Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Aquaman #7

Review: Aquaman #7
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
21 September 2016

“Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Crown,” by Dan Abnett and artist Scot Eaton, starts off with multiple people wanting to speak to the king of the sea aka Aquaman. One of the things that I noticed is that two of the characters look an awful like Lex Luthor in comics I've read. Maybe it's just the bald head and how DC draws them, but I couldn't help but think that latter in this comic it was going to be revealed that Lex was somehow involved (and, who knows, maybe he still is). I'm also curious to see if any members of the Justice League are going to show up. We are told that Aquaman has been given an official warning by Superman (which you know is never good and is always intimidating).

I'm sure if Aquaman is in real danger and can't handle this on his own, the league will come and help him. Even though he's been given a warning, we all know that Superman would never let anything bad happen to the world or to one of his friends. I'm also curious to see what test Mera is going to have to go through to prove her worthiness to Koah. Since Aquaman has already said that she doesn't have to do this, I'm wondering if it's too dangerous and if he's going to let her do that.

The Verdict: This comic has got me curious about who is going to show up throughout the upcoming comics. It also has me curious about the test Mera is going to have to go through and if she's going to go through with it. 

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