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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Supergirl Lives"

After Supergirl and Guardian stop a gang robbery, Kara looks into a lead of a missing girl, connected to a host of other disappearances. Despite Snapper’s dismissal of the story, she and Mon-El track down the disappearances to a local doctor’s office. There, the two discover a gate leading to another planet where the missing people are trapped. Unfortunately, the gate is shut down as they cross through to Slavers’ Moon, a world with a red sun stripping them of their powers. They quickly discover the center run by a returning Roulette who has assisted in the slave trade by providing human trade. Meanwhile, Alex is apprehensive over her new relationship with Maggie, being unsure how to properly comprehend being in a real relationship. With Kara missing from Earth, Alex enlists Winn to help track the world, despite his new apprehension after being mugged in the field from helping James.

Kara nevertheless stands up against the alien guards, inspiring Mon-El and the others to fight back with her. Likewise, Alex inspires Winn to help her re-open the portal and rescue Kara. They successfully evacuate the prisoners, and Kara, thanks to J’onn’s yellow sun device, successfully takes down the holding center. Kara then returns the girl home and publishes the piece to the news as Winn returns to James renewed in his sense in the field. Alex then reconnects with Maggie who reveals her knowledge that Kara is Supergirl. In addition, Mon-El then confides in Kara a new desire to be a superhero, promising to listen to Kara in order to give meaning and inspiration to his life. Unbeknownst to either of them, hooded alien figures confront the guards on Slavers’ Moon on the whereabouts of Mon-El. After one reveals his whereabouts on Earth, the figures disintegrate him in anger.


  • The episode title “Supergirl Lives” comes from episode director Kevin Smith’s famous failed film Superman Lives.
  • Izzy, the girl Kara searches for, is played by Harley Quinn Smith, Kevin Smith’s daughter. 
  • The Dominator refuses to allow Mon-El to be killed in the center, and Mon-El also refers to situations on Daxam. Could this hint that Mon-El was possibly the Daxamite prince?
  • One of the aliens on the moon is revealed to be a Dominator, last seen as the antagonists in the DC crossover.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Borrowing Problems From The Future"

Barry continues to have nightmares regarding Savitar killing Iris in the future. However, he neglects to tell Iris, instead focusing on their move into their new apartment and training Wally for the field. In the meantime, HR works to reopen STAR Labs as a museum despite Cisco’s lack of enthusiasm for the development. As they plan, Barry and Wally face off against a new criminal Jared Morillo, whom they dub Plunder, the same criminal Barry remembers being mentioned in his vision of the future. While he is distracted in the fight, Wally steps up to apprehend him. Though everyone celebrates Wally’s victory, Barry becomes more frustrated as the future draws closer. Meanwhile, Caitlin tries to convince Julian to join their team at STAR Labs with the additional motivation to have him re-fit her wristbands as they have been running out of power.

Barry eventually confides in the others the future he saw, vowing to make sure that Iris will be safe. To help, Cisco vibes himself and Barry into the future where they keep track of particular headlines. There, Barry spots HR aiming a rifle at Savitar as he kills Iris, a sign that the future has changed already. In the present, Plunder escapes prison, and Barry allows Wally to capture him in order to change the future headline of Flash catching Plunder. Cisco eventually reconfigures the museum and promotes the opening to the city, sparking a new crowd to arrive. The team then celebrates with a party at Barry and Iris’s newly furnished apartment as Julian arrives to present Caitlin with a new device to control her powers. Somewhere in the city, though, a woman bursts through a wormhole with a hologram searching for HR. 


  • An officer remarks that Kid Flash should just move Keystone City since they already have a Flash. In the comics, Wally West is actually from Keystone City.
  • Among the many headlines in the future, one includes a note about the Music Meister who will be the villain in the musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl.
  • Another headline references a gorilla attack, possibly hinting at the return of Grodd.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Wake Up"

After reviving in the previous episode, May is put under a new simulation where she continuously fights off AIDA in an attempt to escape. However, she arrives closer and closer to the edge, almost escaping. Meanwhile, SHIELD begins a plan for Coulson and Elena to infiltrate Nadeer’s office under the guise of Daisy choosing to sign the Sokovia Accords. In the meantime, Fitz continues to study the AIDA model without informing Simmons. The LMD May eventually discovers her origins and confronts Radcliffe on her creation. Though he reveals that she would be programmed to not reveal her own identity to Coulson or the others, he also encourages her to continue the act, recognizing that she may have developed feelings for Coulson.

Unfortunately, the missions quickly goes south as officers catch Elena and Coulson in the act of planting devices in her office. From this act, SHIELD is quickly delegitimized as taking part in criminal acts without authorization. Simmons quickly discovers Fitz’s studies when ascertaining that someone had to have leaked their plan for Nadeer to discover. Fitz admits that he has studied AIDA but only to discover Radcliffe’s activity when reprogramming her after discovering the Darkhold. Radcliffe is revealed to have created an LMD as himself in the base while the real Radcliffe discusses details with Nadeer, proving him to have been the leak. In a new location, AIDA continues to hold May captive. This time, she creates a simulation of May saving the girl in Bahrain, changing her past. 


  • Simmons refers to the Deathlok technology when discussing AIDA’s creation.
  • Mack reveals to have had a daughter named Hope, the one referred to in the photo he held earlier.

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Legends of Tomorrow "Raiders of the Lost Art"

Rip is revealed to be in Los Angeles 1967 after grasping a mysterious spear and coming into contact with the time drive. In that year, the Legends discover Malcolm and Darhk searching for the Spear of Destiny, something Nate discovers to be connected to the amulet that the Legion of Doom has in their possession. Tracking the villains, the Legends find Rip Hunter, now an American director named Phil Gasmer, working on a film based on their lives. Malcolm and Darhk attack Rip and his prop master for the spear, but when the Legends intervene, they discover that Rip has no memory of his time as a Time Master. Even worse, the attacked prop master is revealed to be a young George Lucas who chooses to abandon his field, affecting Nate and Ray’s abilities since they were initially inspired by his films. Meanwhile, Stein works with Rory to try and figure out the meaning behind his visions of Snart.

Sara attempts to remind Rip of his past while the Legion of Doom goes after George Lucas for the Spear of Destiny. Desperate to fix things, Nate, Ray, and Amaya manage to convince George Lucas to return to films, allowing them to regain their abilities. The Legends then arrive to provide assistance to the fight as they are able to secure the amulet. Unfortunately, they are quickly taken down by Eobard Thawne who prepares to kill the others. At that instant, Rip arrives, weapon in hand, appearing to have regain his memory. However, it’s revealed to have been a trick as he later has Gideon fire at the Legion to provide an escape. While the others escape, Thawne manages to kidnap Rip, though the Legends secure the spear and amulet. In the meantime, Stein discovers a microchip in Rory’s brain possibly causing the visions, but he notes that it has been out of work for months now. The Legion prepares to torture Rip on the spear though he still maintains that he has no memory of being a Time Master.


  • The history behind the Spear of Destiny is actually part of a historical legend.
  • Since George Lucas created Star Wars, this episode includes a few Star Wars episodes including Amaya referring to Lucas as “their only hope” and their trap in a garbage dump threatening to crush them. 
  • An additional reference includes the episode title referring to the film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Arrow "Who Are You?"

Laurel claims to have been rescued by Sara on the Waverider, though Felicity remains doubtful. At a party in honor of Laurel’s return, Felicity analyzes Laurel’s DNA, discovering her to be Laurel from Earth-2, a metahuman known as Black Siren who appears to be working for Prometheus after the latter broke her free from STAR Labs. Laurel escapes after the team learns the truth but later contacts Oliver claiming to have been forced to attack by Prometheus. While Oliver wants to help Laurel, Felicity quickly orders the team to attack and forcibly bring her back to the lair. Meanwhile, Chase works with Diggle in order to defend his case against an unfair charge from the general who gives Chase only 24 hours before forcibly taking Diggle out of the city. In the flashback, Oliver is lectured on his attempt to join the Bratva to kill Kovar.

Oliver attempts to appeal Laurel’s potential to be good, but she escapes during a power outage back to Prometheus. Thanks to a tracking device used by Felicity, the team follows her to a warehouse where Oliver faces off against Prometheus until Black Siren attacks Felicity. With a device made by Curtis, they manage to nullify Laurel, and they send her to Argus with a vague hope that she can one day be rehabilitated. Despite the attack, Oliver renews his search to find a new Black Canary in Laurel’s honor. Chase manages to save Diggle by getting him attached to a secondary crime by having him punch him, though the additional prosecution could take a while to work. In the flashbacks, Talia al Ghul searches for Oliver at Constantin’s base. In Hub City, an unknown woman uses a Sonic Scream to fight off two men harassing a woman. 


  • Black Siren first appeared in The Flash season two episode "Invincible."
  • Talia al Ghul makes her first live-action TV appearance on Arrow.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

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