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Review: Earth 2: Society Annual #1 (Spoilers)

Review: Earth 2: Society Annual #1 (Spoilers)
Submitted: Joshua Williams, Comic News Writer
31 August 2016

Earth 2: Society Annual #1, written by Dan Abnett with art by Bruno Redondo, picks up on a restored Earth 2.  Superheroes still exist; however, the Ultra-Humanite wants to remake the New Earth 2 in his own image.  Dick Grayson may hold the key to defeating the Ultra-Humanite, via his son, who has been brutally turned into a superhero and aged up 10 years by the Ultra-Humanite’s evil technology. 

Abnett does an amazing job with this annual edition.  Though this issue is a connecting issue, the complexity of the characters is really explored here.  We find out how these complex characters feel about one another and seemingly how they will react in future issues.  Complex characters can work, especially on a fictional planet where anything can happen and when DC allows anyone to die.
The bonding dialogue between Dick Grayson and his son delivers the complexity DC fans want and expect.  As the father-son conversation continues, Dick Grayson explains a bit about his training, appreciation, and love for Huntress.  Simultaneously, Huntress is in a very serious fight.  Readers do not know if she will make it as she battles a physically stronger opponent.  The intensity of the father-son conversation plays perfectly with Huntress’s fight.  It turns out that her opponent is stronger than she is, but is immature in combat.  Abnett adds summary captions to keep readers clear on the action and the importance of the bigger picture. 

THE VERDICT: Abnett, really delivers a great annual with this episode.  Not only does this annual feed directly into the overall story-arc, this episode is very well paired with action and lots of dialogue .  The growing relationship between Dick and his son offers intrigue, while we have never seen the Huntress in better condition.  This is a must-read, as no other episodes are need to really get into this story-arc.  Lastly, watching Dick Grayson, in his new Batsuit, running together with his son (like Batman and Robin of Earth) is actually pretty cool.  Hopefully, this bodes well for future episodes and Grayson will be able to fully trust his son.

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