Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sausage Party!

Sausage Party
Have you ever wondered what your food does after being left alone in the grocery store?
Sausage Party’s extremely hilarious plot and cast cures all of your mysterious wonders of
unattended items inside the grocery store. As critics say, ͞this movie is for everyone but kids.͟
Imagine that your food, drinks and condiments have real feelings and thoughts, and could
I love the way the plot of the movie portrays realistic events which made the movie even more
hilarious. The plot was brilliantly put together. Throughout the movie, the items in the grocery
store referred to us, human beings as gods. They felt as though when they were being
purchased by the gods and carried home, they were going to be cared for and loved as you
would your pets or children. Imagine how your foods feel while carrying them out of the
The level of creativity and humor input into this movie was amazing. Sausage Party prolifically
emphasizes sex jokes in reference with the food items. In example, the sausage and the buns
often used terms such as ͞put my beef in between your buns.͟ Sausage Party also composed a
profoundly compelling plot between the grocery store items. The tone is extremely overly
comical and amusing. Sausage Party never gets out of the shadow of its intense plot.
Overall, Sausage Party was a very impressive film. The quality and cast was very remarkable
using realistic events to portray a comedy for grocery items was alluring. Sausage Party
succeeds in every level from the choice of characters down to the significant plot. The graphics
of the movie were astonishing and defining and couldn't have been more perfect. Sausage
Party is the perfect adult themed cartoon movie to make you fall on the floor laughing!

- By Brandi White

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