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Review: Titans #1

Review: Titans #1
Submitted by: Joshua Williams, Comics News Writer
2 August 16

When the highly-anticipated critically-acclaimed Titans 1 was released it sold out immediately.  Rightfully so, as “The Return of Wally West” finally begins to address the Universal DC enemy.  The Titans team are able to truly unite, but, as memories return, and more information is delivered, will their past mistakes cause division within the team?  How will the reappearance of Wally West change the dynamic of the team?  Writer Dan Abnett does a fantastic job of covering ground, setting up what’s to come, and introducing the Universal villain of the new DC Universe.

This issue, written by Dan Abnett, with art by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund, picks up from the events of Titans Rebirth #1 and by extension of Titans: Rebirth #1 in the first few pages, providing the reader with the opportunity to pick up the Titans story without having to read previous issues.  As the story progresses, Lilith Clay begins using her powers to gain access to newly reacquired teammate Wally West (The Flash).  Here we are reintroduced to Linda Park, the long-time love interest of Wally West.  Linda Park’s story pretty much ends here for now, however the author is successful in perhaps setting up a complex character for later issues.  Part of the Titans team then decide to gather information and investigate the mystery behind the “Rebirth.”  We finally have some addressing of the universal villain of the new DC Universe.  On the search for Mammoth, Harper and Donna are able to discover the name “Simon,” as the person whom employs Mammoth.  Meanwhile, Lilith awakens an old villain via diligent searching and the uncovering of the subconscious of Wally West. 

Abnett successfully lives up to the hype for release of Titans #1.  Connecting the previous issues so gracefully helps ease some confusion that may arise by reinventing an entire comic book universe.  Abnett is simultaneously writing Aquaman and therefore has a good amount of the new universe in the hands of a single author.  Addressing the universal villain of the new DC Universe for the first time proves that this issue is worthy of critical acclaim.  With the introduction of an old enemy (who is responsible for Wally West’s initial disappearance, which we learned from the timeline of the New 52 and Lilith Clay) Abnett successfully places our ever-so-popular Titans Team in the dilemma of facing their most powerful foe. The Verdict: If you are a fan of the DC Universe, this is a must read!  This issue is the first in the DC Universe that addresses what happened or who is responsible for this tremendous change.  Our heroes want and deserve answers.  Titans #1 is the blueprint for setting up long and complex stories.  Readers should be excited for what comes next!

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