Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “The Last Battle”

Well, Star Wars Rebels fans this episode gave us some closure to the Star Wars Clone Wars series. This entire episode was about the aftermath of the clone wars and the scars it left behind not just physically but mentally on both sides of the war, and from this point on SPOILERS ahead.

We get to see Captain Rex open up a little about the effects of the war. The episode shows Rex was reliving the battles he had fought in the past. My favorite clone trooper is suffering from PTSD in this episode. PTSD is a mental condition caused by a traumatic event, in this case, constant battles that Rex had fought and began to flash back to in this episode.
The episode starts off has a simple salvage mission and Rex, Ezra, Kanan, Chopper, and Zeb are there to find proton bombs, and the planet had seen many battles between droids and clone troopers. The rebels had just entered Rex’s old world and though they had doubts about the droids they would soon find out how threatening they could be.
While attempting to retrieve the proton bombs they ran into a trap that was all too familiar to Rex, a ray shield. The rebels are captured by the droids and brought to their leader, Kalani a super tactical droid. Kalani wants one last battle to see who would have won the clone war. An obvious question seeing has both sides dismantled, and there was no winner among them.
Ezra accepts the terms to save them from being killed, but Rex is reluctant at first and then decides to fight one last battle.  So the battle begins with Zeb staying behind as a hostage and Ezra, Rex, and Kanan fighting against the last of the droid army. Rex takes the lead and starts to flash back and yells out Cody. Another fan favorite clone trooper and with the way Rex reacted could mean Cody didn't survive the clone war.
The rebels end up beating the droids but only because the droids start to breakdown. They reach Kalani and Ezra begins to point out something crucial in war. He asked both sides what they were fighting for and that while they were fighting the Empire took the victory from both sides. Ezra pointed out that their true enemy is the Empire and that they should join forces. The Empire was on the way to wipe them both out so unfortunately, the proton bombs had to be destroyed to fight against the Empire.


This episode was my favorite so far because it was great to reminisce about the clone wars. This episode brought us back the clankers and one last battle in the grand army of the republic. The incident also points out that the Republic and the Separatists were nothing but pawns for the Empire. Stay tuned Rebel fans for tonight Star Wars Rebels return with a brand new episode, “Imperial Supercommandos.”
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