Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Everything to Know for The Flash Season 3

After a wormhole opened above Central City, Ronnie Raymond merged with Dr. Martin Stein to form Firestorm to help the Flash. However, the act led to his death, ultimately splitting up the team at STAR Labs from Barry’s guilt. Despite their separation, Barry is forced to rejoin the group when he faces a new meta-human named the Atom-Smasher. With the revived team of Cisco, Caitlin, Iris, and Stein, the Flash defeats the Atom-Smasher but not before learning that he was sent by a more powerful enemy named Zoom. In the meantime, the team finds a video left by the past Dr. Harrison Wells, really Eobard Thawne, admitting to the murder of Nora Allen, leading to the release of Henry Allen, Barry’s father. As the STAR Labs team ponders the villain Zoom, they are visited by Jay Garrick, another speedster who also goes by the name the Flash.

With Jay’s help, they discover that there is a parallel word, which they dub “Earth-2,” where Jay lives as the Flash fighting against a speedster known as Zoom. The wormhole over Central City opened the breaches to parallel words, bringing Jay and Zoom to their world but robbing Jay of his powers. Since Zoom desires to be the fastest speedster in any world, they fear he will soon challenge Barry by sending meta-humans to fight him. Meanwhile, Joe meets a new officer on the force named Patty Spivot who is interested in joining his meta-human taskforce. As the team work to fight Zoom and send Jay home, they are interrupted by another figure from the breaches: Dr. Harrison Wells.

Dr. Wells, dubbed “Harry” by Cisco, arrives to help fight against the meta-humans and Zoom in repentance for creating them on Earth-2. However, Zoom has actually kidnapped Harry’s daughter Jesse in attempt to have Harry help him defeat the Flash and take his speed. Although he still helps the STAR Labs team, Barry is easily defeated by Zoom, leading the villain to breaking his back. In the meantime, Cisco comes into his own meta-human powers of “vibing” or seeing things across different times and dimensions through frequency manipulation while Barry moves closer with Patty. Also, Joe is visited by his estranged wife Francine when the latter admits she has a deadly condition. Iris soon learns of the affair as well as another secret: Francine has a son named Wally.

In an effort to beat Zoom, Caitlin helps Jay develop a serum called Velocity-9 to help enhance speed. Unfortunately, Jay reveals that the experimentation is slowly killing him. In the meantime, Barry’s relationship with Patty eventually ends when he fears putting her life in danger. As the situation grows worse, Harry, Cisco, and Barry soon take the battle to Earth-2 in an effort to rescue Jesse and permanently close the breaches on Zoom. On Earth-2, the group encounters Caitlin, Ronnie, and Cisco’s doppelgangers as supervillains Killer Frost, Deathstorm, and Reverb respectively. The group eventually rescue Jesse and seal the breaches but not before Zoom kills Jay and pulls him through the other side.

To honor Jay’s memory, Barry and the others attempt to defeat Zoom and reopen the breaches. To their shock, however, they discover that Zoom is actually Jay, who is in fact a former criminal known as Hunter Zolomon. After being found out, Zoom kidnaps Wally to force Barry to relinquish his speed force. With no power, Central City is prey to the villain, forcing Harry to recreate the circumstances that gave the Flash his powers. The effort seemingly vaporizes Barry before striking Wally and Jesse, but Barry’s encounter with the Speed Force himself allows him to return. With the Flash’s return, Zoom then sends a meta-human army to take on Central City.

Working together, the STAR Labs team develops a frequency machine to disrupt the meta-humans from Earth-2, defeating the army but not Zoom. To gain the upper hand, Zoom then kills Barry’s father Henry to convince the Flash to a new deal. The two shall race across a magnetar, creating enough energy to destroy the multi-verse. If Barry refuses to race, Zoom will kill the rest of his team. As the two race, Barry creates a time remnant of himself, the same way Zoom killed “himself,” to save the others and disrupt the machine, defeating Zoom. When Zoom attempts to fight back, he is taken by the Time Wraiths, creatures that follow speedsters who break time travel laws. In defeating Zoom, the team also frees a prisoner in an iron mask. To Barry’s surprise, the prisoner is his father’s doppelganger from Earth-3, the real speedster known as Jay Garrick. Using his speed, Jay returns Harry and Jesse to Earth-2 as he returns home. Following the victory, however, Barry races back in time to stop the Reverse Flash from killing his mother.

Season Three

Barry’s trip to rescue his mother will undoubtedly have ripple effects on the universe via the famous story “Flashpoint.” In the story, Barry saving his mother developed into changes ranging from him losing his powers to Thomas Wayne becoming Batman to a war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. While the television series probably won’t have the intense impact of a World War, there are obvious implications. Barry will no longer have his powers, for example, and that effects everything that has to do with the Flash. Of course, Barry will eventually work to regain his powers and set the universe right, but even that will have consequences.

For one angle, from certain photos, it appears that Wally will eventually develop his destiny into Kid Flash as predicted since his arrival. Whether or not this will be a Flashpoint effect or a consequence of his run-in with the Speed Force is still up in the air, but, if the latest speedster is getting a full costume, he will likely appear more than once. Along with that speedster, it seems logical to expect the reappearance of Jay Garrick (the real one) as well as the introduction of Jesse Quick. While that may be a significant increase of speedsters on the STAR Labs team, there could be a good reason for having a team.

Though a new batch of rogues and meta-humans will plague Central City including but not limited to the Top and Mirror Master, the main villains of the season will be Savitar and Doctor Alchemy. Doctor Alchemy comes as a twist with a new major antagonist for the Flash who does not have super-speed as opposed to Savitar who is another speedster. With these two specific characters, Doctor Alchemy’s abilities in, well, alchemy could require a significant input in the team at STAR Labs while Savitar’s speed will need the combined efforts of every speedster, just as it has in his story. In other words, expect an epic take-down of Savitar by the four or more speedsters already introduced.
In addition to the already impressive villain lineup, season three also has the curious addition of Tom Felton as a new character named Julian Dorn, a new crime-scene investigator and colleague of Barry’s. With the casting of Tom Felton and his new status as a member of the cast, there is bound to be something more to his role than a simple investigator. Whether he ends up being the body behind Savitar or Doctor Alchemy is a definite possibility. For now, there is no real edge to which one he could be, but there is likely a reason this casting was made.

Additional details are still under wraps for understandable twists and developments, but there are the obvious mentions of the four-way crossover for the Arrowverse as well as the musical crossover with Supergirl. In any case, expect bigger and more outrageous things in store for The Flash this season.

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