Friday, August 5, 2016

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang #1 Review

By Jerry Montgomery

Hey-O! This is your review-fer, two-fer! That's right! Two issues of Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang.  Twice the thrills! Twice the spills! Well, anyway, something like that. The Suicide Squad,  the most talked about superhero team right now! They debuted way back in 1987 with a line-up consisting of the likes of Bronze Tiger (who?), Plastique (what?), and Mindboggler  (yeah, you heard me!). At the time,  Suicide Squad was a way for DC Comics to dust off some of its lesser known characters and villains and breathe new life into them...and oh yeah, there was always a chance that someone wouldn't be around by the end of the story!  Comics were only 75 cents back then and now as we fast forward to now, the price isn't the only thing that's changed to this new team of Task Force X!

First up, Issue 1 of 6 Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang.
Writing: Michael Moreci
Pencils: Oscar Bazaldua
Inks: Scott Hanna

"What Goes Around, Comes Around ", Part I

To be honest, I expected a team up of both El Diablo and Boomerang,  judging from the title of the comic, but each issue is a solo story for each. Boomerang,  once  known as Captain Boomerang,  a once C-list villain to the Flash, at one time appeared completely different.  A jaunty side-cap, aviator's scarf billowing tunic printed all over with what else? Boomerangs! He looked like he had just stepped off a WWI airfield! He is now given a much grittier look in trench coated and knit hat.  This is a guy you'd take a lot more serious than his previous pajama top look! The story opens with Boomerang drinking alone in a bar while his teammates fight against the super-powered army of their target, El Jaguar.  He enters mid fight,  much to the annoyance of his comrades, but saves the day! Regardless, the team must evac and Boomerang is inadvertently left behind.  South America.  Stranger in a strange land.  Thus begins the focus of the story, the lone soldier trapped behind enemy lines, desperate to find his way out. This issue also introduces a new character and ally, Breaker,  a young girl who has the ability to split her body apart, who, puts forth a proposition to Boomerang.  Help her kill El Jaguar and in return, she will help him get back home. This issue has a good story with very good artwork.  It explores Boomerang's conflict with teamwork versus his lone-wolf style.

Next, Issue 1 of 6, Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang.
Writer: Jai Nitz
Pencils and Inks: Cliff Richards

"Home Again "

Chato Santana, the 3rd incarnation of El Diablo fights alongside the Suicide Squad in the opening of his story as well. Afterwards,  he looks forward to the promise of release and returning home for his participation in what he thought was his final mission. Instead, Amanda Waller denies him the freedom he craves and gives him the opportunity to go home for real, but with a lead one last mission of super-powered gang members. He refuses and is almost killed by the very group he was to lead, but is saved the super-powered Uncle Sam (yes, that Uncle Sam. ). Chato is given a new chance to go home by Sam and his group of cohorts, the government sanctioned organization, Checkmate. Join and live free. Chato is allowed to go home in East LA but his homecoming is ruined by new villain, Bloodletter,  the new boss of the neighborhood.  A classic tale of a man who is eager to let go of his past but his past is unwilling to let him go. Will Chato stand victorious against this new foe? Will he join Checkmate? Another good issue and good story written by creator, Jai Nitz.

All in all, Suicide Squad Most Wanted: ElDiablo and Boomerang Issues 1 and 1 are well worth the read.  The stories are interesting and full of nuances of inner conflict within the characters.  This gives the reader a chance to get to know these characters on a more intimate and personal level rather than as part of a team. 

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