Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cyborg #1: Review

By: Kaitlyn Peacock, Comic News Writer

Cyborg #1: The Imitation of Life Part One: Awakening
Written by: John Semper, Jr.
Art by: Paul Pelletier

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Have you ever had the displeasure of leaving your phone in some diner or on your desk at home and been without it for a full day? It’s a horrible thing and you often develop a tick throughout the day as you reach for where your phone usually is, then have a small fit as you realize, no it’s not there and it’s not going to be there until you find it again. We all have Cyborg envy in that sense. His entire body is his phone, tablet, computer, and a whole mess of other things all rolled together. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not.

This issue starts off the DC Rebirth of Cyborg just in time for him to appear in DC’s Cinematic Universe with the Justice League movie next year. So, if you’re new to this character and are diving in for the first time to see what’s up, great! Welcome aboard! If you’re an avid reader of Cyborg, then welcome back, you won’t be disappointed! As first issues tend to do, a major focus of this story is setting up the character of Cyborg and his surrounding cast and crew. Dr. Stone has returned, along with S.T.A.R. Labs, and Sarah also makes an appearance supporting Cyborg. Along with simple introductions also comes some hard questions with no real answers to them: Can machines have souls? Can they have feelings? When is a man no longer a man but simply a machine? Do androids really dream of electric sheep??? I really have to know that last one!

Since this issue is focused more on exploring characters, it’s a quieter issue, with only a bit of action to draw you in at the start. After that, the characters really shine through and let the reader sink into the story. There are hints to what’s to come in the future, but the parts that really shine through are small moments that Cyborg has with the people around him. Do not be fooled, there is definitely some more action to come, as the issue ends with a gigantic robot called Kilg%re – yes, you read that right – threatening to destroy whatever humanity is left in Cyborg. For now though, take a breath and enjoy the music.

The Verdict: Not a bad kick off to the Rebirth: Cyborg series, as it definitely makes you think about Victor’s situation and what it means for him to be human and/or machine. This issue is quiet, but very enjoyable and gives you a real sense of who these characters are just as the story really starts to get rolling. 

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