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Everything To Know For Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four

In the wake of the Terrigen release to the public, unsuspecting people find themselves undergoing Terrigenesis, given them new but uncontrollable abilities. SHIELD attempts to acquire these individual before they can harm themselves or anyone else, but the public begin to take interest as the situation grows uncontrollable. In response, the president enacts a group known as the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, or ATCU, to capture the threats. One day, SHIELD agents Hunter, Mack, and Skye, now going by her birth name Daisy Johnson, intercept an ATCU mission to save Joey Gutierrez, a recently turned Inhuman with the ability to reform metal around him. They return him to their latest ship, the Zephyr One, where recovering agent Bobbi tends to his records. As they settle him into his abilities, Daisy continues to plan for her own secret super-powered group to help others.

Analyzing the ATCU, Coulson meets with the leader of the group, a woman named Rosalind Price. While she is also tracking Inhumans, she reveals to Coulson that there is another threat that appears to be killing them. In the middle of attempting to recruit Daisy’s Inhuman friend Lincoln, Daisy and Mack come across the threat himself, a large powerful Inhuman called Lash. Lash attempts to kill Lincoln but is stopped by Lincoln and Daisy’s combined powers. Unfortunately, Lincoln is outed to the public as an Inhuman and goes on the run. Moreover, they discover Lash’s identity to be none other than Andrew Garner, May’s ex-husband who went through Terrigenesis just a few months earlier. Coulson, in the meantime, agrees to work with the ATCU in an effort to gain their resources and knowledge, gaining a significant relationship with Rosalind in the process.

In the meantime, Hunter partners with a distant May in order to infiltrate a re-developing Hydra organization under Grant Ward to enact their revenge against him. Ward, in a bout of revenge against SHIELD, begins to build Hydra up by recruiting new followers and finding original Hydra members. Also, Fitz struggles to learn more about the Kree Monolith that consumed Simmons with his findings leading to one word: Death. However, with additional help, the team learns more about the Monolith history by discovering an old device that enacts its function as an alien portal. With the device, they rescue Simmons who explains her time on an alien planet.

In her six months spent on the planet, she met a fellow survivor named Will with whom she developed a relationship. However, an ancient, evil creature also lived on the planet, leading Simmons to want to return to save Will. Unbeknownst to them, Ward meets with a former Hydra head, Malick, who informs him that the alien creature is also an Inhuman worshipped by the early Hydra members with the group formed for the sole purpose of awaiting his return. Since SHIELD found a way to bring back a person, they are determined to bring back their god.
Ward and Hydra effectively kill Rosalind to draw out Coulson as they kidnap Fitz and Simmons to help them navigate the alien portal. Daisy, Lincoln, Joey, and the rest of the SHIELD team head to rescue the two just as Ward, Fitz, and Coulson cross through the portal. On the alien world, Fitz finds Will but eventually discovers that Will was killed and has been possessed by the Inhuman since Simmons’s escape. Fitz fights off the creature just as Coulson finally kills Ward. The two then escape with SHIELD, but the Inhuman secretly escapes using Ward’s dead body.

SHIELD makes more progress with Coulson gaining some standing with the new ATCU head Talbot and Daisy gaining another member of her team in Elena Rodriguez, an Inhuman speedster. In the meantime, the Inhuman creature, now known as Hive, strengthens Ward’s body by feeding on innocent victims and displays his abilities in controlling other Inhumans. As the team continues their search for Inhumans, they are forced to leave Bobbi and Hunter behind after a mission exposes them to the Russian government. Even more unfortunate, in a mission to rescue another Inhuman, Daisy receives a foreboding vision of one of the members in their team being on a ship in space before it explodes. In that time, Andrew eventually surrenders himself to SHIELD after his final transformation into Lash, and Fitz and Simmons finally consummate their relationship.

When most of the team are intercepted by Hydra, Daisy and Lincoln enact the Secret Warriors with Joey and Elena to rescue the others. However, in their mission, Daisy comes across Hive who sways her under his control. Now with Hive, Daisy steals their supply of Terrigen crystals and destroys the base with her powers before leaving.

Recuperating after the betrayal, the team struggles to track down Hive and discover his plans. Fitz and Simmons work to track down notable scientist Holden Radcliffe to learn about Hive’s abilities, but the scientist is then kidnapped by Hive’s forces to further his plans. Hive then reveals to Daisy that he attempts to recreate the Kree experiments done on him to turn the planet into Inhumans like him. In order to fully complete the experiment, he uses Daisy’s blood of the GH-325 sample to replicate Kree blood under Radcliffe’s development. Attempts to stop Hive are met with destruction since he appears to be invulnerable.

Eventually, using a plan conducted by Lincoln and May, SHIELD sends Andrew as Lash to fight off Hive. He proves immune to Hive’s sway and easily fights off his forces. However, instead of killing Hive, Lash chooses to save Daisy and free her from her sway. Lash is killed in action, but Daisy returns to the base in SHIELD’s custody.

In the final effort to stop Hive, Daisy attempts to lead Hive onto a quinjet, believing her to be the subject of her vision. However, Lincoln intercepts her plan and forces her out for him and Hive to be forced into space. To save the planet, Lincoln sacrifices himself to eliminate Hive, staying on the ship as he short-circuits it to explode.

Six months later, Daisy leaves SHIELD and works on her own as a vigilante dubbed Quake by the public. Coulson, now relegated to an agent under a new director, works with Mack to track her down.

Season Four

The most obvious news regarding the new season is the introduction of Ghost Rider, this time interpreted through Robbie Reyes and his Dodge Charger. His more supernatural powers perfectly coincide with the introduction of magic in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, so the show could likely embrace Ghost Rider’s more outrageous powers whether they include the fiery chains, flaming skull head, or possessed body. Odds are, however, SHIELD itself won’t interact directly with Robbie until later, likely leaving the rogue Daisy as the one to really come across the new character as well as his brother Gabe. Of course, since Daisy will eventually interact with SHIELD, Robbie will most likely meet the rest of the team in time.

Beyond the Ghost Rider, SHIELD will have to handle a new director, displacing Coulson’s position back to agent. With the addition of a new character into power, it’s easy to believe that something sinister may occur within SHIELD. While the show tends to thrive on its twists, the development of the Sokovia Accords and the government’s new involvement in SHIELD makes it less likely for a malicious figure to take over now. However, that definitely won’t stop the new director, played by Jason O’Mara, from coming between the way things work around the base, even more concerning the fact that Simmons will work for him personally.

Also disrupting SHIELD life will be the return of Holden Radcliffe with his latest Life Model Decoy (LMD) AIDA and the introduction of a new political figure played by Parminder Nagra who is far less friendly to Inhuman causes. LMDs have been a noticeable feature of the SHIELD history, so the introduction of one now is sure to be significant, especially in the same season with the more supernatural Ghost Rider. As for the politician, anyone who is less favorable of Inhumans is bound to conflict with SHIELD, even if she’s not entirely wrong about their threat. While those options can seem like formidable obstacles, neither one appears to have a truly evil scheme in mind.

That honor could likely go to the spirit inside of Robbie Reyes, a Satanic killer known as Eli. A portion of Robbie’s story revolves around Robbie struggling for control over his body and his powers against the evil being. Though it is possible for the show to scrap that particular angle of Robbie Reyes’s backstory, the story already couldn’t be stranger with a flaming skull for head. In addition, this could coincide with SHIELD’s pattern of villains coming from unexpected places. With no reveal as of yet, anything’s possible.

More than many other shows, Agents of SHIELD tends to keep its details under wraps whether it’s their villains or even character names. From previous seasons, it could also be nearly impossible to predict, at this point, what could happen in the latter half of the season. Still, that’s usually what makes the show so fun.
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