Sunday, September 11, 2016

Review: Rebirth Harley Quinn #3

By Jerry Montgomery
September 9, 2016

Rebirth: Harley Quinn #3
“GoIn for Takeout”

Written by: Amanda Connor & Jimmy Palmiotti
Layouts: Bret Blevins
Finishes: Chad Hardin (pgs. 1-10) & John Tim’s (pgs. 11-20)

Goat boy? Red Tool? Big Tony? Bernie the Beaver? Whaaat?! Queeny? Eggy? Sy Borgman? Jimm  Salabim? Who’s that?! With a cast of names like these, it can mean only one thing. Harley Quinn!! That’s right! What other title would be oddball enough to have a line-up like that? If you’re familiar with Harley Quinn,  you know what to expect from characters that consist of a talking egg with a tentacled suit, a half-burnt, stuffed Beaver and a height-challenged heavy metal enthusiast who may or may not be based on Glen Danzig!

If you’re not familiar with this Harley Quinn, then you’ll find her quite different from the criminally insane, ex-Arkham psychiatrist who’s in love with the Joker. This Harley is on her own, living in a apartment somewhere on Coney Island, given to her by an Arkham  inmate…and all she has to do is make rent! That’s been the premise of this Rebirth and pre-New52 version of this popular and fan favorite character.  Joining the local roller derby team and with some help from Poison Ivy and several other tenants of her building, she’s making a go of it (sound like a sitcom?). Now if it wasn’t for those pesky zombies!

In Harley Quinn #3, “GoIn for Takeout “, continues the “zombies have taken over the town” storyline.  Harley, Ivy and their friends have taken refuge in Harley’s apartment after battling their way through the zombie horde for some much needed rest. After a quick shower by Harley and Ivy to wash the zombie out of their hair, (much to the delight of fan-boys everywhere!) they decide to stay put and ride the zombie apocalypse out. The problem? No food! Thus the adventure begins as Big Tony reveals a possible way out through a series of tunnels which lay below the building. Will the gang get that much needed meal? Will Red Tool reunite with his pals? Will the army of zombies take over?  And just where do aliens from another planet fit all into this?! Find out in the wild and crazy conclusion!

If you’ve a fan and have been reading this title, you know the zany style of Harley Quinn. If you’re new to the title or just plain enjoy humor in your comics, then look no further. It’s funny, eccentric and crazy…not the same old Harley! Long time writers Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti  continue the same madcap adventures  and have thrown in a little sex appeal and flirtation between Harley and Ivy. Since her introduction to her own title, Harley Quinn has essentially remained the same through the New 52 and Rebirth thanks to the writing team of Connor and Palmiotti.  Brett Blevins provides good artwork and cheesecake aplenty! I can see why Harley Quinn remains  a DC top seller!

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