Friday, November 25, 2016

The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "The Darkest Place"

Although Guardian has been rising in popularity, Kara and Alex are doubtful regarding the new vigilante, despite James and Winn’s defense. However, that defense is put to the test when a new vigilante frames the Guardian in the murder of criminals, forcing James and Winn to stop the killer. When Supergirl gets involved, she then overhears a message to her from Cadmus as they reveal they are holding Mon-El captive. She rushes to the scene only to come face to face with a revived Hank Henshaw who has been enhanced by Cadmus to be Cyborg Superman. They quickly capture Supergirl when the head of Cadmus, Lillian Luthor, forces her to “solar flare” and lose her powers at the risk of Mon-El’s life. As things get worse with Guardian, Winn appeals to Alex to talk to Maggie about letting up, regardless of their previous interaction. From that request, Alex quickly learns that James is the Guardian.

Surprisingly, Alex’s father Jeremiah comes to Kara and Mon-El’s rescues in setting them free, though he stays behind himself. James and Winn then discover the vigilante’s identity as Phillip Karnowsky and successfully apprehend him for the police, clearing the Guardian’s name. Meanwhile, J’onn heals from his encounter with the Parasite but begins experiencing hallucinations around the DEO. After analyzing his blood, he soon discovers M’Gann’s true identity as a White Martian. Though she protests her innocence as being different from her race, J’onn fights her off as vengeance for his family. When she resigns to death, J’onn then decides to imprison her in a DEO cell. Unfortunately, she reveals that her blood will eventually transition him into a White Martian as well. Unknown to anyone, Hank uses Kara’s blood gathered from her weaker state to infiltrate the Fortress of Solitude and learn about Project Medusa.


  • Kara references a vigilante her cousin worked with as “lots of gadgets, tons of demons.” Sounds like Superman’s famous team-ups with Batman!
  • Kara also admits that vigilantes with masks and voice-changers as “weird.” Let’s see how she feels about meeting Green Arrow, who also uses both.
  • Hank Henshaw is revealed to be alive now taking up his comic-book mantle as Cyborg Superman.
  • The bars at Cadmus are made of Nth metal from Thanagar, the same planet referenced in Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Mon-El’s lead weakness is exploited in this episode. 
  • In the comics, Phillip Karnowsky is a villain known as Barrage.
  • Mon-El hints that his story regarding his escape from Daxam may not be what we think.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Killer Frost"

Savitar drags Barry across the city where he appears to move through several places at once. To save him, Cisco opens an interdimensional breach to help Caitlin freeze the speedster before Savitar escapes. Under pressure, Joe interrogates one of Dr. Alchemy’s followers to learn more about what happened to Wally but is interrupted by Caitlin who quickly turns dark and kidnaps Julian to help search for Dr. Alchemy herself and remove her powers. When Barry tries to apprehend her, she stabs his leg and rebukes him for causing Flashpoint and disrupting their lives, including causing Cisco’s brother’s death. With Julian’s research, she goes after another acolyte until Barry and Cisco take her down and lock her in STAR Labs. Despite their combined effort, Cisco admits his new ambivalence towards Barry after learning that Flashpoint inadvertently caused Dante’s death.

Joe attempts to revive Wally from his column, but the resulting explosion leads to Wally uncontrollably racing out of the lab with his newfound speed powers. Since they have no way of understanding Wally’s new chemistry, Barry attempts to convince Caitlin to help them by letting her go. Though she still threatens his life, Barry appeals to her good nature as their friend which brings her back under control. Using a new chemical, they locate and stabilize Wally who is eager to test out his new powers. Meanwhile, Barry later confronts Julian at a hospital, knowing that Julian saw Caitlin as a metahuman. Julian agrees to keep her actions a secret so long as Barry resigns as a CSI, an act Barry reluctantly agrees to fulfill. However, at night, Julian comes face to face with Savitar, revealing the CSI to actually be Dr. Alchemy. 


  • Kevin Smith returns as director after last season’s episode “The Runaway Dinosaur.”
  • Heroes’s Greg Grunberg appears in this episode as Detective Tom Patterson.
  • Julian Albert is revealed to be Dr. Alchemy, possibly alluding to Dr. Alchemy’s real identity of Albert Desmond. 
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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