Saturday, November 12, 2016

Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Imperial Supercommandos”

When it comes to the Rebels of the Ghost crew, each one of them has a past, has a story. Throughout the series parts of their stories are revealed, and we get to understand them better with each piece discovered. This episode, “Imperial Supercommandos” focused on Sabine and her past, her people, her world.  So before I continue SPOILER ALERT, the rest of this recap contains spoilers.

The episode starts with Sabine and Fenn Rau playing a game and also talking about him joining the rebels. He’s their prisoner, and I honestly forgot about him since last we seen him last season. He is reluctant and stubborn about joining the rebels because it does not fit his best interest. The game is interrupted, and they are both brought to a briefing concerning his men, the Protectors of Concord Dawn.
The rebels need to know if the route is secure so they send Sabine, Ezra, Chopper, and Fenn Rau to investigate.  They take the new phantom transporter and Fenn Rau is tied up just in case he decides to escape.  During the journey, Ezra gets distracted while monitoring Fenn Rau and he overpowers Sabine and Ezra.
Once the two regain consciousness, they go after Fenn Rau only to find him staring out over his men’s defeat and their bodies as well.  Fenn Rau is feeling solely responsible for their failure because he wasn’t there for his men. They soon realize that the ones responsible were fellow Mandalorians.  These Imperial Mandalorians returned, and Ezra, Sabine, and Fenn Rau tried to stay hidden but to save his friends Ezra sacrifices himself and that allowed Sabine and Fenn Rau to escape.
While Ezra is being interrogated Sabine and Fenn Rau overhear everything and he realizes that if he were there, he would have died along with his men. So Sabine tells Fenn Rau to secure transportation while she rescues Ezra. Unfortunately, Fenn Rau leaves them behind, and Imperial Mandalorians surround Ezra and Sabine. This scene was interesting because her family name came up again.
Family names hold power and history and Mandalorians are constantly at war with each other. I’m sure that more will be revealed about her families past as the series continues. For now, in this episode, her family stands with the Empire, and they want her to stand with them.  I’m not sure the source of this information is credible neither does Sabine. She manages to fly off with Ezra with a jet pack she took off one of the Imperial Mandalorians.
Fenn Rau returns and helps rescue them. He also decides to fight for the rebels because Sabine showed him what it means to be a true Mandalorian. With each episode, we learn more about our beloved ghost crew. We find out more about the genesis of the rebellion and their struggle against the Empire.  We learn more about the aftermath of the clone wars. So let’s continue to learn more in the next episode. Star Wars Rebels continues with “Iron Squadron” on Disney XD, and this episode will be worth it because of another anticipated appearance from Grand Admiral Thrawn.
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Created By: Jasmine Yard

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