Sunday, September 25, 2016

Review: Green Lanterns #7

By: Jerry Montgomery
September 24, 2016
Rebirth: Green Lanterns #7
“Family Matters, Pt. 1”
“Kitchen Nightmares”

Written by: Sam Humphries
Pencils: Robin Cliquet

A superhero with debilitating anxiety? Another that’s been investigated for terrorism by the US Government? That’s the premise here in DC’s Rebirth: Green Lanterns. Earth has been given two new Green Lanterns as protectors and they are chock full of personal problems on top of being vIrgin superheroes. After taking on heavyweight villain Darkseid and destroying a Helltower,  their new crisis is…baking cookies?

In Green Lanterns #7, our new protectors,  Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are filled with self doubt and questions of, “Am I worthy enough?”, to bear the ring of a Green Lantern.  This issue serves as a chance to get to know our heroes a little better. Simon sweats the details about a cookie recipe is which he hopes to be the “in” to his mother’s approval, which holds onto her old world values from the old country. Jessica has sworn to have Simon’s back, no matter what. This time to hang out with his family while he tries to duplicate mama’s cookie recipe. After a few meltdowns, in the course of the day, Simon and Jessica come to terms with their mind screws and are able to what else? Use their Green Lantern powers to complete the baking! All this and an emotional outpouring of what Simon’s mother really means to him. Oh yeah, there’s also a Guardian meditating up in Simon’s attic.

Seriously, this issue is much more than just “Kitchen Nightmares.” It’s about self realization, overcoming ones own fears and how others see us in spite of what we feel or think about ourselves. It’s about tolerance, redemption and the importance of family…even if it’s all under the guise of baked pastry with nuts.

The Verdict: If you’re not already a reader or fan of Green Lanterns, you may have a hard time accepting these fledgling heroes that don’t know what they’re doing at times. If you’re a new reader, this issue may not be a good starting point since the main characters are already in mid-introduction and still fairly new. The story and art are pretty solid but would probably be more appreciated by seasoned readers that are more familiar with this title.

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