Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Crossfire"

Kara works with Mon-El to help create a new identity for the real world by getting him an internship at CatCo. However, he seems to flounder in his work by flirting with James’ assistant. As Kara vents her frustrations to James, a hospital is attacked by a gang carrying alien technology. The DEO soon discovers Cadmus to be behind the weapon supply, leading to a growing fear of alien technology in the city. Within this conflict, James confides in Winn his new desire to be out in the field himself in order to bring justice to the city. Winn, however, is uncertain about James’ choice when he ends up hurt after fighting the gang himself. In the meantime, Alex finds herself experiencing unfamiliar feelings after learning that Maggie had broken up with her girlfriend.

At a charity gala hosted by Lena Luthor, Supergirl plans to ambush the gang planning to attack. However, Lena reveals her own trap set for the machines which renders them useless with the help of Winn’s expertise. Unfortunately, when the gang are arrested, a device apparently kills them remotely, preventing them from revealing the identity of their leader. Following the attack, Winn agrees to help James on his new crusade in order to protect his friend on dangerous missions. Meanwhile, Kara learns from Alex that she needs to let Mon-El follow his own path on Earth rather than force him to adhere to hers. She then visits Lena to offer her trust after discovering her trap at the gala. Once she leaves, Lena meets up with her mother who appears to be none other than the head of Cadmus herself.


  • The head of Cadmus is revealed to be Lillian Luthor, Lena's mother.
  • One of the streets Supergirl fights the gang in is Bridwell Avenue, named after DC Comics editor E. Nelson Bridwell. 
  • James Olsen takes his first steps in becoming Guardian!
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Arrow "So It Begins"

Oliver and Diggle begin tracking Prometheus which leads them to a burnt message reading “And So It Begins.” Even worse, Prometheus appears to beginning a killing spree, setting the city on edge of another attack. Against her judgement, Felicity uses Malone’s evidence to help reveal the victims to have names that are anagrams of people on Oliver’s old list from his father. From the revelation of Oliver’s past, however, the rest of the team begin to doubt Oliver’s faith in them. Meanwhile, Thea struggles to keep Lance up with his duties as Deputy Mayor after discovering his continuous drinking. Five years ago, Anatoli teaches Oliver how to create a bomb for a new plan to blow up an area sought after by Kovar. The plan begins to work before Oliver is knocked out by one of Kovar’s own men.

The team track potential victims of Prometheus when he attacks a man guarded by Evelyn. She attempts to fight him herself but is quickly overpowered until Oliver arrives to assist her. He manages to fight off Prometheus and rescue the man and Evelyn and returning to the lair. Despite his past, the team agrees to follow Oliver as they continue to track Prometheus. In the spirit of honesty, Felicity reveals to Malone her work with the Green Arrow, a fact that he is actually impressed to learn. In the past, Oliver comes to and finds himself facing Kovar who kills Oliver’s partner but appears to let him live for now. Meanwhile, through deeper research, Felicity discovers that the weapons Prometheus used were actually created using Oliver’s old arrows left on crime scenes. From that, she deduces that Prometheus might be someone on the SCPD. At that time, Lance wakes up from a drunken stupor finding a throwing star and bearing the same mark from the fight with Evelyn.


  • As Felicity mentions, the title comes from a line from Babylon 5.
  • Ishmael Gregor makes a live-action appearance. Though he's not the demon character from the comics, he makes quite a villainous presence.
  • Oliver's List makes its first appearance since the early seasons, along with Oliver's tennis-ball training.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Legends of Tomorrow "Compromised"

Damian Darhk secures an artifact from a gang in 1987 where he once again meets up with Eobard Thawne. He offers a partnership for true “power” which leads to a disruption that Heywood tracks on his new time seismograph. The team then track the aberration to the Reagan White House while Heywood and Amaya travel to the old location for the JSA. The team is surprised to see a young Martin Stein and Damian Darhk within the White House advisers, a sight that sets Sara off with the goal for revenge. Meanwhile, Amaya finds the old location to be abandoned and meets up with an older Obsidian who admonishes her for abandoning the society to chase after Rex’s killer. At this accusation, Amaya reveals to Heywood that she did share feelings for Rex before his death. As the team struggle to apprehend Darhk, Ray struggles to become a suitable partner for Rory.

The mission becomes compromised when Darhk mortally stabs the younger Stein, forcing the others to save him. With Obsidian’s help, the rest of team then track Darhk to a state dinner where he plans to sell nuclear launch codes for another artifact. While Amaya, Heywood, Sara, and Firestorm apprehend the Russians, Darhk makes his escape as a bomb is about to go off. With Rory’s blessing, Ray dismantles Snart’s old cold gun to dismember the bomb as Sara then catches up to Darhk. Instead of killing him, however, Sara spares him and warns him of the future destined for him in Star City. Thawne speeds him away, but Sara manages to secure the artifact. The Legends then return Obsidian as Amaya vows to return after capturing Rex’s killer. Now knowing his future, Darhk agrees to partner with Thawne who reveals his own time sphere. 


  • The younger Martin Stein references his work in transmutation, foreshadowing his later role as Firestorm.
  • Obsidian refers to his boyfriend in the 1980's, referencing his notable history as a gay character.
  • Thawne and Darhk start up a new partnership, sowing the seeds of the future Legion of Doom.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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