Thursday, August 11, 2016

Geektified Gaming: 11 Current Gen Games to Play Right Now

With the recent announcements at E3 and the ever-increasing number of quality games for current gen systems, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start your library, especially if you're new to either Xbox One or PS4. We're here to help with you some suggestions on games released in the last few years that are still worth checking out. So, without further ado, let's get started.  

1. Fallout 4

This one hasn't been out terribly long, but its life span has allowed for a slew of DLC that add countless hours of gameplay. If you've never played a Fallout game before, don’t worry. This one doesn’t completely follow the story continuity from previous games, and covers any backstory in the introduction. If you're also not familiar with Bethesda's games, this is an open world RPG that gives you freedom in the way of exploration and customization. Fallout is definitely a keeper and worth adding to the library. But beware; it does require a good amount of hours to make any progress as there is much more than just a main storyline, including side missions and the ability to customize settlements. 

2. Grand Theft Auto 5 -

Giving you the control of three different characters in a fictional Los Angeles, GTA 5 is a large open world to discover and explore with hidden secrets and beautiful landscapes. With a variety of fun main missions and side quests, the game doesn't grow old, especially with the added mulitplayer option. Want to drive around the city and steal cars? Do it. Want to customize those stolen cars to your satisfaction? You got it. Want to fly helicopters and cause mayhem? It's right here! GTA 5 is a must have for this generation of consoles. 

3. Dragon Age: Inquisition - 

Love dragons? This has it! Love sword and axe combat? This is for you! Love magic, lore, and weird or demonic creatures that plague the land? Then Dragon Age: Inquisition should be your #1 priority. First off, this game never ends. The story is a good length, giving you freedom in character choices, customization and even party customization, with a good stock of characters to choose from to follow you into the breach. Though this is not the first title of this series, it's easy to follow what's happening right from the start. Filled to the brim with deep fantasy lure, this game pulls you in and doesn't let go. Make sure you save time for it though, it's a monster if you're one for collecting items and unlocking achievements. 

4. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - 

The final entry in the Uncharted franchise, Uncharted 4 is a must for fans that have followed Nathan Drake from the beginning. If you haven't played previous Uncharted games, then stop right now and get your hands on the Remastered collection that released on the PS4. The game brings a gritty and dark conclusion to the series, placing you on the edge of your seat in its entirety as the lives of some of your favorite characters are in grave danger. With beautiful graphics, texture, and lighting, it brings the exotic locations to life, letting the player travel the world with their favorite treasure hunter. 

5. Last of Us Remastered - 

Now I know that this wasn't originally on the PS4, but it was re-released with better graphics and an added difficulty mode. Last of Us remains one of the most praised story-based games, with two of the most memorable characters in video game history. Though this does have a little something to do with zombies (not really), their way of explaining the outbreak is more creative and realistic, but if you're gaining fatigue from the over saturation of undead, don't worry, this game is about way more than just that. 

6. Injustice: Gods Among Us - 

If you're a DC fan and interested in the fighting game genre, then this one is for you. Made by the same developers as Mortal Kombat, Injustice has the same mechanics and play style but with less blood...a lot less blood. Injustice gives you the ability to choose from some of the most memorable characters in the DC universe, from Batman to Doomsday. The story is well-written and keeps you interested from start to finish. We bring this game to your attention because Injustice 2 has been announced at E3 and is set to release in the near future. 

7. Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition - 

Yes this is a re-release of the PS3/Xbox 360 reboot of a beloved franchise, but it's still worth having in your library. If you haven't had a chance to play previous games in the series, don't worry. This is a clean reboot, giving Lara Croft a new, realistic look. The game is gritty, dark and has horror elements entwined as Lara stumbles into her first adventure. If you're a fan of the Uncharted series, this one is right up your alley. 

8. Infamous: Second Son - 

An open world sandbox game where you have superpowers and you can choose whether to be a hero or a villain? I'm in! Taking place after the events of previous games, Second Son takes on a new, younger, more charismatic character that is involuntarily put in possession of new powers. After the game gives you an introduction to the story and gameplay, it lets you freely walk a section of large map. There are many things to do including main quests, side missions and collectibles, giving you hours of fun. 

9. Until Dawn - 

A nice surprise in the horror genre, Until Dawn takes on the clichéd horror tropes that we all know too well and turns them on their head. The game relies on a story-based choice system more than actual gameplay, which lends to great characters and an edge of your seat experience. Following the lives of several teens that go to a lodge high up in the snowy mountains, they soon discover that they're not alone. This game is relentless in terror and intensity. Will you be able to keep your characters alive until dawn, or will they become casualties of your decisions?  

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 

Going back to fantasy RPGs, this game is a powerhouse in the genre giving you excellent lore, magic, combat systems and a developed world that feels very real. The game itself with it's deep story and world building feels more like a strong novel rather than a video game. If you have not played previous Witcher games, do not worry, this one does a good job of keeping you in the know. 

11. Batman: Arkham Knight - 

The final chapter of the Arkham series comes to a very dark conclusion as Batman faces off against a new villain known as the Arkham Knight. You take control of Batman, doing everything you can to stop the Arkham Knight at all costs. The story takes place after Arkham City, so make sure you take the time to play through that chapter in the series as well as Arkham Asylum (not as necessary but still worth playing). Did I mention you take control of the Bat-mobile? Yeah. That should be enough to convince anybody to take the streets of Gotham, one bad guy at a time. 

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