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Everything to Know for Arrow Season 5

In the previous year, Team Arrow successfully defeated Ra’s Al Ghul, saving Starling City from destruction. Following saving the city, Oliver and Felicity decided to take some time away from crime fighting and travel the world in a new relationship which eventually leads to an engagement. In the meantime, Diggle, Laurel, and Thea were left to defend the city. However, they soon found themselves overwhelmed by a new crime wave organization, and Oliver soon rejoined the team as the newly christened Green Arrow. As the Green Arrow, Oliver hoped to inspire the city to fight against the latest evil: Damian Darhk.

Unfortunately, facing off against Darhk proved to be more difficult with his mystical abilities. With the newly-named Star City going through rough times, Oliver decides to run for mayor in hopes of fighting back in the light as well as the dark. Although Oliver attempted to fight his demons, the rest of the team struggled in their own obstacles. Diggle, who eventually overcame his distrust of Oliver, was shocked to discover the return of his dead brother Andy as a soldier of Darhk’s. Thea suffers from an uncontrollable bloodlust as a result of being brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit. Laurel feels betrayed upon discovering her father’s own connection to Damian Darhk works to bring her own sister Sara back from the dead. Finally, Felicity attempts to take on her new role as CEO of Palmer Technologies with the help of her new employee Curtis Holt.

The fight against Darhk eventually takes a turn for the worst as a fight later leaves Felicity paralyzed. Even worse, Darhk makes a personal blow to the team by going after Oliver’s own son, recently discovered by Oliver himself in Central City. The reveal of his son soon led to the disintegration of Oliver and Felicity’s engagement. Thankfully, though, a new development by Curtis allows Felicity to walk again, and Nyssa Al Ghul delivers Oliver a cure for Thea’s bloodlust in exchange for helping her to reclaim and then disband the League of Assassins. As the struggle increases, Oliver then decides to take Darhk head on by learning to harness his own form of magic against him. However, the battle against Darhk takes a turn for the worse when he murders Laurel Lance in the midst of fighting.

Eventually, Darhk’s plan is discovered as an apocalyptic destruction of the world with an underground dome protecting a select few to survive. With the help of Felicity’s returning father, the team shuts down Darhk’s nuclear destruction and evacuate the underground town. Oliver then successfully defeats Damian Darhk by harnessing the light and hope of the city

In the end, Oliver is sworn in as interim mayor as the rest of the team go their separate ways. After killing his own brother, Diggle decides to rejoin the army. Thea chooses to step away from the vigilante life after to overcome her own bloodlust. Felicity loses her position as CEO, but, despite the loss of the team, she chooses to stay with Oliver in his plan to save the city.

Five years ago, Oliver returned to Lian Yu under orders from Amanda Waller to assess a new threat. The new threat turns out to be a military operation run by a man named Reiter. Oliver successfully infiltrates the operation and befriends a local prisoner Taiana. Following an encounter with John Constantine, Reiter uses Oliver’s protection to locate a totem that holds magical properties. Those magical properties give Reiter new powers as he kills his own men. Oliver and Taiana manage to free the prisoners and steal the totem. Unfortunately, the totem begins to affect Taiana, granting her power but also corrupting her. She manages to kill Reiter, but, upon realizing the totem’s effect, she begs Oliver to kill her. He kills her out of mercy and, after meeting up once again with Amanda Waller, plans to go to Russia as a promise to her.

Season Five

In season five, Oliver and Felicity work together to protect Star City, though, of course, things will have to change as the rest of the characters return to the story. However, since Oliver cannot protect the city on his own, this season will introduce a squad of new characters to be the latest vigilantes on the street. This will include Curtis as Mr. Terrific, Evelyn from “Canary Cry” this time as Artemis, and newcomer Rene Ramirez as Wild Dog. In this midst of this, Star City will also gain a new district attorney in Adrian Chase who is known for future as the Vigilante himself. Also, despite the two’s absence, Diggle and Thea likely won’t stay away from their hero roles for long.

However, that just revolves around his night job. Oliver Queen will also deal with the new issues of being mayor of Star City. While this puts him even more in the limelight, the position also places him in the line of new characters such as reporter Susan Williams and new crime lord Tobias Church, who seizes control of the criminal underground. These characters will most certainly work on the front line of earlier episodes before moving onto the more significant antagonist in Prometheus. For now, he seems like a darker archer, but his deeper history might tie back into a darker Oliver from the past.

In addition to the present, this will be the last season that includes flashbacks to Oliver’s time before returning home. More importantly, Oliver will make his long-awaited trip to Russia where he will join the mafia. To make matters more interesting, he appears to be coming in the midst of a threat to a village as described by his friend Taiana. Finally, the archer will come face to face with comic book familiar Kovar who is also known as Red Star, here played by Dolph Lundgren. Whether his history as Red Star emerges or even if he will be good is unclear, but Oliver will inevitably face the event that will convince him to return home.

If that’s not enough, Arrow will cross another major milestone with its 100th episode. In the momentous occasion, the show will take part in the four-way crossover with the other members of the DC-CW network. However, with five seasons under its belt, the latest episodes of Arrow will likely return to the earlier roots as the grounded city superhero he is. That doesn’t necessarily bar the appearance of a few metahumans, but this year will likely go down a gritty superhero drama path that helps the show stand out among the science fiction aspects of The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. In other words, be prepared for some top-notch fighting.

Bottom line is, Arrow is returning for a fifth season and will likely stay around for a few more years. Whether it gains new characters or return to its roots, there is something about the show that keeps people watching. Whatever that something is, there’s sure to be more this year. 
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