Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In Just a Few Few Days Away… Star Wars Rebels

The countdown continues as we await the return of Star Wars Rebels. The show is set to air Saturday, September 24 at 8:30 pm on Disney XD. As we eagerly await its return the trailer gives us but a taste of what is to come, and what promises to be a great season. With the return of our series regulars and the appearance of new faces let us prepare and fill this anticipation by talking about the trailer.
The trailer builds up to a character reveal of a new antagonist for the show, but pretty much a legend in the extended universe, Grand Admiral Thrawn. This blue skinned red eyed alien seems to be the best when it comes to predicting outcomes and creating battle plans. The trailer says it best when it mentions the big picture; he’s not looking to win the battle but the war. This season is all about the characters and what they bring to the table. Grand Admiral Thrawn could be their greatest adversary and is sure to bring difficulties and probably losses to the rebels. Our favorite pirate Hondo Ohnaka brings adventure but probably a heist and laughs. Darth Maul, the ultimate survivor, should bring us some great light saber duels and maybe his final battle.
The trailer leaves me with so many questions that I can’t wait to see it unfold this season. Questions like the introduction of the Bendu and this idea that two groups of people that are opposites like the Jedi and the Sith and that he comes from somewhere in between. I can’t wait to meet that character and see what it reveals and brings to our characters this season. The last line in the trailer is said by Ezra, and it is along the line of, “the key to destroying the Sith.” this line raises concern.  Does Ezra know too much for his own good? Does the line being spoken sound as if Ezra’s taking his last breath?  Maybe not but all will be revealed starting September 24th for a season that looks to be the best one yet.   

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