Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Review: Nightwing #4

Review: Nightwing #4
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer 
7 September 2016

“Better Than Batman: Part 4,” by Tim Seeley and artist Javier Fernadez, is an issue that you do not want to miss. It is filled with action, characters we love, and much more. We see Nightwing and Raptor teaming up, perhaps for the last time, to defeat this mutant creature in the labyrinth. It may be the final time that they are teaming up together, but it will not be the last time that we see Nightwing and Raptor in the same comic. Raptor reveals that he knew Dick's mother, which we can bet Dick is going to want to know more about. Even though Dick cannot find anything on Raptor in the databases, I'm pretty sure that he's going to find a way to locate Raptor and get that information. If not, Raptor might find Dick (but, most likely, for different reasons).

It is nice to see Dick and Bruce together, even if it is Bruce lecturing Dick about how he let Raptor get away. Even though I like Nightwing on his own, I do like Nightwing and Batman teaming up and fighting crime side by side. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Nightwing comic if there weren't jokes thrown in every now and again. I am curious to see what Dick is going to find out about Raptor and how close he's going to get to him, before Dick finds out that he's being deceived. I am also curious to see how Raptor knows Dick's mother and if Dick will find out before or after he finds out that Raptor is tricking him.

The Verdict: This comic has a little bit of everything and has a handful of characters that we know and love. It leaves us with a few unanswered questions, which I hope we will be addressed in the next issue. 

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