Friday, August 5, 2016

Nightwing #2 "Better Than Batman": Review

Review: Nightwing #2
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
5 August 2016

“Better Than Batman: Part Two” by Tim Seely with artist Javier Fernadez, starts off where Part One left off. Nightwing and The Raptor are in the graveyard, right where we last saw them in. However, before that, we get a little flashback to when Dick was first starting off as Robin. Batman shows Dick the lesson of fear they teach to criminals in order to confess the truth.  Dick isn't too thrilled to be teaming up with Raptor, but throughout the comic they stick together.  At one point, there is even a part of Dick that wants to swim away while The Raptor is taken underwater by a mutant, snakelike creature (He wouldn't be Nightwing if he didn't want to do this by himself) .

While Nightwing is on his mission with Raptor, Barbara calls Dick. She tells him that Gotham is in good hands and that she was jealous of his globe-trotting, so she went to Tokyo. She asks him if they can meet up and they set a date for midnight the following night. As we can imagine, that date doesn't happen. Maybe in the next issue Babs and Dick will finally have their date night (but probably not since this isn’t a series of Dick and Babs going on dates).

Nightwing and Raptor board a ship that Parliament wants, to find that two experiments of Kobra along with many refugees that  Kobra is going to use to experiment on. The two experiments are….well very creepy. Parliament wants to use these refugees for experiments because they won't be missed and no one would be looking for them. Even though this is obviously wrong, Parliament is smart in making sure that they're not taking anyone that might set off some red flags.

They head back to Parliament and are given another mission, which Dick doesn't want to do. Raptor stops him from gliding off and tells him that he knows his plan. They are going to continue to work together and Raptor is going to make sure that Dick doesn't go too far into the dark. Can we trust Raptor? We're not sure yet. We'd like to think we can, since we're always looking for the good guys to win. However, it would not be the first time that the hero trusted the wrong person. 

The Verdict: Part Two is more action packed than Part One and shows Nightwing and Raptor working together. We're curious to know what Raptor's end plan is and if Dick is going to take down Parliament. We're also a little curious if Dick and Babs will end up having their date after all.

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