Sunday, August 28, 2016

DC Rebirth: Wonder Woman #5

By Jerry Montgomery

Wonder Woman #5
“The Lies Pt. 3”

Writer: Greg Rucker
Art: Liam Sharp

Wonder Woman. Hubba Hubba. The name conjures up a lot of images for me. Saturday morning cartoon. Prime time TV show. Major motion picture. Lynda Carter. Gal Gadot. Golden Lasso. Invisible plane.(Ok, maybe not that last one.) Now, just like every other DC character, Wonder Woman too has been given the Rebirth treatment. She’s probably the most famous heroine and feminist icon of all time, making her debut in 1941. She still looks great at 75! Beauty and brawn all in one.

In “The Lies Pt.3”, the adventure continues deep in the jungle of the country of Bwunda with a covert military force led by an extremely buffed up Steve Trevor. I mean, come on! He’s enormous!  He’s been assigned  to stop a man known as Cadulo and his army of bat-men, or wolf-men or hyena-men(or something like that .), who have been terrorizing the countryside and kidnapping young girls. All in the name of the ancient God,  Urzkartaga, whom Cadulo hopes to manifest in solid form and spread his influence through what else? Procreation! Wonder Woman too is in Bwunda, but is it merely by accident  or something more? It’s hinted that Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman share some unknown connection with one another that naturally, will be explored in further issues. She searches for Steve, all the while questioning the motivation of the Gods and the price of their patronage…or the lack of. Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, also known as Cheetah, a half woman, half cheetah(and full bred god) and one time enemy of Wonder Woman, accompanies her through the dark jungle and to help her solve the growing mystery of Thyemyscira. Can Wonder Woman trust her for long?

The Verdict: A good story with a  good mix of mystery and action, however, you may want to read a few of the previous issues to fully understand the story. The artwork is gorgeous with nice inks and good saturated color. My only complaint is how the character Steve Trevor is depicted…as large as all get out! Anyway, this chapter is solid storytelling with an interesting array of characters, so, there is a lot of potential to make this title as popular as Detective Comics or Action Comics. If mythology and mysticism are your thing, then this is the title for you!

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