Thursday, September 1, 2016

Future Quest #4

Review: Future Quest #4 “How the Mighty Fall”
Submitted: Ken Trickey, Comic News Writer
31 August 16

Writer: Jeff Parker
Art: Jeff Parker, Evan “Doc” Shaner, and Randall

Our story begins 45,000 years ago when a terrible sky god named Omnikron has returned to wreak havoc on an ancient civilization. Tor, a great warrior, says farewell to his mate, Teela, as he journeys to fight the sky god. When he prepares to do battle, we witness his transformation to Mightor! Springing into action, Mightor cracks Omnikron with a club and takes the monster down before we’re returned to the present day with the Quest Team.

On the Dragonfly jet, Dr. Quest along with Birdman and Gravity Girl endeavor to figure out what is causing the vortices, what creatures are falling out of them, and why F.E.A.R. is so keen on them. Gravity Girl is still recovering from her crash landing in a previous episode and can't yet remember her own name, much less Space Ghost and their battle with Omnikron.

Another vortex appears in front of the Quest jet, causing serious turbulence forcingRace Bannon to make an emergency landing. Space Ghost surfaces briefly in the vortex, and we see a small child separated from his parents. An allosaurus spills out the vortex and attacks the boy, but before his short life is ended by this malicious monster, he is scooped up by a Neanderthal and rushed through the woods towards the Quest Team. Race eliminates the allosaurus with one shot. Lastly, Blip, Gravity Girl’s monkey companion, draws a picture that triggers her memory so she can recall her name.

In the next panel, we realize that Dr. Zin and his F.E.A.R. Agents have captured Jace from the same crashed spaceship Jan arrived in. Zin has realized that Omnikron is too dangerous to allow him to come through the vortex. He sends orders to F.E.A.R. Agent Jade to capture one of Zin’s old colleagues, Linda Kim-Conroy. They plan on retrieving Kim-Conroy by abducting her son, Buzz. But they won't get away with it if his robot friend, Frankenstein Jr., has anything to say about it!

The Verdict: This comic is a fun romp through time and space, combining some of Hanna-Barbera’s greatest heroes into one grand adventure. Omnikron is both terrifying and interesting. For anyone who was a fan of He Man, Johnny Quest, and Space Ghost, it is very cool to see them all in one place and with a few more friends. This is a fun, lighthearted comic that would be suitable for anyone who wants a comic that isn't dark and gritty or one not too interested in realism.

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