting better. Five years ago, Oliver meets with Kovar, bringing up Taiana. Kovar reveals that her mother works for him, explaining that the Bratva might actually be the ones he can’t trust.

Oliver confides some of his worries with Susan about his responsibilities, leading her to actually reassure him of his leadership. Diggle then comes up with a plan to draw Vigilante out by pretending to rob a bank. The plan works until Vigilante takes Curtis hostage to fight with Oliver. Before Oliver can discover his identity, Vigilante manages to escape. Thea drops off Lance at a new rehab center, allowing him time to grieve over Laurel while still holding his position as deputy mayor. However, Thea later shows the throwing star to Oliver, proving that Prometheus knows Oliver’s identity. In Russia, Oliver attempts to fight Kovar, but the Bratva arrive to prevent him, revealing their own collaboration with Kovar. In the meantime, Ramirez surprises Diggle after the mission with a surprise party with Lyla and his son to make up for missing JJ’s birthday while Oliver accepts a date with Susan. Unbeknownst to them, Evelyn secretly meets with Prometheus.


  • Vigilante makes his first appearance since Felicity’s first description of him as Mr. Ski Goggles. Did anyone else notice the new DA Chase acting more aggressive than usual?
  • Kovar wraps his injured hands before fighting Oliver in a very similar Rocky IV fashion where Dolph Lundgren played Ivan Drago.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Legends of Tomorrow "Outlaw Country"

The team locate a new aberration in the Old West where they find and rescue their old friend Jonah Hex. They soon discover the aberration in the development of Turnbull Country by Jonah’s rival Quentin Turnbull. Ray, Heywood, and Jax infiltrate the gang who attacked Jonah while Amaya and Rory confront Turnbull himself, though Rory becomes too enamored with the Wild West life. Meanwhile, Stein stays behind in the ship and begins experiencing strange visions of a woman. The guys later learn that the gang have been digging up supplies of dwarf star alloys, enough to power a whole town as well as his weapons. When Jonah risks blowing the mission by attacking Turnbull himself, they are then attacked by his dwarf star-powered guns which are powerful enough to wound Heywood in his steel state.

Jonah agrees to Sara’s plan as she disguises herself as a man to turn him in to Turnbull while Amaya and Rory blow up the mines. Ray, Heywood, and Jax then leave to stop a train that is transporting the supplies of dwarf star alloy with Heywood stopping the train single-handedly with his powers. They succeed in destroying the mines and leave Jonah to have his revenge against Turnbull. However, Jonah lets him live upon speaking with Sara, accepting the new captain. Stein later confides in Jax that he fears the woman he keeps seeing in his visions has replaced his wife Clarissa in his life thanks to their interaction with himself in 1987. Ray also reveals that he has secured enough dwarf star alloy to create a new suit and even took time to create a new suit for Heywood’s powers. Before they can get started, Sara warns the rest of the team that their friends in 2016 need their help.


  • Quentin Turnbull, Jonah Hex’s longtime enemy, makes his second live-action appearance since the Jonah Hex film.
  • Heywood’s costume as Citizen Steel makes its first appearance in time for the four-way crossover.
  • Sara references their friends in 2016 who need them, setting up the plot for the imminent crossover in the next episode. 
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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