Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review: Titans #2

Review: Titans #2
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
24 August 2016

“Return of Wally West: Smoke and Mirrors,” by Dan Abnett and artist Brett Booth, is definitely one of my favorite comics I have read this month. The story, the characters, the colors… everything is great! I'm going to do my best not to reveal too many spoilers because I want you all to read this comic. The Titans are forced to fight younger versions of themselves: Nightwing has Robin, Flash has Wally, etc. One of my favorite parts is when the two Flashes meet. The line that Flash says, about not being sure who he has been the past few days (this is said in a joking matter), is something that The Flash would say.

The issue is very action packed and there's definitely more to come in the next issue, which I would like to have right now to see how The Titans take down their past selves, created by Kadabra. What I would also like to talk about is the cover of this issue. Before reading this, I had no idea why this cover was the cover. It was creepy and something that I haven't seen before on a Titans's comic. After reading, the cover makes sense: it's still creepy, but it makes sense. Please do not judge the cover of this comic and read it! It's definitely worth the read, at least I think so.

The Verdict: I need the next issue ASAP! Everything from the colors to the story line is excellent. If you're a fan of The Titans, you need to read this comic. If you're not a fan of The Titans, you need to read this comic. Bottom line: everyone needs to read this comic!

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