Saturday, September 24, 2016

Superman #7: Review

By: Kaitlyn Peacock, Comic News Writer

Superman #7: Our Town
Written by: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Art by: Jorge Jimenez

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Ever wonder what a superhero does on his day off? No? Oh well…okay then. Come back later when some big bad villain is threatening to destroy the sun if that’s what makes you happy, I guess…

Personally I really enjoy quiet moments in comic books. After all, it is difficult to have really good character moments when there are things blowing up everywhere and some ego-maniac is monologuing in the background. Taking a moment to remember how to breathe is healthy, after all oxygen is good and you should prioritize getting some. It’s no different for the Man of Steel either, as his day off with his family is something a little different, but fun nonetheless.

Most of this issue happens at the county fair with the entire Kent family, Clark, Lois, and Jon. There are normal fair activities, like rigged games, cotton candy, and a cow showing. It’s all rather mundane. Oh, and there’s an attempted robbery too, but there’s no Superman to stop it, nope, not at all, it’s just some other random person who has heat vision.

This issue isn’t really about what’s going on, truthfully nothing really important happens at all. Instead, what this issue has in spades is just a lot of fun, a sort of slice of life outside of the capes and heroics. There is a lot of humor and good moments between Clark and his family. Although there is a sort of struggle with Clark between wanting to be a hero and wanting to be part of his family, it does nothing but enhance the moments that he does have with his family and sets a good dynamic for future conflicts. The art is also really nice, with a lot of color contrasted with a couple panels that are a little duller to show those few tense moments, but overall the issue is quite pretty.

Plus, I personally really love anything from Patrick Gleason. He does good work! 

The Verdict: This issue is a lot of fun; it’s funny and relaxed and it just makes me feel all warm inside. Even though it’s mostly Superman-less, it’s worth the read to have a pause in the usual hectic affairs of superhero business.

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