Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Raven #1

Review: Raven #1
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
21 September 2016

“The White Carnival: The Hunt,” by Mary Wolfman and artist Alisson Borges, takes place after Tim Drake's “death.”  Raven is with her newly found aunt and her family. Things are definitely different for Raven, since this family believes in God. Raven has a lot to adjust to. Not only has she just left the Titans and is dealing with the loss of her friend, she has a new family and is learning to be “normal.” She's not used to a family that care and that are there for her. She's also not used to going to school. Raven stands out from the crowd, that's for sure.

She's not used to talking to others… well, at least others that aren't in the Titans, so it's hard for her to interact with her classmates. However, she does seem to make some friends in school, but she doesn't really care about them, not when a girl with powers like her own is around. Raven is definitely going to be in for an adventure in San Francisco, one that isn't quite normal for a teen. I am curious to see if this will bring The Titans back together or if Raven will handle this on her own.

The Verdict:  This comic is a nice introduction to Raven's new life and the challenges she's going to face overtime. Anyone that is a fan of Raven should be reading this comic. The ending has me curious as to how Raven is going to be able to fit in and how she's going to get through the challenges with which she's going to be faced. 

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