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The Geekcap Roundup

 Supergirl "Survivors"

Mon-El explains his background as a Daxam palace guard to Kara before requesting permission to leave the DEO. Kara and J’onn deny his request, leaving him to work with Winn in developing his powers. In the city, Sawyer and Alex discover the body of a once peaceful alien who was apparently caught in a fight before his death. After tracking his alien killer, they then find him being taken by mysterious guards. Through Sawyer’s underground sources, the two soon discover the alien being taken for an underground fighting ring meant for National City’s elite. There, disgruntled alien or alien prisons are forced to fight each other in a cage match lead by a woman named Roulette. Meanwhile, J’onn tries to get closer with M’gann, offering to share a Martian bond. However, she rejects his plan, preferring to be alone. Eventually, he soon discovers that she is also a fight in the underground ring.

While trying to reach out to M’gann, J’onn is also captured and forced into the ring to fight. M’gann fights back, but J’onn recognizes that she is only displaying her anger and self-despising rage from being a survivor of Mars. The two are then saved when Supergirl arrives with Alex and Sawyer behind thanks to a location tip by Lena Luthor. Although they arrest Roulette and free the alien fighters, a higher-up on the force apparently bails her free. Alex offers to cheer Sawyer up with a coffee, but Sawyer reveals that she has found a new girlfriend. After a newsworthy night out with Winn, Kara then agrees to help bring Mon-El into National City, recognizing their kindred connection in being survivors of their worlds. Finally, J’onn returns to make amends with M’gann and once again admits his desire to know her better. As he leaves, she then reveals her true form as a white Martian.


  • M'gann is revealed to be a white Martian much like her comic counterpart.
  • Unlike his comic counterpart, Mon-El is a former palace guard. Originally, his name was Lar Gand.
  • Roulette makes her first live-action appearance.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Monster"

With no option, Caitlin travels to meet her mother, Dr. Tannhauser, to try and understand her new abilities. Although cold, her mother begins testing her powers, finding new possibilities in Caitlin’s other ability to absorb energy. In Central City, the team deals with an actual monster making its way through downtown. When Barry tries to confront it, however, it disappears. Under trouble, they try to turn to HR for advice, but he appears distracted when trying to discuss any technical procedures. Also, to distract Julian’s growing distrust of Barry, Barry offers to work with him when trying to figure out the monster’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Iris discovers Joe turning down the date offer from the district attorney. From her own experiences, she encourages her father to seek her out.

As tests proceed, a scientist reveals his plans to use Caitlin for his own purposes. Caitlin nearly freezes his arm off until her mother calms her down and encourages her to return to Central City. After a plan fails to stop the monster, Barry learns that the creature is, in fact, a hologram created by a teenager looking to feel powerful. Barry and Joe manage to stop the effect before the CCPD and Julian are preparing to endanger civilians. From that rescue, Julian admits to Barry about his past and reveals a growing trust for the Flash. In the aftermath, HR admits that he was simply the face of STAR Labs rather than the brains and agreed to the position for a new adventure to write a novel. However, he manages to convince the team to keep him as an assistant for a few more weeks. In the end, Caitlin receives a message from her mother who warns her that the more she uses her powers the less likely they can be reversed. Beyond her control, Caitlin freezes her computer.


  • In the comics, Earth-19 is actually in the middle of the Industrial Revolution.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Good Samaritan"

Daisy picks up Gabe after Eli’s kidnapping to meet up with his brother Robbie. However, the Director demands a meeting with Coulson, forcing Daisy, Gabe, and Robbie to hide in the containment unit. In that space, Robbie admits his secret to Gabe, revealing how he became Ghost Rider. He took Gabe in Eli’s charger on the road for a drag race when they crossed the gang members hired by Joseph to kill Eli. The car is thrown aside when Robbie begs as he dies for whoever will hear to help him save his brother. A figure with a flaming skull head rides up on a motorcycle and gives Robbie the power of the Ghost Rider. Though the Director is eager to take Robbie and Daisy into custody, Coulson convinces him to let them go as they locate the ghosts. In the meantime, the Director sends Simmons on another mission, one that he doesn’t disclose the location of to her.

The team tracks Lucy and Eli at a Roxxon power plant planning to recreate their experiments to bring Lucy back to life. While Coulson locates the Darkhold, Robbie finds Lucy and threatens to kill her for targeting his uncle. Lucy reveals that Eli had in fact betrayed them time ago. While Joseph was driven insane by the power to create matter from the Darkhold, Eli tried to steal Joseph’s work by reducing the others into ghosts. Now, Eli is recreating the experiment to gain the power himself. Robbie incinerates Lucy as the other race out the building. The machine goes off, causing a rift throughout the building that make Coulson, Robbie, and Fitz to seemingly disappear. Eli, however, emerges from the machine with the new ability to create matter from thin air.


  • The titular "Good Samaritan" is revealed to be Johnny Blaze, the previous Ghost Rider.
  • The Roxxon power plant and Mack and Fitz's research is a reference to the zero matter studies from Agent Carter.
  • Eli is revealed to retain his comic history as a villain, the one who ultimately transformed the scientists.
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "Human Target"

As the team attempts to locate Church, Oliver contends with a councilman over a new zoning proposal. Fortunately, Felicity manages to find Church for Oliver to rescue Ramirez, only to discover Ramirez revealed to Church that Oliver Queen is really the Green Arrow. While they try predicting Church’s next move, Felicity soon learns that Detective Malone is considering joining the Anti-Crime Unit while Diggle tries reassuring Ramirez back into the field. In the meantime, Oliver meets with reporter Susan Williams to convince smooth out her recent attack articles for a proper chance. She agrees to his offer while also giving him her personal phone number. Meanwhile, five years ago, Oliver deals with being a new member of the Bratva where a fellow mobster refuses to accept him. In the present, Church hires an assassin who kills Oliver in the city.

However, the assassination was a ploy conducted by a man disguised as Oliver named Christopher Chance, also known as the Human Target who helped him in Russia five years ago. With Ramirez’s intel, the team discovers Church’s plan to consolidate the drug lords of multiple cities. Together, they take down the ring and apprehend Church who warns Oliver about Prometheus searching for the Green Arrow. Oliver also reveals to Felicity that he has learned about her relationship with Detective Malone and agrees with her to move on, taking Chance’s advice to call Susan. Susan, however, discovers through a federal agent a photo of Oliver in Russia from five years ago. In the end, as the police transfers Church to prison, Prometheus arrives to kill the squad. Church divulges to Prometheus on the Green Arrow’s secret identity, but Prometheus kills the crime lord anyway.


  • Human Target makes his first live-action appearance appropriately disguised as Oliver.
  • Oliver and Felicity agree to move on from their relationship, but will they?
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Legends of Tomorrow "Abominations"

The Legends track a time pirate’s ship escaping 2263 landing in Mississippi 1863 at the height of the American Civil War. As the team investigates the stolen ship, they come across Union spy Henry Scott being attacked by a horde of Confederate zombies who were infected by the rogue traveler. He dies in the struggle, causing a time anomaly that leads to the Confederates winning the Civil War. Rory is also injured in the attack, forcing Ray and Stein to stay with him on the Waverider. Jax and Amaya then seek to complete Scott’s missions while Sara and Heywood go to meet with General Ulysses S. Grant to find a way to hold back the zombies. Unfortunately, Rory is also infected by the zombies and begins lashing out against the others. Jax is also captured by plantation owners.

Overcoming his fear of zombies, Stein is able to give Rory a cure for his infection. While captured, Jax finds additional slaves held prisoner and becomes determined to save them. Amaya breaks the others free, allowing Jax to bring them back to the Union base. When the base is surrounded by zombies, Heywood leads the horde out of the base and plants an explosion. Once detonated, Heywood uses his powers to survive the blast, albeit being covered in zombie guts. Jax delivers Scott’s information to General Grant, ensuring that history remains Scott’s sacrifice and protecting the Union’s victory. The group return to the Waverider as Sara continues to adjust to her role as captain. Rory also chooses to move on and gives Ray Snart’s old gun, deigning him to be his new partner. 


  • One of the slaves is revealed to be of the same tribe as Amaya also known as Vixen.
  • The message from future Barry describes a "war" coming. Could this have something to do with the "Invasion" story line coming up in the crossover?
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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