Monday, November 21, 2016

Animal Crossing New Leaf: The Amiibos are here!

Pull out your 3DS and head over to the eshop! There’s a brand new expansion update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! This free update adds oodles of new content to your existing town, as well as amplifies other classic AC features. After the update installs you’ll notice the menu logo has changed, but other than that the game looks pretty much the same. At this point, you have a choice to make: continue your save file or start a new game. If you’re really attached to your town like me, you can certainly continue. All new content will still be available to you, Nintendo has even added an automatic de-weeding in the update to save time in case you haven’t visited in a while. However, if you’d like a fresh start and your town is at least a level three, you can now sell your town to fund your new one! Simply choose the recreate town option from the main menu and Tom Nook will appraise your town. You can choose to have your funds delivered to you all at once, or over the course of 100 equal payments with 10% interest to boot! You can also choose to keep your catalog when you restart which will definitely come in handy.

Upon entering your town, you’ll get a mini tutorial about the new initiative system which rewards your daily activities with MEOW coupons. Initiatives can vary from simple tasks such as changing your hairstyle to catching a certain number of bugs or fish within a given time frame. Once you complete an initiative, you can cash them in for MEOW coupons and head over to the campground where you’ll meet Harvey, a laid back character with a love for feeding birds. He’ll even share his bird seed with you so you can join in.

Harvey sells unique items not found anywhere else in the game, which you can buy with your new MEOW coupons. However, when I first visited the campground, it was the RV beside Harvey which really drew my attention. Each day, a different character will visit the campground in the RV and you’ll be able to reunite with some old friends such as Pavé and Joan, each with their own set of tradable items. You can also use your Amiibo cards and figurines to ask specific villagers to visit, including three brand new villagers who you can invite to move in!

In addition to summoning villagers to the campground, you can also summon characters by talking to Wisp. Wisp will appear somewhere in your town soon after the update and when you bring him to your house, he will offer to possess the likeness of a particular character for you. Simply tap your Amiibo figurines or cards to your 3DS to summon a character. You can then ask them to gift you with an item or invite them to move into your town, even if you’ve already had that character previously. What’s that you say? You already have ten villagers? Never fear! In an unprecedented turn of events, you can now select a villager to evict in order to invite your new one in! Speaking of moving in, there have also been reports that villagers will no longer move in on top of QR code paths, however this has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo.

They’ve added a new secret storeroom to the list of house expansions available from Tom Nook. This new room is especially useful for hoarders like myself who find their storage units overflowing with furniture and clothes. In order to unlock the storeroom, you must have built the second floor of your house and paid off your loan. Talk to Tom Nook as usual, and after selecting the expand option you should be able to select the storeroom. Once you have that, you’ll also unlock the Happy Home Designer interface for organizing your house!

As if all this wasn’t enough, they’ve also added an Amiibo camera which lets you take real world pictures with Amiibo characters. You can also now sit on rocks, shake trees while holding a tool, and get new fortune cookie rewards including a Wii U and a 3DS console for your house each with their own mini game!

Get ready to fall in love with your town all over again – or relish the feel of your old town financing your new one! There’s something for everyone in Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo!

By: Katlyn Ashe

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