Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Should Roman Reigns be Added to the WWE Universal Championship Match at Clash of Champions?

 Submitted By: Joren B. Apiquian   
            What should have been a stellar episode of Monday Night RAW was nothing short of lackadaisical to say the least. Although the newly crowned WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens was impressive as usual and Seth Rollins slow burning turn towards being RAW’s top babyface seemed promising, the remainder of the show simply did not possess that spark. The yawn fest of a broadcast ended with Roman Reigns looking to pounce on Kevin Owens after his victory over his former best friend Sami Zayn. Much to the chagrin of The Big Dog, Owens escaped the beat down. RAW GM Mick Foley came out to announce that if Reigns can defeat Owens in a non-title match during next week’s broadcast, he will be added to the WWE Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions on September 25th. Until next Monday, every member of the WWE Universe is going to ask themselves this particular question: Should WWE Creative put Roman over to make the main event of Clash of Champions a Triple Threat match?
            To say that Roman Reigns has enjoyed a cushy spot at the top since The Shield broke up two years ago would be an understatement. He’s only lost CLEANLY a handful of times since then. With that said, fans haven’t taken kindly to his Superman-like persona. Many fans do not want to see him in the main event picture at all. However, his presence is undeniable and there are both upsides and downsides if he were to be added to the WWE Universal Championship main event.
            One of the upsides is that he is appealing to the casual viewer. Those particular viewers see Roman Reigns as a mercenary who lays waste to anyone in his path with little to no resistance. His involvement would add instant appeal to those viewers, making the main event that much more enticing. Also, Reigns is capable of working a lengthy match filled with risky spots. Rollins and Owens are fully capable of doing the same, but if the past has shown the WWE Universe anything, it’s that these three men have great in-ring chemistry with each other under any circumstances. Having these three New Era Superstars lock horns will undoubtedly be an enjoyable experience for any spectator.
            Sorry if you are reading this Vince McMahon, but Roman Reigns is not the perfect package. There are other Superstars on the roster who aren’t either. He is by no means the next Bret Hart in terms of technical prowess and he is not close to being on CM Punk’s level on the microphone. Yet, WWE management is relentless with him being a top guy in the company as he continuously gets greeted with boos. Letting some fresh blood in the main event scene in the form of Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens will be a breath of fresh air. If Reigns resumes his rivalry with Rusev over the United States Championship, it may not be too late for him to garner some of those positive reactions he was garnering before their program came to an abrupt end. If anyone is familiar with Rollins’ wars with Owens in the independent scene, their potential one-on-one bout promises to be quite the showdown. Reigns’ involvement wouldn’t necessarily ruin this battle, but he would come off as a thorn in the side of a crisp and promising rivalry.

            This brings us back to our main question. Should Reigns be in the main event at Clash of Champions? The answer is no. The downsides of Roman Reigns being added to the main event of Clash of Champions completely outweighs the upsides of him being involved. His involvement in the main event scene has been stretched out for a prolonged period of time that hasn’t resulted in the best of reactions. This does not mean that he is a failed project by any means; he’s simply taking a backseat for other main event stars to snag their share of the limelight. If Roman Reigns falls to Owens during next week’s broadcast, not only will it make The Prize Fighter look like a more credible champion, it will be one step closer towards seeing Reigns finally turn heel.

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