Friday, August 5, 2016

Superman 4 "Son of Superman": Review

Review: Superman #4
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
5 August 2016

“Son of Superman: Part Four”, written by Petter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason with artist Mick Gray, is a very action packed issue. It's Superman vs… well, Superman. This Superman wants the human race to restart and form a new Krypton, but obviously the real Superman will not let that happen. They're fighting in The Fortress, with Lois and Jon (Clark and Lois's son) there. Jon thinks that this is his fault, but Lois tells him that he can be great and that he has the best of both worlds inside of him. This makes me wish that we could have seen Lois as a mom in Lois and Clark or Smallville (I can only hope that maybe she'll show up in Supergirl) because she’s such a great mom in this comic.

Superman defeats Superman #2, but while doing so, there's a huge explosion and they all end up back in Metropolis. There's a “moon rock” where Clark and Jon land, which is causing them pain. Lois sends it up into this vortex, since she knows that that's not a moon rock but rather kryptonite. Lois has been around Superman long enough to know that if he’s in pain, kryptonite is most likely around. Once it’s gone, Clark and Jon are fine, but Superman #2 returns. Superman flies off with Lois and Jon, to keep both of them safe, but Superman #2 follows. Clark places Lois and Jon in a submarine and flies them to the moon, which is how this issue ends. Like Lois says, we trust Superman, but we're curious to see the plan that he has.

The Verdict: Seeing Clark's son reminds me a lot of how Clark thought when he first discovered his powers and even though the family is fighting a Superman that wants a new Krypton, it is nice to see the family. The ending makes you want the next issue, to see what's Superman's plan is and how he's going to defeat Superman #2.

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