Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review: Flash #5

Review: Flash #5
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
24 August 2016

“Barry Allen's Day Off,” by Joshua Willamson and artist Felipe Watanabe, is an issue that you cannot miss. Barry and Meena really have seemed to hit it off and it seems that Barry might actually have the day off. He even gets to have lunch with Iris and stays to pay the bill, which almost never happens, since he's always running off to save the day. Things are looking good for Barry and it seems like it's a good day for him. We all know that superheroes never have the day off, though, and something is going to happen to change his simple day off to an action packed day. Trouble always makes itself known and that trouble is Godspeed; he's trying to steal speed from the speedsters and Meena.

Before Godspeed shows up, Meena is training Wally to use his powers and they save two window washers. Wally is not ready to put on a costume, but he trusts Meena to help him with the powers that he has and to help him understand them. Wally doesn't want to put the people that he loves at risk by using his powers, but Meena is going to try to show him that he can use his powers and protect not just his loved ones, but the city as well. How this issue ends, though, Meena might not be able to teach Wally these things. I definitely want the next issue to see what has happened to Meena.

The Verdict: I can see something like this happening on the television show The Flash. I am definitely looking forward to the next issue and I'm hoping that it is as well-written and put together as this issue.

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